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KickinIt's Karma

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10/9/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
10/8/2021Thx ET SF
10/8/2021Hugs ~SpiritWarrior
10/7/2021Hi:) good to see you.. someday I will be more active, someday! :) Army-of-Souls
10/6/2021U betta recognize
10/5/2021Encouragement green across the ocean. Love you my dear. You are very much appreciated. Biggest hugs, Mezzo : )
10/4/2021Green from this Littlepixie to assist with your upgrade that doesn't seem to want to work. Very Strange. Thanku for the updates me lovely.
10/4/2021Green hugs - WA
10/2/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
9/30/2021Good work on EQ thread
9/29/2021Hugs ~SpiritWarrior
9/29/2021Thank you for all that you do! ~ Simple27 :)
9/23/2021U betta recognize
9/19/2021Happy Sunday my dear. You are absolutely awesome. Much love and biggest hugs! Mezzo : )
9/18/2021Mister Pillarr
9/14/2021Green from this Littlepixie, and a good morning to you to, If only I had the pounce and flexability of a cat, lol. Please stay safe and well.
9/14/2021Thanks for the updates……ND
9/14/2021Thx for the updates - Vego
9/12/2021Sending Karma Love! ~ Simple27 :)
9/12/2021Ahhhhh me too! Would be smashing to have you hun <3 Love you too! Xx msmc
9/11/2021Much love. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
9/10/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
9/10/2021Stop being a dumbass , thanks
9/3/2021You're rockin' non-stopin'! - pud
9/1/2021Your always on top of the alerts and eq events. So green for just being an amazing person, love ya girl muah- pepè
8/31/2021Green hugs - WA
8/29/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your "Mexico" special posting just for m, I had em listed. I feel extra special today. lol.
8/27/2021Cheers - Vego
8/23/2021The Voice of Reason - mistersplinter
8/22/2021Sunday green & well wishes.... Arnie
8/22/2021For one of the most fantastic and dearest friends I got. You are awesome my dear. Love and Hugs! Mezzo : )
8/21/2021Thx for the kind thoughts. TB
8/20/2021Love & appreciate your calm wisdom! justanothergranny
8/19/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your updating skills and your love n support re my neighbour in ICU.
8/17/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/15/2021Green hugs - WA
8/14/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/13/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
8/13/2021Big smooshes darlin Xx msmc <3
8/10/2021Sending Karma Love! ~ Simple27 :)
8/9/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/9/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/9/2021Happy Monday to you ! luv, Arnie
8/9/2021Much deserved green to the greenest! Chia
8/8/2021Much love. Hope all is well. You are Fantastic! Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
8/8/2021Kick, you're awesome - pud
8/7/2021Thank you, hugs! ~Tangy :)
8/7/2021Green hugs! bigD
8/5/2021I'm grateful for you too! - A Dude, not THE Dude
8/5/2021Utmost respect, love and hugs for you my dear friend. Always in your corner. Mezzo : )
8/5/2021Green from this Littlepixie for your "I got it" meme. Please know that the kma was not directed at any earthquake people. It brings up the green room meme. lol.
8/4/2021Thanks for all you do!! You really help hold this thread together!!! justanothergranny
8/4/2021EQ green for the team!! - joinca
7/31/2021For all that you do! ~ Simple27 :)
7/31/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
7/31/2021For all you do.
7/31/2021Have a wonderful weekend ! Arnie
7/30/2021You too! - Vego
7/26/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of all of your input/updating on the earthquake thread. Sends a hug too.
7/20/2021Happy Birthday!!!! Isis One
7/19/2021Birthday Green! - A Dude, not THE Dude
7/19/2021Happy Birthday!!! You are amazing and I hope your day was too! ~ Simple27 :)
7/19/2021Happy Birthday, Kickin! Hope it's as awesome as you!!! justanothergranny
7/19/2021Birthday Green! _ Vego
7/19/2021Birthday green ! love / hugs Arnie
7/19/2021Green for the birthday girl! Hope it's a good one! TB
7/19/2021Happy Birthday my sweet and dear friend. Make it a day to remember! Much love and biggest hugs, Mezzo : )
7/17/2021EQ Green - joinca
7/17/2021Green hugs and love - WA
7/15/2021Green from this Littlepixe in appreciation of all your updating and that cloud pic/video, stunning.
7/15/2021Stop Touchin 'the Knob'! Caps. Even The Powuhs of 'tor' Are Failing. Sad. c u Shoon? uh.
7/14/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
7/12/2021Thx for EQ posts, Isis One
7/8/2021You rock. Happy almost weekend. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
7/4/2021Happy Independence Day my sweet friend. Much love and biggest hugs, Mezzo : )
7/3/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of all of the updating you do on the earthquake thread.
7/3/2021Thanks for the EQ updates, friend -- pud
7/3/2021Fourth of July green!!! - joinca
7/2/2021Happy 4th of July! Much Love ~ Simple27 :)
7/2/2021Happy 4th - WA
7/1/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
6/30/2021Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
6/30/2021Love the Chunk vids! Isis One
6/29/2021Kickin Can You do Anything About cs on The Quake Thread? uh
6/23/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
6/20/2021Karma Love! ~ Simple27 :)
6/13/2021Happy Sunday sweetheart. Love you much. Biggest hugs from a hot Holland. Mezzo : )
6/12/2021You are so appreciated and loved! Thank you for co-owning the EQ thread! You're really the best! ~ Simple27 :)
6/12/2021Hugs ostria
6/11/2021Green just because - A Dude, not THE Dude.
6/11/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
6/11/2021Cheers - Vego
6/6/2021Kermit green for EQ...Pooch
6/2/2021Hey you favorite Froggy. Love you very much. Sending big hugs across the ocean! Mezzo : )
6/2/2021Hope you have a great week and that you'll try to find something fun and awesome to do with the weekend-muah
6/1/2021Lurker Green - mistersplinter
5/31/2021Uh.. i Guess Itz Thyme 2 Bump... "the Dot"... Cappy.
5/30/2021Great job on EQ thread
5/28/2021Thank you for all that you do! Happy Friday! ~ Simple27 :)
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