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3/29/2023Great post in the Iowa Teacher thread! ~ Crash
3/29/2023The judgement of the Lord nears. PhysicsG33k.
3/28/2023Angel, yes! Heroic Angel
3/28/2023Patriot Green and Bright Blessings. Des
3/28/2023No one has a right. You have to take a right, or stop it from being taken from you. (John Dutton) ~ 5lats
3/25/2023Best wishes for your weekend & hope it is awesome for you ~Jazzy~ <3. Fraust66 xoxo
3/23/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
3/20/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
3/18/2023Your bank might not have green, but I have some for your @john dutton
3/18/2023You can have a no problem day, but you can't have a no problem life ~ 5lats.
3/17/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best weekend well wishes from here Jazzy <3. Fraust66 xoxo
3/13/2023Lots of love, pool
3/12/2023Green for thee from AnonG
3/12/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
3/9/2023No soy dads allowed @john dutton
3/9/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best wishes for the weekend for you Jazzy <3. Fraust66 xoxo
3/9/2023Good to See you Sis! I miss it here.
3/8/2023Patriot Green and Bright Blessings from Des
3/8/2023Keeping it real!
3/8/2023Pura sangre -- verde - cheers
3/8/2023Thank you for the nice green. Right back at you! Hugs from Holland, Mezzo : )
3/7/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
3/7/2023"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" ( Jimi Hendrix) ~ 5lats
3/5/2023Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your "little lost puppy" comment that caused me to laugh. Love your work, 10/10 funny.
3/4/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
3/4/2023Great mod! ....nutmeg....
3/2/2023Fly Boy stopped by
3/1/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best midweek well wishes to Jazzy <3. Fraust66 xoxo
3/1/2023Nice to run into you on here. Hope all is well. SkinnyChic
2/27/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
2/26/2023Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. (Bob Marley) ~ 5lats
2/25/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
2/23/2023Haven't left y'all, just not feeling well these days. Following though. TB
2/23/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
2/22/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best wishes to you & yours & hope you have a lovely week ahead Jazzy <3. Best wishes from Fraust66 xoxo
2/21/2023Love Ellusion :)
2/19/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
2/19/2023Old karma
2/18/2023Great comment on Carter thread, Ma'am! God Bless & Protect You, Gyro Geargoose
2/17/2023Fly Boy stopped by
2/17/2023Never die!~
2/16/2023Love the hat =) soonermagic
2/16/2023I'm drunk already from the biden speech @john dutton
2/16/2023Have a great weekend:) jwnlwplus4
2/16/2023Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. (Dr. Suess) ~ 5lats
2/15/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Hope you had a lovely valentines day Jazzy <3. Best wishes from Fraust66 xoxo
2/13/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
2/13/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
2/12/2023Patriot Green and Bright Blessings from Des
2/11/2023Hey Lady :) Just a little green to show my apprecation for you ~ realjoy
2/8/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Tips hat & sending best wishes for the week ahead to Jazzy <3. Best wishes from Fraust66 xoxo
2/6/20232/6/2023 No one grows up, they just learn how to act in public. ~ 5lats
2/6/2023Fly Boy stopped by
2/6/2023I'm happy that you agree @john dutton
2/5/2023Greenage! A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
2/3/2023I am well, praying you are also well. Love Marco!
2/3/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
2/2/2023Absolutely kick ass comment!
2/2/2023Spot on. love 99
1/31/2023You are right, I think about Judas and the Book of Matthew. TB
1/31/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead Jazzy <3. Best wishes from Fraust66 xoxo
1/31/2023Thank you. pool
1/29/2023Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
1/29/2023A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
1/26/2023Lmao! that tweety meme
1/26/2023Follow your heart, but take your brain with you. ~ 5lats
1/24/2023Green from Sleepy Night Owl :)
1/24/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best wishes for the week ahead & another lovely avatar Jazzy <3 xoxo
1/21/2023I hope this year is better for you - Doc Iron
1/21/2023Goneviral green
1/21/2023Greenage! A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
1/19/2023Fly Boy stopped by
1/19/2023Same horse crap, just a different year. Here's some green to make it better @john dutton
1/18/2023Blessed 2023. We all deserve a little red >:-) -BRD
1/18/2023For the IRS thread ! From tiger1
1/17/2023Helping with the pin thread. God bless you
1/16/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Hope that week ahead is awesome for you Jazzy <3 xoxo
1/14/2023Green for thee from AnonG
1/14/2023Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of the laugh I got from your post on the anon vs blue names thread. 10/10 funny.
1/14/2023If you don't want anyone to find out, don't do it. ~ 5lats
1/14/2023Greenage! A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
1/12/2023Beautiful avatar! love 99
1/11/2023Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sis! God Bless!
1/11/2023Midweek Green to get you to the weekend. Hawk-03
1/10/2023Goneviral green
1/9/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
1/9/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
1/9/2023To ~Jazzy~ <3. Best wishes for the week ahead to you & yours Jazzy <3 xoxo
1/7/2023All the best for 2023! A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
1/7/2023Green for suffering through those damn votes with us <3 Only Me
1/6/2023Green for thee from AnonG
1/6/2023Be yourself, the rest are already taken ~ 5lats
1/5/2023PATRIOT GREEN from Des
1/5/2023Fly Boy was here
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