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Wolf 1776's Karma

Total: 3230 (2134  Thread Reports + 1096  User Votes) and 12

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11/20/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/20/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2019Have a terrific Tuesday my friend! I can't believe how quickly this year went by, almost to the finish line! ,..,.,M*walk
11/19/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/18/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/18/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/18/2019Knows more. pool
11/18/2019Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
11/18/2019Hi Wolfie! P. Grasshopper
11/18/2019Cheers, jj johns
11/18/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/18/2019Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
11/17/2019Hope you have a good weekend! LG
11/17/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/17/2019Sunday green! KipKat :)
11/16/2019Green hugs~kpm~
11/16/2019Go GREEN....ThirstyMarli​n!
11/16/2019Hugs from eekers
11/14/2019Woof! Hugs ~ Evangelina
11/13/2019Green for a good and blessed week. : ) NolaAngel
11/13/2019Have a blessed week:) jwnlwplus4
11/12/2019Old Indian Proverb, nice, Capo
11/11/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2019Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
11/9/2019Have a Blessed day ! From Tiger1.
11/9/2019Have a good weekend! White Wolf:)
11/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2019Another Week and S.H.I.T., Happy Thursdays So Be It - Lord Revan
11/7/2019Thirsty Thursday Green Grasshoppers for Everyone! Hawk-03
11/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/6/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/6/2019Back at ya! Semper Fandango! ~PirateMonkey
11/6/2019Green for a good week. : ) NolaAngel
11/6/2019On a rocket sled to 2020! Green for you Wolf! M*walk
11/6/2019Hello friend! P. Grasshopper
11/6/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/6/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/5/2019Early November Green! T. Noticer
11/5/2019Best smilies thread in history. pool
11/5/2019Green hugs~kpm~
11/5/2019Love Goddess
11/4/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/4/2019Have a great week!! eekers
10/31/2019S.H.I.T. -- So It's Thursday, Are We Happy? - Lord Revan
10/31/2019Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
10/30/2019Halfway to the weekend green!!! Hawk-03
10/29/2019Green for a good week. NolaAngel
10/28/2019Hi from P. Grasshopper
10/26/2019Sing it Saturday. pool
10/26/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2019Semper Fandango, my friend! -PirateMonkey
10/24/2019Cheerful :) Sloane
10/24/2019Thanks Wolf! You have an excellent week yourself!,.,. M*walk
10/24/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2019Wolf appreciation! White Wolf :)
10/23/2019Green hugs~kpm~
10/22/2019Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
10/22/2019Pumpkin Green!! T. Noticer
10/22/2019You too hun! LG
10/21/2019Hoping you have a wonderful week. : ) NolaAngel
10/21/2019Thank you for the lovely green, love eekers
10/21/2019Soggy Monday green! Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/21/2019Cheers, jj johns
10/19/2019Have a great weekend jwnlwplus4:)
10/18/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/14/2019Tene lupum auribus
10/14/2019Top of the week to ya my friend! M*walk
10/13/2019Wishing you the best!! P. Grasshopper
10/11/2019Have a great weekend! ~ Cartel
10/10/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/10/2019T. Noticer
10/10/2019I truly hope you have an amazing day today!! Hawk-03
10/10/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/10/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/10/2019Hugs from eekers
10/10/2019Hello. pool
10/10/2019Hey!!! Love Goddess
10/9/2019Green hugs~kpm~
10/9/2019Loss for words - - Dame
10/9/2019Hope life is good for you! Paranoiaaaaa
10/8/2019Have a great day! White Wolf:)
10/8/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/8/2019Thank you Wolf 1776! Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/6/2019October green. NolaAngel
10/6/2019Cheers, jj johns
10/5/2019THANK YOU loup, if you knew the importance of your message...xxx, beautiful see
10/4/2019KipKat :)
10/1/2019WyatteSmith dropped some green on you!
10/1/2019BBQ Boy was here
10/1/2019TErrific Tuesday Green!!! Hawk-03
10/1/2019Hugs from eekers
10/1/2019Green from Paranoiaaaaa~
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