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TheDarknessComes's Karma

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7/23/2017Keep cool
7/12/2017Would rather hide behind silly karma comments.
7/11/2017He really does deserve a huge gold star because he is so poor but puts the fullest effort he can conjure in a godlike manner
7/10/2017New info, very succint.
7/4/2017Open and honest
7/4/2017You got something against me? Spit it the fuck out. Stop being a passive/aggressive coward.
6/25/2017You are a loser
6/5/2017Fuck off loser
5/21/2017Yeah, but aren't you a liberal?
5/16/2017Bless you Christopher
5/13/2017Who's there
5/5/2017Knock knock
4/25/2017You are really not that clever
4/16/2017You just don't know do you?
4/10/2017Finally making it clear
3/28/2017Best thread on GLP, thanks!
3/22/2017You are a load of shit
3/21/2017Your Yaldabaoth post and generally it's a joy to visit this thread to see what's going on. Since 2011
3/13/2017Wow! He really needs to write a book and sell it so expensively that only rich ppl can afford it then donate the earnings to poor ppl like himself.
3/13/2017You don't know shit. Elite insider my ass, more like a jizz mopper.
3/12/2017You get your shit right
3/4/2017That is a good question^^
3/3/2017Is your name Billy Bullshit?
2/22/2017U rule
2/20/2017Little boy got dirty feet
2/19/2017For your efforts
2/16/2017For interesting info
2/11/2017Little boy
2/7/2017For having the patience to answer so many peoples questions
2/5/2017Succint, prophetic, sound
2/4/2017For the stupid trump statement
1/21/2017Shut up
1/12/2017Thanks for sorting out this excellent thread!
1/7/2017Just fucking with you
12/31/2016Happy New Year Christopher!
12/31/2016Quit lying to yourself and others
12/10/2016Love Always
12/5/2016For seeing through the dumbass pizzagate - Trumps Red Hat
11/30/2016You are not what you tell these people you are
11/27/2016Thank you for recognizing truth ~chincha
11/23/2016This guy's so cryptic, i love it because it conveys a message still.
11/20/2016Thank you
11/20/2016No, son...you are wrong
11/13/2016Thanks for palm read
11/12/2016Thank you for all your goodness and friendship
11/12/2016Thank you for clarifying whats going on
11/12/2016Keeps me informed!
11/12/2016Liar. fake. just stop with your role playing.
11/11/2016I kinda feel sorry for you....not really!
11/11/2016You were wrong about the election. own it. you're fake.
11/9/2016Thanks for sharing your wisdom
10/9/2016You lie
10/7/2016Excellent thread, thanks
9/13/2016Thanks for all your info
9/9/2016For the medicinal herbs post Thank you! Carol B.
8/27/2016For sticking with it
8/16/2016Your bad karma is the same couple of people. I can tell by the similar syntax. Ignore your very few haters keep up good work.
8/16/2016Be still....quit lying.
7/18/2016Thanks for your thread. Considering your perspective contributes to my awareness.
7/8/2016Succint truth
6/30/2016Share this, dickhead
6/6/2016You are not as important as you think you are
5/29/2016Dude, please stop with the earthquake anagrams what are you, 12?
5/29/2016Gaddafi needed it
5/20/2016Stop your lies!
5/12/2016Great thread
5/5/2016Please quit using these people
4/27/2016Go away little boy
4/15/2016Hackers mean you're getting to somebody
4/15/2016You don't even have control over your own computer?
4/5/2016I bind you, demon, in the name of Jesus Christ.
3/23/2016Keep up interesting thread
3/23/2016You are NOT what you say you are. Stop it.
3/14/2016Good info
2/29/2016Pro trump
2/28/2016Still an egotistical asswipe
2/11/2016Your hate comes back to you....
2/4/2016He's very much on point
2/4/2016May your curses return the hate onto you
1/26/2016For your curses may they all come back onto you
1/6/2016Good thread
1/6/2016Stop using these people for your own power
12/26/2015Helping with magick awesome thks
12/22/2015You have no real knowledge go away
12/14/2015For helping me through bad time
12/14/2015Come on kid...we all know you are a liberal pushing Hillery
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