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 2hearts USA70 months, 15 days ago58 months, 3 days ago2,144
AblePatriot's AvatarAblePatriot USA12 months, 6 days ago22 days ago1,065
AkashicRecord®'s AvatarAkashicRecord® USA92 months, 11 days ago3 days ago13,776
All My Hemispheres's AvatarAll My Hemispheres USA11 months, 14 days ago1 months, 25 days ago312
Alpacalips's AvatarAlpacalips USA110 months, 6 days agoToday14,808
Angel_Eyes's AvatarAngel_Eyes USA182 months, 18 days ago1 day ago3,075
Base12's AvatarBase12 USA90 months, 8 days agoToday4,978
Beetlejuice's AvatarBeetlejuice Netherlands108 months, 17 days ago21 months, 17 days ago22,508
 bnanci USA13 months, 3 days ago2 months, 19 days ago0
BOOM!™'s AvatarBOOM!™ USA109 months, 9 days ago1 months, 9 days ago3,578
canyouhearmenow?'s Avatarcanyouhearmenow? USA10 months, 20 days agoToday10,585
 ClownFace USA87 months, 3 days ago63 months, 28 days ago46
CopyNinja87's AvatarCopyNinja87 USA77 months, 13 days agoToday4,102
COSMIC WARRIOR's AvatarCOSMIC WARRIOR USA131 months, 20 days ago15 days ago28,536
Crystal*Libra's AvatarCrystal*Libra USA104 months, 28 days ago13 months, 2 days ago58
CUB4DK's AvatarCUB4DK Canada46 months, 22 days agoToday19,435
Cybored's AvatarCybored Starfleet72 months, 23 days agoUnknown4,691
DarkToLightIsLuciferian's AvatarDarkToLightIsLuciferi​an USA35 months, 22 days ago1 months, 23 days ago51
 Denny Gringo Honduras77 months, 11 days ago75 months, 1 days ago46
DeplorableOldMan's AvatarDeplorableOldMan USA60 months, 17 days ago15 months, 9 days ago7,020
DGN's AvatarDGN USA162 months, 11 days ago1 day ago65,193
 Disembodied~Mind Columbia109 months, 25 days ago58 months, 29 days ago2,501
 Done and Dusted Australia81 months, 7 days ago50 months, 4 days ago4,871
eV3y's AvatareV3y USA114 months, 20 days agoToday5,230
Fivethirtyeight's AvatarFivethirtyeight USA12 months, 4 days agoToday47
 FlatSpace USA70 months, 19 days ago41 months, 8 days ago536
Fry Teh Brian's AvatarFry Teh Brian USA67 months, 24 days ago49 months, 4 days ago6,439
Goneviral's AvatarGoneviral USA4 days agoToday69
Half Past Midnight's AvatarHalf Past Midnight USA128 months, 29 days ago1 day ago14,931
He Is Risen Indeed's AvatarHe Is Risen Indeed USA109 months, 21 days ago69 months, 22 days ago709
humbird's Avatarhumbird USA154 months, 3 days agoToday10,186
Hydra's AvatarHydra Germany122 months, 12 days ago2 months, 16 days ago12,362
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda Bears USA95 months, 26 days agoToday6,411
 idiotsavant8 USA53 months, 15 days ago19 months, 29 days ago22
InannaB's AvatarInannaB USA35 months, 23 days ago1 day ago21
JessKira Kadwalladyr's AvatarJessKira Kadwalladyr USA162 months, 3 days ago68 months, 22 days ago10,092
 Jesus is also the Father God USA40 months, 28 days ago24 months, 4 days ago3,891
just a dude's Avatarjust a dude USA145 months, 27 days ago1 day ago5,471
 Justin II USA28 months, 11 days ago1 day ago194
 Kamalot USA99 months, 19 days ago77 months, 10 days ago2
 KineticBeing USA56 months, 2 days ago44 months, 6 days ago8
Leyline Walker's AvatarLeyline Walker Canada64 months, 17 days agoToday1,699
lumen naturae's Avatarlumen naturae USA29 months, 2 days ago27 months, 22 days ago115
 LurkingAC USA41 months, 0 days ago15 months, 22 days ago381
Mr.Borg's AvatarMr.Borg Brazil81 months, 1 days ago5 days ago1,253
nautonier's Avatarnautonier USA25 months, 22 days agoToday1,068
Nevermind32's AvatarNevermind32 USA52 months, 8 days ago5 days ago441
 newmoldo Moldova109 months, 5 days agoToday1
 Nicklelaws Côte dŽIvoire40 months, 29 days ago39 months, 12 days ago633
Nikola Tesla's AvatarNikola Tesla Starfleet130 months, 9 days agoUnknown12,625
P. Grasshopper's AvatarP. Grasshopper USA91 months, 0 days ago1 day ago1,296
PA_Belle's AvatarPA_Belle USA10 months, 29 days agoToday447
PhiloSophiaZoso's AvatarPhiloSophiaZoso Not specified151 months, 1 days ago12 days ago8,654
 Plato II USA20 months, 15 days ago8 months, 17 days ago8,602
Pure l3Iood Unscannable's AvatarPure l3Iood Unscannable USA22 days agoToday251
REaliZe's AvatarREaliZe Armenia13 months, 4 days agoToday10,285
Relativity's AvatarRelativity Other125 months, 5 days ago2 days ago10,741
sindywoow's Avatarsindywoow United Kingdom109 months, 1 days ago1 day ago1,483
Sir France's Beercan's AvatarSir France's Beercan Other132 months, 3 days agoToday10,359
Situation Critical's AvatarSituation Critical Canada89 months, 5 days ago1 day ago829
Sleepy Night Owl's AvatarSleepy Night Owl USA129 months, 13 days ago1 day ago1,354
 Solar Guardian Singapore117 months, 21 days ago80 months, 1 days ago16,882
Solid Soul's AvatarSolid Soul USA71 months, 24 days agoToday1,460
STRONGMAN SHELFORD's AvatarSTRONGMAN SHELFORD Argentina18 months, 11 days agoToday6,705
superflyscot's Avatarsuperflyscot United Kingdom132 months, 1 days agoToday6,147
TamaraNSD's AvatarTamaraNSD USA130 months, 29 days ago1 day ago3,019
The Analog Guy's AvatarThe Analog Guy USA191 months, 0 days agoToday3,413
The Climate Warrior's AvatarThe Climate Warrior India120 months, 3 days agoToday582
TheFool's AvatarTheFool Starfleet115 months, 29 days agoToday6,180
 Timothy6 USA79 months, 1 days ago77 months, 7 days ago562
Too Dark Park™'s AvatarToo Dark Park™ USA40 months, 28 days agoToday9,150
Triteia's AvatarTriteia USA37 months, 27 days ago1 day ago6,793
Truth Seeker!'s AvatarTruth Seeker! USA77 months, 27 days agoToday23,703
 Whyche USA86 months, 28 days ago83 months, 28 days ago10
Wolf 1776's AvatarWolf 1776 Starfleet90 months, 11 days ago28 days ago11,651
Wookiee's AvatarWookiee USA137 months, 9 days agoToday12,950
 Yesterday ~ TODAY ~ Tomorrow Starfleet42 months, 3 days ago34 months, 26 days ago1,352
 zaphod42 Bahamas56 months, 0 days ago15 months, 10 days ago198
~LSDMTHC~'s Avatar~LSDMTHC~ USA70 months, 3 days agoToday10,145