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Sol-tari's Karma

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3/4/2022Not touching
3/2/2022Guess who is getting CLOT SHOT red?
2/28/2022Spittin' truth. Shovel bum
2/28/2022Eat a d1ck soyboy
2/26/2022Clot shot shill, cant change your spots now you fucking moran
2/26/2022Informative and encouraging
2/22/2022Never forgive the CLOT SHOT shilling!
2/14/2022Weekly CLOT SHOT red!
2/6/2022Never forget the CLOT SHOT shilling!
1/26/2022This person continuously tries to get people killed by shilling for the CLOT SHOT!
1/21/2022Grass is green - Half Past Midnight
1/19/2022You spend so much time being a miserable dick to anyone that disagrees with you in the slightest. Life lesson, people dont think the same you commie.
1/14/2022Cartomancy reading - Half Past Midnight
1/14/2022Beast system is coming for you
1/13/2022There is no their" side of the story" for crimes against humanity.
1/13/2022I agree. And the revealing of what it is will be devastating to many. -Guythu
1/13/2022Oh wow, look at all your stupid troll fucking karma you little cry baby bitch.
1/12/2022Weekly CLOT SHOT red!
1/12/2022Welcome Sol-Tard to the LGBTQ forum.
1/11/2022An Australian commenting on the cold. You never miss a chance to prove how really stupid you are.
1/10/2022"spike protein crap" is killing people and disabling them...imagine all the long term effects from the "spike protein crap"...otherwise you're fucked...buyers remorse dumbass
1/10/2022You simplteon. Don't think, you always come to the wrong conclusion. Poop poop de do.
1/10/2022You seem to have your head half way stuck up your ass. Keep pulling it out and you'll stop talking like a retard eventually.
1/10/2022You should be shot under the communist control act- trashcanman2
1/4/2022This person is still working full time to get people killed by the CLOT SHOT!
1/1/2022From Iset :)
12/30/2021Sol :) Happy one Boots
12/28/2021Antichrist spirit. beware
12/27/2021This person is pushing an EVIL agenda, trying to kill people by convincing them to get the CLOT SHOT
12/27/2021I wonder when you will be able to think for yourself and not slurp off the gov propaganda, youre such a fucking sheep
12/27/2021Corona lies
12/27/2021PR for Pfizer
12/27/2021Fuck face pharma shill.
12/27/2021Gfym ahole
12/26/2021Have a happy and peaceful New Year...CUBz :)
12/24/2021LOVE your "Best Glitch Thread"! NEVER stop! Your bud topside, FN 5.7AP
12/18/2021Thank you ! ~Cigar
12/17/2021This person is working full time to get people killed by the CLOT SHOT
12/13/2021Green mate - pud
12/11/2021Thanks for sharing OUT OF TIME by Monrroe! Fave song right now! From: FN 5.7AP
12/11/2021Succulent! Truth B Known
12/10/2021Clot shot shill and karma whiner.
12/10/2021Some green back that the asshole took from ya
12/10/2021This person is a proponent of the CLOT SHOT
12/8/2021Depth. pool
12/8/2021Thanks for the green mate and have a noice day! Cheers...CUB :)
12/7/2021You earned this one. -Seabass
12/7/2021Gutless Coward... fuckyou bitch
12/7/2021Keyboard warrior
12/7/2021Youre stupid. wtf. imagine blaming the husband. fucking tard
12/7/2021Please stop your feeble attempts at anything with a modicum of intelligence, you do not possess the proper equipment to make any sort of educated statement or claim, I.E youre a fucking idiot
12/6/2021Thx— parental slienation
12/5/2021Reported Abusive Post
12/5/2021You're so sweet! Hugs and love from nutmeg!
12/5/2021Red for being a crybaby too
12/3/2021Because I have a modicum of respect for those that sign their red karma. Builder
12/3/2021GSD love, Tamara
12/3/2021Yaay for Rufus Du Sol ~ Raw
12/2/2021You seem like a very smart man. Thank you for answering my questions
12/2/2021From Iset :)
12/2/2021Thank you for sharing that
12/2/2021Reported Abusive Post
12/1/2021Maybe try not worryign about why i do what i do and worry about yo-self 1-2-follow
11/30/2021Belives it is appropriate to warp children to the way of the degenerates
11/30/2021Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
11/29/2021Your crack about the U.S.A. falling apart. Kick us when we're down?
11/29/2021Stay at home faaaaaag
11/29/2021You need some green. GW XoXo :P
11/29/2021Deep state shill
11/29/2021Burn in hell demonspawn
11/29/2021Why are you here? You constantly shit over peoples threads and try to make conspiracy a bad word. Fuck you scum
11/29/2021Guy murdered and you laugh? bad karma
11/29/2021I don' think you like Conspiracy Theories as much as you like thinking you're right and logical. This might no be the right fit for you.
11/28/2021Glow glow glow your bloat gently down the stream
11/28/2021I saw your post and wanted to thank you. I heard you. With Love~ Triteia
11/28/2021You Really Should Apologise For Your Mistake!
11/28/2021STFU you dumbfuck cunt. No, this isn't sarcasm.
11/28/2021Flat track bully
11/27/2021Green from Loup, I like the way your mind works
11/26/2021Stupid vaxxtard communist slave
11/26/2021May you get the karma you need. Here is some quarantine red.
11/26/2021Pimping for the pope
11/26/2021It is not a pandemic you fool - it's just a flu virus with 99.97% survival rate - enjoy your concentration camps citizen
11/26/2021A person aware and supportive of government oppression is among the worst of humanity. -P Mashed Potatoes
11/26/2021I had no idea Australia would go full retard/death camp. Your government (and you) suck
11/26/2021Government sweetheart
11/26/2021Stasi NG
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