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11/24/2021You really do deserve it. especially for trying to spread it like you azzholes did. dragon have you
11/24/2021Sometimes fun. Soup
11/23/2021You are a moron. Or been asleep for the last 2 years. Going to a doctor at this point is inviting death by the medical industrial war mongers. I've lost family and friends to "standard of ca
11/23/2021For chatting :) - Ty_
11/23/2021Team nutter
11/22/2021Doctor Who - Tim
11/22/2021Always good to see you :) h&b
11/21/2021Gave me a smile - Sunday green :) Sloane
11/21/2021Do not believe the old men who have been touched and thus gave this man red karma. They were touched he was not.
11/21/2021Pedo alert!
11/21/2021Recruitment of children into homosexuality. Hell-worthy, for sure.
11/21/2021Gobbling down the loads of the new world order like an obedient slave
11/21/2021Rise up And Defeat Enemies of God {**]d Cheers -dv
11/20/2021Complte moron. Robotanimal
11/20/2021What a total loon! Give me red for saying Ivermectin helped me? GFY!! *Peach Head
11/20/2021You really do fucking suck - LSDMTHC
11/20/2021Your little pro vax narrative is falling apart, along with your shithole countries dictatorship. Shouldnt have given up your guns like a little bitch.
11/20/2021To Sol-Tari <3. Best wishes for the weekend & great to catch up on the jukebox. Love & peace from Fraust66 : )
11/19/2021Nice pointers -Shawski
11/19/2021Good to see you in the jukebox! xoxo db
11/19/2021Right back at ya MF - Bushman
11/18/2021God is Real.... Keep Defending The Lie... You Will Pay Horrifically For it... Just a Warning There. God Bless
11/18/2021Professor Tiger Blood
11/18/2021Fucking retarded! Go fuck yourself!
11/18/2021Stfu retardassie
11/18/2021Lying vaxxtard shill
11/18/2021Vaxx Shill
11/18/2021Green for having BALLS OF FUCKING STEEL to take on all of GLP! I disagree with your vaxx comments, but I admire your boldness! ~ Zovalex
11/18/2021You are lost in the maze. die in the maze, or rise, it's all up to you
11/18/2021VAX FOOL. Please get your foruth booster.
11/18/2021Allow me to pile on
11/18/2021For your lie.
11/18/2021Australian Tard.
11/18/2021You stupid fuck
11/18/2021Take your booster shots dumbass
11/18/2021This is a dumbass post based on propaganda lies.
11/18/2021You are a fucking idiot. I hope you enjoy being a slave on your little island.
11/18/2021Just because YOU ARE so stupid does not mean, everyone else is, GFY
11/18/2021Vax-tard fuck off!
11/18/2021OMG ur a fucking tard
11/18/2021You support the FAKE JAB WTF...
11/18/2021Unvaxxed always. Leave me the fuck alone
11/18/2021BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH!!!!​ TrUsT tHe sCieNcE
11/18/2021Vaxxx shill
11/18/2021Bull crap posted in threads.
11/18/2021What makes you a bitchboy for atheist statists is your psychotic tendency to support doing things for a person's good even by putting a bullet into the brain of the one who has not done anything
11/18/2021Fuck Off vaxtard!
11/18/2021You are spreading false nonsense. the latest UK stats show a 400% increase in deaths and hospitalizations of the unvaxxed compared to the unvaxxed. Lies lies and damn lies.
11/18/2021GW Sends sum Green :D
11/18/2021Uncritical non thinker.
11/18/2021Pro vax comments with high karma points... thats not the glp i know.
11/18/2021Admitted to be a sok puppet
11/18/2021Vaccine shill
11/18/2021There's stupid people...and then there's this guy...please, no more inbreeding
11/18/2021For your patience MySoul
11/18/2021Loving Aussie Nazi times, r ya
11/18/2021Ha ha, dead man talking, go get your booster fuckwit.
11/18/2021Make me log in just to give your pharma-shill ass some red...Mother fucker!
11/18/2021Vaxx tard
11/18/2021I'm sorry you were born with retardation. *pats head, wipes your drool.
11/17/2021Good point. Only seeing one side here
11/17/2021Why don't you try and force the clotshot on us....see how that works out for your bitch ass
11/17/2021Do you bastards just scour the net for tragedies to post? -Anubis
11/17/2021Green for American Dad. Every single time. Truth B Known
11/17/2021Too real
11/17/2021Trut bombs
11/17/2021Hello flu killer. I hope you die in a car wreck today, bitch. trashcanman2
11/17/2021Fukking kunt
11/17/2021Thanks for the links for eclipses
11/17/2021Argues the point without being abusive. Excellent comments
11/17/2021Obtuse kook
11/16/2021This person is PRO-VACCINE
11/16/2021Stupid. Your example is like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.
11/16/2021Why don't you try and force the clotshot on us....see how that works out for your bitch ass
11/16/2021Should've put you on ignore a long time ago
11/16/2021Go back to reddit
11/16/2021You suck balls
11/15/2021Green November - Half Past Midnight
11/15/2021Youre an idiot.
11/15/2021TDS has cooked your brain
11/14/2021Pedo alert
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