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Sol-tari's Karma

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11/26/2021Statist traitor
11/26/2021Fabricated and homosexual
11/26/2021Damn retard. It's going to be so funny when you end up in a camp and you'll say b-b-but I'm jabbed and have had my booster !!!
11/26/2021Ruining it for others? so sit back and enjoy auschwitz?
11/26/2021Nwo shill. beware
11/26/2021Sol-tari is a piece of shit gas lighter. People like him will be the first ones taken out. He deserves all the hell he will get, one way or another. Karma. signed Creme de la Crap
11/25/2021Human race traitor
11/25/2021Hey Sol. Greeting to down under! Happy Friday.. Good to see you in the JST. Mezzo : )
11/24/2021That was a good one- Florida Man
11/24/2021Stop shilling.
11/24/2021Grow Up!
11/24/2021This person is an evil proponent of the CLOT SHOT!
11/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/24/2021From Crazy Mona Lisa
11/24/2021Shilling for genocide, pretty low even for a troll under a bridge
11/24/2021You really do deserve it. especially for trying to spread it like you azzholes did. dragon have you
11/24/2021Sometimes fun. Soup
11/23/2021You are a moron. Or been asleep for the last 2 years. Going to a doctor at this point is inviting death by the medical industrial war mongers. I've lost family and friends to "standard of ca
11/23/2021For chatting :) - Ty_
11/23/2021Team nutter
11/22/2021Doctor Who - Tim
11/22/2021Always good to see you :) h&b
11/21/2021Gave me a smile - Sunday green :) Sloane
11/21/2021Do not believe the old men who have been touched and thus gave this man red karma. They were touched he was not.
11/21/2021Pedo alert!
11/21/2021Recruitment of children into homosexuality. Hell-worthy, for sure.
11/21/2021Gobbling down the loads of the new world order like an obedient slave
11/21/2021Rise up And Defeat Enemies of God {**]d Cheers -dv
11/20/2021Complte moron. Robotanimal
11/20/2021What a total loon! Give me red for saying Ivermectin helped me? GFY!! *Peach Head
11/20/2021You really do fucking suck - LSDMTHC
11/20/2021Your little pro vax narrative is falling apart, along with your shithole countries dictatorship. Shouldnt have given up your guns like a little bitch.
11/20/2021To Sol-Tari <3. Best wishes for the weekend & great to catch up on the jukebox. Love & peace from Fraust66 : )
11/19/2021Nice pointers -Shawski
11/19/2021Good to see you in the jukebox! xoxo db
11/19/2021Right back at ya MF - Bushman
11/18/2021God is Real.... Keep Defending The Lie... You Will Pay Horrifically For it... Just a Warning There. God Bless
11/18/2021Professor Tiger Blood
11/18/2021Fucking retarded! Go fuck yourself!
11/18/2021Stfu retardassie
11/18/2021Lying vaxxtard shill
11/18/2021Vaxx Shill
11/18/2021Green for having BALLS OF FUCKING STEEL to take on all of GLP! I disagree with your vaxx comments, but I admire your boldness! ~ Zovalex
11/18/2021You are lost in the maze. die in the maze, or rise, it's all up to you
11/18/2021VAX FOOL. Please get your foruth booster.
11/18/2021Allow me to pile on
11/18/2021For your lie.
11/18/2021Australian Tard.
11/18/2021You stupid fuck
11/18/2021Take your booster shots dumbass
11/18/2021This is a dumbass post based on propaganda lies.
11/18/2021You are a fucking idiot. I hope you enjoy being a slave on your little island.
11/18/2021Just because YOU ARE so stupid does not mean, everyone else is, GFY
11/18/2021Vax-tard fuck off!
11/18/2021OMG ur a fucking tard
11/18/2021You support the FAKE JAB WTF...
11/18/2021Unvaxxed always. Leave me the fuck alone
11/18/2021BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH!!!!​ TrUsT tHe sCieNcE
11/18/2021Vaxxx shill
11/18/2021Bull crap posted in threads.
11/18/2021What makes you a bitchboy for atheist statists is your psychotic tendency to support doing things for a person's good even by putting a bullet into the brain of the one who has not done anything
11/18/2021Fuck Off vaxtard!
11/18/2021You are spreading false nonsense. the latest UK stats show a 400% increase in deaths and hospitalizations of the unvaxxed compared to the unvaxxed. Lies lies and damn lies.
11/18/2021GW Sends sum Green :D
11/18/2021Uncritical non thinker.
11/18/2021Pro vax comments with high karma points... thats not the glp i know.
11/18/2021Admitted to be a sok puppet
11/18/2021Vaccine shill
11/18/2021There's stupid people...and then there's this guy...please, no more inbreeding
11/18/2021For your patience MySoul
11/18/2021Loving Aussie Nazi times, r ya
11/18/2021Ha ha, dead man talking, go get your booster fuckwit.
11/18/2021Make me log in just to give your pharma-shill ass some red...Mother fucker!
11/18/2021Vaxx tard
11/18/2021I'm sorry you were born with retardation. *pats head, wipes your drool.
11/17/2021Good point. Only seeing one side here
11/17/2021Why don't you try and force the clotshot on us....see how that works out for your bitch ass
11/17/2021Do you bastards just scour the net for tragedies to post? -Anubis
11/17/2021Green for American Dad. Every single time. Truth B Known
11/17/2021Too real
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