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Sol-tari's Karma

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3/20/2021Jukebox green & great to see you Sol <3. Hope that you have a great weekend friend. Fraust66 : )
3/20/2021Great to see you, latvia
2/28/2021What a fucking asshole you are.
2/28/2021Aero Chord! Peace~Lou Czar
2/26/2021Go suck yourself
2/26/2021Hey look its solphag
2/18/2021Red fro the soltard
2/18/2021Cheers :)
1/12/2021Jukebox green for balance ;~) latvia
1/12/2021Ignorant MSM/NWO sheep
1/10/2021Retarded Australian - WalkingMiracle
1/10/2021Some red for a trolling oz cunt
1/10/2021Mo red!
1/9/2021Xxx. toxic. xxx.
1/8/2021Seek mental help ASAP
1/8/2021You`re begging for it
1/8/2021Evil DEMON
1/8/2021Quit touching children
1/7/2021Man you have fallen off the wagon
1/7/2021Naive poster. Does not understand the differnce between BLM and todays protest.
1/6/2021Just shut the fuck up you little self important cunt
1/6/2021Piss off shill
1/6/2021Cyber S
1/5/2021Liberal cnt
1/5/2021Tard. ignore.
1/5/2021For having a brain and using it.
1/4/2021Aussie' don't know shit other than being tards
1/4/2021Libturd queer
1/4/2021Now take Biden's dick out your ass, bitch.
1/4/2021You are a serious idiot with excessive TDS.
1/4/2021You spreading common sense amongst the leftist idiots.
1/4/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/3/2021Peg down farg
1/1/2021Saw you in the Mitch McConnell thread. Happy New Year! Truth B Known
1/1/2021Good to see you in the jb xoxo db
12/31/2020Just shut up already
12/31/2020Red for your retard avatar
12/31/2020Love you -Anna (I_am_whoI_am)
12/27/2020Good green and all best for this new year - please! Sloane
12/27/2020Happy holidaze Soup
12/26/2020Loser asshole
12/23/2020He’s not right you know get fukd moran /WBW
12/22/2020Props for multitasking. Juggling your boyfriend's balls while typing is impressive.
12/22/2020Giant Homosexual
12/22/2020Cartomancy - Half Past Midnight
12/22/2020For your participation. Love Colour Crusader
12/22/2020Thanks for licking up my dogs diarrea yesterday, you made the sidewalk clean... i didnt know you were so passionate about turd gobbling. call me handsoome
12/20/2020Keep fighting for your slavery. Your masters thank you. Good luck in life. You need it
12/20/2020Red for the red white and blue!
12/20/2020One up x
12/20/2020Going down bogan
12/20/2020Thanks for proving your self
12/20/2020Liberal bs
12/20/2020Jesus is my savior. Trump is my president.
12/18/2020Free choice meme ~exlibris
12/18/2020Non-value added shill
12/17/2020I like your profile Avatar. pic
12/17/2020Fuck off
12/17/2020Soupy greens! chasity
12/17/2020Uh Huh
12/16/2020Australia is gay and will fall to commies
12/15/2020More than likely. This country's done as the "America" we knew. Got what we deserved.
12/14/2020You're a fucking dunce. Don't comment on US elections if you don't even have a 3rd grade understanding of how things work.
12/13/2020Stop lying!
12/13/2020Added to ignore list
12/9/2020Pikachu face meme :'D ~itcouldbeaname
12/7/2020"different philosophies have valid points" damn good answer! - Louis in Richmond
12/7/2020Thanks. It's so hard to get a conversation or exchange of ideas going on this forum.
11/21/2020Nice maths
11/18/2020Uncle Gintel
11/18/2020Kindest regards!
11/14/2020Comie tard
11/13/2020You SUck
11/13/2020Mindless orc.
11/13/2020Shut up u muppet
11/7/2020Good to see you in the jb! xoxo db
11/4/2020Cheers mate! ~Persian~
10/24/2020Some curry nosher green :-)
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