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Sol-tari's Karma

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2/19/2020Karma roll Bush Master
2/18/2020To Sol <3 music green & best wishes for the week. fraust66 : )
2/17/2020Steampunk Chitty Bang :) Sloane
2/16/2020Green stuff Nice Boots
2/13/2020Best wishes! from Plato!
2/11/2020To Sol <3 enjoy sitting under the stars music green your way. fraust66 : )
2/4/2020Jukebox green & best wishes to Sol-tari <3. fraust66 : )
1/29/2020Rockin the Jukebox. :) Sloane
1/27/2020Jukebox green to Sol-tari <3. fraust66 : )
1/25/2020Post on thread about Harry Dunn - RyanClapham
1/20/2020Muzz sympathizer
1/13/2020From Michibama
1/9/2020Fricken homosexual nutters
1/9/2020Fricken homosexual nutters
12/31/2019Excellent advice ! - Taz
12/22/2019Merry Christmas Green across the ocean to down under. Cheers, Mezzo : )
9/15/2019Jukebox music green & have a great week Sol-tari. fraust66
9/3/2019Another one who can see. (: xo Ricky M
8/25/2019Cheers ~ Sync
8/22/2019The Philosophy of Flow video - Xlegic
8/22/2019Xo Ricky M
8/22/2019Booooooooooooo Fagot Ass Kangaroo Raper!
8/6/2019Jukebox green and hugs : ) - Sweetroll Bandit
8/5/2019Kind of amazes me how many would still support Trump if he did institute more bans. MuchMaligned
8/1/2019Love Ellusion :)
7/31/2019Thanks for the support about putting words in mouths
7/31/2019Have some sticky GREEN c)=-)....o...O...0 [**]D CHEERS -DV
7/28/2019Jukebox love <3bfree
7/27/2019Skill :) Jukebox Grreeeeen Boots
7/17/2019Thank him, and wait for her....exactly. Billy Ringo
7/17/2019The left destroys everything they touch.
7/15/2019Glitch Power <3bfree
7/15/2019Trump bump.
7/15/2019Trump bump for a retarded Aussie:)
7/14/2019Gratitude & keep being you *hugs* - Sib -
7/11/2019Thanks for you addition to my thread... KAN DAEK
7/8/2019I would guess security doesn't get paid enough to get beat up by feral blacks. Would you ?
6/18/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/18/2019Great vids. Thanks Sol
6/16/2019Yo Sol...jbgreen..billL
5/16/2019Love Ellusion :)
1/17/2019Love Ellusion :)
1/17/2019Thank you for the great post in Section 8 thread. Pooka
1/15/2019Chip = Trump chump faggot, hypocrite fuck spittle.
1/15/2019You're right
1/15/2019Cheers - Sync
1/15/2019Because you can't understand.
1/15/2019Flaming libtard fag
1/15/2019Liberal fag
1/8/2019For saying it...IRQ_1
1/4/2019Kitty! :D =^__^=
1/1/2019LOL - Sync
1/1/2019Pink Floyd! My man! Green bc I'm wearing a Pink Floyd T-Shirt -Triceratops
12/31/2018Happy New Year Sol! It's A Secret
12/29/2018Been thinking about you :-) -Anna
12/20/2018Trump donates his entire salary SUCKA!
12/20/2018Back atcha. The Vigilant
12/20/2018Beso :)
12/19/2018Not causing old lady more stress compassion
12/16/2018Criminals dont have a right to guns idiot
12/16/2018Thanks for the green :-).. Happy holidays to you and yours ~Blue Spirit~
12/16/2018Thinks kids should own guns.
12/15/2018Happy holidays....enchant
12/15/2018Green from Scrump!
12/12/2018Very true
12/12/2018Talk to yourself thread...make up sex made me snort beer via my nse onto screen...Lance
12/11/2018Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
12/10/2018Love Ellusion :)
12/6/2018Great minds think alike. Peace & Blessings to you, Sol-Tari!-Helios Maximus
11/20/2018Sup Sol -CUNT :)
11/18/2018Phi <3
11/18/2018Two can play that game!
11/15/2018Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it
11/15/2018For brilliance of mind and soul. - Louis in Richmond
11/10/2018Take it all back! lol
11/9/2018Hey old friend <3 -Anna
10/1/2018The Rules were wrong. :)
10/1/2018Tribes! Mayor of Simpleton
9/7/2018You are awesome! ~ A Friend
9/5/2018Jukebox hugs :) Cheers to the music! - Sweetroll Bandit
9/4/2018From DA
6/12/2018Heya Sol :)
3/22/2018Heh. What timing.
3/29/2017Thinking about you. -Anna
3/28/2017Slimy. Nasty.
3/6/2017Thanks Sol. The coast sounds awesome. :)
2/24/2017Hope you have a great weekend! -Anna
2/7/2017Don't you dare mention her name.
2/7/2017M/ -Anna
2/7/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/7/2017A True M8. - Kai
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