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5/11/2022I like your point of view on many things. -P Mashed Potatoes
5/11/2022Green from Mr Badger
5/10/2022Thanks for bringing level headed info the the ukr thread, much appreciated
5/10/2022Please, oh please, can we be subjected to more of your psychotic worshiping of the death of innocent women and kids in Ukraine as some sort of rightful justice? Please? Thanks, Putin towel boy!
5/9/2022I agree with your post just now on Russians not running out of weapons. Mother Maggie
5/6/2022Good posts on the world on fire thread, thanks! LTHN.
5/6/2022To Null A Red ~ Dirck
5/6/2022Green from GA Geoprepper
5/6/2022Putin ass licker KARMA means red, nothing else
5/6/2022DEMONCRATS will destory it all -- THANK YOU DRIVE THRU
5/6/2022Your daily Puting karma
4/25/2022Putin Lover
4/24/2022Green with warmest of wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
4/22/2022World on fire
4/20/2022Thanks for your insightful posts justanothergranny
4/19/2022I saw you were here within the first 5 pages, I didn't even know - kingzzor
4/19/2022Are all Ukrainians nazis now
4/14/2022Pseudo intelligence
4/10/2022Appreciate your insight - SAM
4/10/2022Love your posts on World On Fire! keep up the great work!
4/9/2022Giving you green, we need to support each other against people who see the discussions in this thread as a threat - dodger007
4/9/2022For the Fuel thread ! From tiger1
4/9/2022Take this green, nazi-antidote...the kids raised on phones are logically illiterate...smh sd25802
4/9/2022Fire labadiena
4/9/2022The first casualty of war is we have to listen to your rabid Putin loving hot air. Must be fun to worship the death of innocent civilians and justify it, right Nazi boy?
4/9/2022Green from Ravens3 for the truth
4/3/2022Putin is good.
3/31/2022Thought you were smarter than to support our enemies
3/30/2022Don Draper....World on fire
3/27/2022Green from Ravens3 Keep up the truth
3/24/2022Being pro Russian
3/23/2022Get a fucking clue
3/17/2022You are worese than scum that accumaletes scum in a place were scum can not grow!
3/17/2022The thing is.. we dont talk about russian cock going straight up your shitty ass
3/16/2022Flying cock boy
3/15/2022Glad you are here. - Its Time
3/14/2022Yeah, let's starve innocents to death, that'll teach 'em. I can only hope you get back what you wish for others, you sick fuck. Now go wish death on more people, shitbag.
3/10/2022Fair enough. someguyinUS
3/10/2022White Nursing Home!. FUCKING LOLOLOLOLOLLLLLL. 16bl
3/10/2022GREEN - larphillips
3/9/2022Green with warmest of wishes from Russia. Try some Baikal and get back to me please vs TAB ~Snuffie
3/9/2022100% think your right- ceake
3/8/2022From Av3.0
3/5/2022World on Fire thread ~ Debug
3/3/2022Sad little man
3/1/2022Putin's blood stained toilet
2/28/2022War intel thread - We Are Slaves
2/27/2022Putin's bitch
2/25/2022So right, they are nazis. They need to be eliminated. katballoo
2/25/2022Lmao avocado toast~ sevenx
2/25/2022They're not nazis you idiot
2/24/2022You do realize that the Nazis were defeated in WWII?
2/24/2022You are evil, not the Russians.
2/24/2022For keeping the thread sane
2/22/2022Incoming Green Karma Strike... friendly fire from Armchair General!
2/22/2022Geen on WOF thread from NOFAKE!!!
2/22/2022Thank you for sharing your insight - zeke38
2/21/2022Thanks for contributing - kingzzor
2/21/2022Good Analysis wrt change in US attitude - Elsewhere I commented same - movement of Hypersonic Missiles to Kaliningrad and Syria w probability "special" warheads went too may have brougt them
2/19/2022Curry nosher :-)
2/18/2022Gas doom is coming....Don Draper
2/18/2022Peace offering.. sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. Take care - Crest of Hope
2/18/2022Kremlin's propagandist
2/18/2022Behind the American flag is a Russian fascist bastard!
2/15/2022Green for contributing to Builder's thread - HollyWho
2/15/2022Your military knowledge is very valuable. - Its Time
2/13/2022Appreciate your input on war thread justanothergranny
2/13/2022Youve been helping allot lately, thank you. - kingzzor
2/9/2022You get a green for the ac quote, because ac's can't get greens
2/8/2022Green for the "CNN To Be Taken Over By Trump Media/DWAC In Deal With Warner Media?" thread , from WGON.
2/4/2022Ummm no
1/26/2022Cheers, j3
1/15/2022Great thread... green from Loup
1/15/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/12/2022Mean tweets green ~ Where Eagles Dare
1/5/2022Reported Abusive Post
1/5/2022Reported Abusive Post
1/1/2022Happy New Year, Builder
12/29/2021Green to you for participating is our ongoiong conversation-HollyWho​
12/16/2021Merry Christmas from your friend Gyro Geargoose!
12/11/2021Green for you! ~Greyberry
11/21/2021If you want a race war that bad, you start it
11/17/2021Awesome Rittenhouse dismissal news! Thank you for sharing! Drumhead138
11/17/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/20/2021Green 4 U - Chameleonn
10/16/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2021Good information
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