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3/27/2023>not scared either_ Led
3/26/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
3/23/2023Green for thee from AnonG
3/22/2023For your threads ! From tiger1
3/20/2023Thx for info.
3/20/2023Your a good soul ~pish
3/19/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/17/2023For TRUTH!!! green from scottfree
3/17/2023I would never have banned you
3/16/2023Just sending some blessings your way. God is always good! Stella b
3/16/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/16/2023You're alright. [H41F-b-R33D]
3/14/2023Your bank might not have green, but I have some for your @john dutton
3/14/2023Green - Big Daddy D
3/6/2023Me too
3/6/2023For your threads ! From tiger1
3/5/2023The bible is great but if you dont turn within you will never get it
3/5/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/3/2023Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/3/2023God bless you sister, Portal
3/3/2023Ignore the haters...
3/3/2023Fo rposting a great thread about Christ's return
3/3/2023You are doing something right. They hate your message!
3/3/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
3/2/2023Thanks NEAT Kate.
3/2/2023I admire your faith. NEVER give up.
3/2/2023God Bless- soonermagic
3/1/2023"Free Speech leads to finding the Truth" - Imlay
3/1/2023Hey Kate! I hope you are doing much better living in Alberta. My old stomping grounds! katballoo
3/1/2023Thank you!! - LSDMTHC
2/28/2023Nem8 Five Star Day
2/28/2023The "future" prophecie you beleive in is manmade dispensationalism. get outta that too.
2/28/2023Coming out of Babylon thread - DeniedTruths
2/28/2023Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and truth. Love Lost Angel.
2/28/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
2/28/2023Goneviral green
2/26/2023The world is burning down, but heres some green! :o) @John Dutton
2/24/2023Wish you the best! KingChaos777
2/22/2023No weapon formed against us shall prosper! Sleepy Night Owl :)
2/20/2023Have a fine week. St Tidbits
2/18/2023For your threads ! From tiger1
2/17/2023Pura sangre -- verde - torah keeper
2/11/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
2/6/2023In prayer
2/6/2023Green for thee from AnonG
2/4/2023Bless you abundant in YAHshua
2/3/2023Thank you! - justme
2/2/2023Goneviral green
2/2/2023I don't think I have seen you around in a while green from Starbird.
2/1/2023Psalm 91 fist bump. armor on and ready to roll. blessings, Stella b
2/1/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
1/30/2023Green Hugs ~ ThreeLittleLambs
1/30/2023We are Israel - BrainGuy
1/29/2023Trouble times are here Im afraid...be well...Don Draper
1/29/2023GOD Bless you! and all the children of the world born and un-born.. Susie..:)
1/29/2023Damn right! Wingnut1234
1/29/2023You and I are both under His wings! -Moppie
1/22/2023Goneviral green
1/17/2023Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
1/16/2023Thank You - AlMassih
1/16/2023Good videos Achduke7
1/15/2023Bright Patriot Blessings from Des
1/14/2023From Butch DeFeo
1/12/2023Post that as a thread!. coors
1/1/2023Happy New Year ! From tiger1
12/30/2022Happy New Year ~ Where Eagles Dare
12/30/2022Goneviral green
12/29/2022So sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. All the best. - WonderlandAlice
12/28/2022Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kate ~BFD
12/21/2022Liked seeing photos of your RV
12/21/2022Merry Christmas @john dutton
12/18/2022Thank you Kate and God bless you ! bigD
12/18/2022Thanks for sharing. shabbat shalom
12/17/2022Stand strong always, no fear and God bless! ~ Lion Not Sheep
12/17/2022Happy Kate, rock on a merry christmas. pool
12/17/2022Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/17/2022Great thread!!
12/17/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2022A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
12/17/2022Season's Greenings ~ Where Eagles Dare
12/16/2022Goneviral green
12/16/2022Have a Blessed Christmas ! From tiger1
12/16/2022Green for thee from AnonG
12/14/2022May Creator Light the paths of you and yours. St Tidbits
12/13/2022Just riding by and throwing green at your wall to see if it sticks @john dutton
12/6/2022Thanks for your threads and posts... Goneviral green
12/3/2022Tha is for your support (lucis 2025 thread) - little lost
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