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Annabelle Haunted Doll's Karma

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1/26/2022Wave of karma
1/22/2022Likely one of the most psychotically delusional Q winguts on GLP
1/17/2022Sorry you vaxxed.
12/25/2021Retard cult member
11/25/2021GW XoXo
11/20/2021Thanks for your posts in my threads today.. KAN DAEK
11/20/2021Let's Go Brandon!
11/13/2021No senseOP ~Flash
11/9/2021Pfizer is of the light, if by light you mean asspuppets of the Illuminaughty.
11/9/2021This person shills the pfizer vaxx. beware. troll
11/9/2021Let's Go Brandon!
11/2/2021I love your Cartman cartoon! - My Foolish Daydream
11/2/2021Get a job and put down the crayons hippy
11/1/2021Thanks for the comment on the d's.... KAN DAEK
10/30/2021100% true, the Bible. God's word
10/29/2021Good post +1
10/21/2021Gutfeld video - ElleMira
10/20/2021Let's Go Brandon!
10/19/2021Hey there! I was in chat tonight listening to the tartaria stuff lol. I saw you saying you were having connection problems. I'll catch you in there sometime tho! - Daydream
10/12/2021You are right. The vaccine is God's plan, not satan's.
10/9/2021Arachnid bitch..
10/7/2021Yep.. it is I, LittleMe .. creepy kisses ~*14*~
10/3/2021You are delusional and deceived. Now GROW UP!
10/1/2021Bringing attention to monster corporations - Its Time
10/1/2021GW XoXo :)
9/28/2021Friendship green! Creepy thread on the elevator. I'd be too scared - My Foolish Daydream
9/28/20212 weeks right? amirite? 2 more weeks?
9/28/2021Green from Shawski (:::
9/22/2021Demonic possession at its finest. Benevolent Ets? Yeah that's not real. Wake up madam. 5G is legit being used for the Hivemind of Fruity Booty Satan fyi...God bless if ya still don't get it.
9/21/2021Save America! ~A Oakley
9/13/2021Seeing you on a thread after just wondering where you been lately. Hope u r good during these interesting times....Zenobia :-)
9/5/2021Parrot greenage...lol...wtf?​ REminds me of fat boy slim. William Poole (ex St L)
8/7/2021Summer love! <3 LittleMe <3
7/28/2021Annabelle Haunted Dolly :3 <3 Shawski
7/27/2021Hope all is well Annabelle! :) Sloane
7/25/2021Hahah2weeks right?
7/24/2021Hey annabelle ;)
7/23/2021Drive-by greens for you! Have a great wkend...Zenobia ;-)
7/23/2021Friend greens :) - My Foolish Daydream
7/22/2021Can't believe I haven't greened you yet, love your posts - bootobin
7/17/2021Hiya doll! Hope you're well :-) ~E.R.
7/10/2021I hope you are well and seeing spooky things -Shawski
7/2/2021GF take orders from GOD bullshit
7/1/2021You just want me for my green karma </3 -Shawski
6/29/2021"...there is NO 2025!" - Louis in Richmond
6/26/2021Lance was here...have a fine weekend
6/25/2021Drive by buddy green :-) E.R.
6/11/2021Hey there! How are you? Keep missing you in threads. I work weird hours, have an awesome weekend - Daydream
6/7/2021You're pretty awful..plus you have shitty taste in music
6/6/2021Hope you have a lovely Sunday :-) ~E.R.
6/6/2021Back atcha of course! - Louis in Richmond
6/6/2021Hi Annabelle~~Kindness and happiness to you from I Love Panda Bears!
6/3/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/2/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/2/2021Kitteh greens.. ~GLP Addict
5/30/2021For having the courage in the face of those that will tear you down. ~ Question EVERYTHING
5/30/2021Nice comment ..gj
5/30/2021Sorry but this song is over 20 years old. Any song with the title "scrubs" is not "beautiful". The women singing this song are insane.
5/30/2021Double Agent from Hell
5/30/2021Pinning your own shit thread
5/30/2021Awful song
5/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
5/25/2021Green for my friend! <3 lovergirl
5/24/2021Lance was here...
5/24/2021Funny post (Tubbs)
5/24/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/22/2021Hey there! Thank you for being so awesome. You rock - My Foolish Daydream
5/17/2021Right back at ya babe.
5/12/2021Very cool Mannequin thread...great job Annabelle doll --- pud
5/11/2021Green for your Mannequin redo! ~ CoffeeDoom :)
5/11/2021From mk
5/11/2021Great job on the music!! Love that movie!!!
5/9/20217SuperUniverses- Shawski(:
5/8/2021Super Friday Green! xo Sloane
5/6/2021For Belinda Carlisle.
5/6/2021Happy song. T-man
5/6/2021It took you "hours" to find a super-popular 80s hit on YouTube? Sympathy green
5/6/2021For the Belinda Carlisle song
5/5/2021Any time; you make great threads! - Louis in Richmond
5/4/2021Hi Annabelle~~Kindness and happiness to you from I Love Panda Bears!
4/30/2021For posting about pixies! <3 lovergirl
4/29/2021The bear is so adorable. I'd pet him if I thought he wouldn't bite my hand off! - My Foolish Daydream
4/27/2021For your Bear and Man thread ~Earth Crawler
4/26/2021Evening Greenz and Cheers...CUBz :)
4/26/2021Annabelle! jumps up and down sends hugs allz grand hope your way as well... rewind :)
4/26/2021Red for shilling for that fraud Wilcock
4/26/2021Embed this! Asshole!
4/26/2021We are many we are one - Wake Up Men.
4/25/2021Green for you. Icey/snowie
4/22/2021God have mercy on you
4/21/2021Stfu estupido
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