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11/21/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/18/2019Engineered Hopiumâ„¢ -AxX
11/17/2019Phi <3
11/17/2019To SyncAsFunk <3 have a great week. fraust66 : )
11/15/2019You're still a fudge packer and a wolf in sheep's clothing
11/15/2019Brain rocketry - good one! ~ Flashbuzzkill
11/14/2019Green as func .. rewind
11/14/2019Love your brain! <3 Only Me
11/14/2019You know how this works; prove it or it's a lie.
11/13/2019Synchronicities... ~Bad Pattern
11/9/2019To the awesome SyncAsFunk <3. fraust66 : )
11/7/2019Trumpco bump :)
11/7/2019No humans aren't supposed have butt sex. Even if it feels good when you do it to your brother. Sicko!
11/4/2019Good comment. DeplorableOldMan
11/2/2019To SyncAsFunk hope you are having a great weekend. fraust66 : )
11/1/2019Love Ellusion :)
11/1/2019Cheers buddy - Lumberghini
10/30/2019So long and thanks for all the fish - xenophon
10/30/2019Green fractals
10/28/2019Xo Ricky M
10/28/2019Greeen your way <3 rewind
10/27/2019DeploraVision JB GREEN for SAF ! [**]D CHEERS -DV
10/26/2019To SyncAsFunk have an awesome weekend. fraust66 : )
10/24/2019Q sent me. Michibama
10/21/2019People ARE catching on-Penny Peppers
10/20/2019Juke green forever.. rewind
10/20/2019Starve the beast baby!!!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/20/2019Bad Pattern
10/17/2019JB music green & much <3 to SyncAsFunk. fraust66 : )
10/17/2019Much truth!....Don
10/16/2019For your reply in the I just don't get it anymore.. thread. Stay safe and yourself! Mezzo : )
10/14/2019You truly are a liberal asshole
10/13/2019Please shower us peasants with more priceless wisdom and knowledge O' Great One!
10/10/2019Best user name evah! Pepperroni
10/9/2019Hey youuu, cheers. xo Ricky M
10/8/2019Music jukebox green & <3 to SyncAsFunk. fraust66 : )
10/8/2019Oh lord yeah! Toejamsoup
10/7/2019Presenting facts and the truth.
10/5/2019OH wow! I just love the way you just chime in with the best horseshit a person could possibly utter at just the right time. You are what makes a wet dream work perfectly. . . Not!!!
10/4/2019Daily green giveaway- coastie
10/4/2019Sync Power :D ~bfree
10/4/2019From Michibama
10/3/2019Meanwhile here's some Reality for you
10/3/2019Reality ranch roflroflroflrofl <3 Only Me
10/3/2019Cool respinse
10/2/2019Then you run for president if you can do it so much better you arrogant douche
10/2/2019"We must VOAT HARDER! VOAT HARDER 2020!"
10/1/2019For twisting your lips
9/30/2019Green for a genuinely cool dude. - GenX Dude
9/29/2019Greenade incoming! Its a cookbook!!..LMAO!! saved
9/27/2019New Avatar! ~ Bad Pattern
9/25/2019DeploraVision GREEN Sync c)=-)--...o...O...0 [**]D CHEERS
9/24/2019Your courage has gone viral
9/24/2019Oh mighty one oh mighty all knower...lol get a grip.
9/18/2019Yay for the tunes .. rewind
9/17/2019Stand! - GenX Dude
9/17/2019Jukebox music green & best for the week to SyncAsFunk. fraust66
9/15/2019It's getting old, Tard.
9/11/2019Bad Pattern was here ~
9/10/2019Green your way.. keep on keepin on .. rewind
9/10/2019From Michibama
9/10/2019Why Bolton in the first place... Very good point.
9/6/2019Kneelers gonna kneel - xenophon
9/3/2019Juke green .. rewind
9/2/2019JB GREEN to SAF c)=-)--...o...O...0 [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/30/2019So what have you done/what are you doing now to make the world a better place little Mr. Perfect Cunt?
8/28/2019Stay at DU, I'm sure you're well loved there
8/28/2019The other options were even worse than hillary.
8/27/2019Mk greeeeen!!
8/24/2019Cats don't kneel - xenophon
8/23/2019Daily green coastie
8/23/2019From Michibama
8/22/2019Here, erase some more bad karma
8/22/2019Oh shut up already Mr. Mysterioso. FFS tard you act like we don't all know what's going on. Go fucking abandan ship and die already.
7/15/2019Hiya <3bfree
7/15/2019From Michibama
7/13/2019Very great! - Chaos Replicator
7/11/2019Never could find that groove, but that was some fine pickin. Fret
7/10/2019Roots of Christian Zionism. - GenX Dude
7/8/2019Yo Adrian
7/7/2019Stupid comment on the Israel thread.
7/6/2019Just getting warmed up indeed - TDP2
7/4/2019Happy 4th! Paranoiaaaaa
7/3/2019Meat puppets! Fret
7/2/2019Q sent me. Michibama
6/30/2019Greenade incoming! This is very historical and has huge implications! You got that right. And more Truth is about to pop right out!...saved
6/25/2019Nice. Never heard the purge siren before. For some reason it reminds me of Cthulhu. - Z
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