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piles_of_SSRIs's Karma

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11/7/2020Thinking isn't your strong point it appears
11/5/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/5/2020Get out, commie prick.
11/5/2020Orange man bad -1
11/4/2020Fuck you liberal shitstain
10/11/2020Thinks SSRIs are suppositories.
10/5/2020Happy Monday (wild edibles)
9/28/2020Lib dipshit
9/24/2020Give u some greens!
9/12/2020Give it up. Your defense of a pedo movie is creepy.
9/8/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/17/2020Fuck that guy
8/11/2020The left will riot until they are put in jail or executed for their crimes.
8/9/2020For asking to suck my dick.
7/23/2020Brain dead fringe? ive got a STEM degree you subhuman
7/22/2020Have some more red shill-C4T
7/19/2020Don't care, still voting for Trump
7/7/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/7/2020Big dummy
7/6/2020It's not over until the fat democrat sings, hildabitch.
7/3/2020Heheh. Loved your reply about not drinking the Jonestown koolaid! With Love~ Triteia
6/29/2020Just another asshole shill. Don't see him walking away from a 2nd term.I'm still voting for Trump 2020
6/29/2020Still voting for Trump. Thank you, please drive through.
6/29/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/27/2020Meanwhile religitards won’t even admit to the very simple notion that god just actually might not exist after all
6/26/2020Take your meds
6/21/2020You know SSRI's can possibly cause suicidal thoughts or actions, right? Right? Take a hint...
6/12/2020You suck! I hope you never have children!
5/28/2020Conservasimps is a cute word
5/22/2020Wow, so many reds, well you deserve this green for a good comment about braindead biden.
10/14/2019Red for stoopid threads
10/14/2019For arguing on the side of the insane LGBT agenda.
9/4/2019Leftist called vets baby killers.
3/21/2019Share blue libiot
3/21/2019Get fucked from 03
8/14/2018Keep taking your koolaid SSRI's!
5/15/2018This guy is a liberal faggot. A huge liberal faggot. I bet he could deepthroat two monster cocks at once while taking another two from behind.
5/14/2018Stupid ass
1/16/2018Take your ssris, do yourself in
1/9/2018Fuck off, liberal shitstain.
12/23/2017For putting mayonnaise on a sausage between two buns with brown mustard as an afterthought.
12/16/2017Pile of crap
12/15/2017Bullshit. Atheist conservatives are rare, and ineffectual in the fight against liberalism, socialism and communism. Shill.
7/22/2016Guy is just saying all the things you want to hear ~ sees3
2/13/2016Misguiding the truth
2/5/2016Jebs favorite color is green - thetoolman
1/21/2016LOL! -me

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