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11/6/2017We are so lucky to have PRESIDENT Trump!!! ~ Hotmess
10/16/2017Reported Abusive Post
10/15/2017Thanks - love your profile pic very shiny!
9/27/2017For enlightening the ignorant. The pleasure is mine my friend...SinX
9/9/2017From Ralph--a house dog
9/7/2017Green from Goneviral
9/6/2017Lmao at name change... cp
9/4/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
9/4/2017For your thread, thanks for info -auntiebeads
9/4/2017Thank you for the great thread and updates- much appreciated! The Deplorable ScarlettRedfern
4/24/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/19/2017Reverse speech thread
4/18/2017Mandela tard
4/17/2017Great thread -timeline - Big Daddy D
4/13/2017Youtube is not a reliable source for research.
4/13/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
4/13/2017Bring it
4/13/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/11/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/11/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/10/2017While the Sun Still Shines....can still taste the cake....grumpier
4/9/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/6/2017Green from Ankhiale :)
3/29/2017Debbie update
3/26/2017Thank you for sharing your art-Ursabruin
3/23/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/23/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/22/2017For posting the Linda Moulton Howe video. ~Vasili
3/22/2017Thanks for making aware LMH Lecture vid ~ AstroBuzz
3/21/2017For the karma comment--Northlights
3/21/2017Never would have heard this is US media. Thanks!
3/21/2017Well here is one negative karma point for posting a story with only an 'anonymous' source about RFID chips - talk about your FAKE news
3/21/2017RFID thread...good work! - [email protected]
3/21/2017Person445 - Happy Spring 2017 from Russell in Vancouver, Canada. :)
3/21/2017Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/21/2017Great Posts !! Thank You and keep up the excellent threads.
3/21/2017Let's make it three :)
3/21/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/21/2017Beautiful art .... beautiful heart (your art shows your heart)
3/21/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/20/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/15/2017Green - grove street
3/14/2017Elephant video, thanks... ~ WOLF : )
3/14/2017Thanks. strgzr :)
3/14/2017Elephant video. :-) Boog
3/14/2017Shirley and Jenny - Kraut
3/14/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/14/2017From Ralph--a house dog
3/14/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/14/2017Thanks for commenting! - COMRADE Voluntaryist
3/14/2017Anti-butthurt green. Your concern is extremely valid. - yzzerdd
3/13/2017Shirley & Jenny Forever!....ThePatGir​l:)
3/13/2017Loved that video of the elephants, thanks! - AstroBuzz
3/13/2017The where did the ammo go thread - appearciate you bringing that up
3/13/2017For the interesting and thought-provoking thread about all of the missing ammo. from Eggcellently Deplorable
3/13/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/13/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/13/2017Why do you keep trying to stir shit up? you're aren't even american
3/12/2017Not everyone can view a video
3/11/2017Thanks! Alaska thread. Fat Freddy"s Cat
3/11/2017Alaska - Vasili
3/11/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/10/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/10/2017Intelligent community minded and active
3/10/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/9/2017Thanks for the patriotic artist vid...made my day!
3/9/2017Green from Goneviral
3/9/2017Great Trump travel ban surprise thread! ~~~ Raye
3/8/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/8/2017Thanks for the Antartica vid- Miss Scarlett In The Library
3/7/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/3/2017Lying under oath? Gotta ask why....trump is done, finished..treason charges await
3/3/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/1/2017You get red twatt
2/28/2017Msmc Xx
2/28/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/28/2017Good post
2/28/2017Marine Le Pen savages Merkel Thank you . ~Luna~
2/28/2017For Le Pen savages Merkel video. From ThisWayUp
2/28/2017Well said - Setheory
2/28/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/28/2017Dace wuzz heer
2/28/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/28/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/27/2017Get that war-mongering psycho man some 'Just for Traitors' handcuffs!
2/26/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/26/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/26/2017Green from Goneviral
2/23/2017Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/23/2017Here's to Grunting & Farting! AquaBrat
2/23/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
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