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A R K's Karma

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9/20/2018It's A Secret
9/20/2018For the knowledge -Arabella :)
9/20/2018Buddy green :-) ~Blue Spirit~
9/19/2018Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
9/19/2018Hello old friend and guardian in dreams. WW
9/19/2018Green from marooned
9/14/2018Happy Friday, ~ WyatteSmith
9/14/2018From Ralph--a house dog
9/14/2018To combat anything bigfoot22 reds that bmight have come your way. Lance from BC
9/14/2018From the original Earth ~DC
9/14/2018Stop discouraging others from responding to me. -Astro
9/13/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
9/11/2018Nice to see you! ~ A Friend
9/9/2018Thank you ARK be safe. Diabolical
9/9/2018Starbird green
9/9/2018Green from marooned
9/6/2018There are many love stories with a happy ending. Often too personal for people to post about. So this is me encouraging you! Go for it. Sloane
9/6/2018Buddy green (-: xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/3/2018XRP will be #1 out of those 4, and it is different from Ripple the company. However, it is so early that most of the top cryptos are a smart investment
9/1/2018Green from marooned
8/29/2018Thanks for green! here is some green for you! :) --digital mix guy
8/29/2018Moon green ~ Where Eagles Dare
8/28/2018Do what is right. Not what is easy
8/28/2018You know. I know. Many others will soon.
8/28/2018Sending you some love
8/28/2018Thank you :-)
8/27/20185 star green for you! LTHN.
8/25/2018Green from Base12!
8/24/2018Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
8/24/2018Hey bud it's Dads Girl! I'm so glad to be back! Looking forward to talking with you!
8/24/2018Hey bud! Good green for a good man! bigD
8/24/2018Hello there Ark ~ Starbird was here.
8/22/2018Green from marooned
8/21/2018KipKat :)
8/20/2018It's ok, your thread is heartfelt :-) Take care ~Blue Spirit~
8/19/2018Love and Light ~ Cate
8/19/2018Meow. love Miss Cleo
8/19/2018Hi Ark! Isis One
8/13/2018KipKat :)
8/10/2018WalkAway is a good thing. Thanks for posting vids. Des
8/3/2018Thank you, friend. -Akkusu
7/30/2018Green from marooned
7/28/2018Green Karma Hugs for ya. NolaAngel
7/26/2018Heaven on earth is what I came here for
7/26/2018Mandela Thread
7/25/2018Nice talking to you -Laughing Falcon
7/24/2018Sup broski! Jacek B.
7/24/2018'American revolution within the spirit' I think you are on to somethin
7/24/2018Thank you, Aeon. -Akkusu
7/19/2018Sexy tramslator, meet me in Frankfurt. Crash
7/19/2018Hi Ark! Hope all is well. NolaAngel
7/18/2018Green from marooned
7/18/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/17/2018Have a terrific Tuesday. ~ WyatteSmith
7/16/2018Keep your guns loaded your swords sharp and eyes wide open.
7/14/2018Hello to you! It's A Secret :)
7/14/2018Hey bud! Hope all is well! bigD
7/11/2018Missed ya! TrustNoOneKS
7/6/2018Fellow Mandela sufferer.
7/5/2018MandAla effect is for stoners and morons so full of themselves they can't admit that they remember things wrong.
7/5/2018From Brother to Brother, thank you for your service. I’m an OIF/OEF Veteran btw... If you wish to discuss Chem Weapons exposure in Iraq don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve got a
7/5/2018Hi ARK!! Mandela thread....thx---sloon​ie
7/5/2018Healing sent. Crash
7/5/2018Green from marooned
7/5/2018Keep up the good work. - Check your PM's - G3
7/5/2018Always, my heart to yours....love-love, cosmicgypsy
6/27/2018Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
6/25/2018Wishing you good health and righteous thoughts. LTHN.
6/24/2018Thanks! Love and Light ~ Cate
6/23/2018Hi Ark (-: green for you friend xo ~bluespirit~
6/20/2018Green from marooned
6/16/2018Green karma salutations....LTHN.
6/14/2018KipKat :)
6/11/2018Karma roLL .C.C
6/9/2018Buddy green, ARK! :-) ~bluespirit~
6/6/2018Wednesday Green! ~ Jaena
6/4/2018Love Ellusion :)
6/4/2018Love, peace and truth - esmee
6/2/2018Thanks brother
6/2/2018Peace - Resister
6/2/2018Best, and most truthful answer!
6/2/2018Heartfelt comment
5/29/2018Green from marooned
5/27/2018Love and Light ~ Cate
5/26/2018Nuture what you love - esmee
5/25/2018Ad astra audacter eamus in alis fidelium.
5/25/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
5/25/2018Love Ellusion :)
5/23/2018Hugs and love <3 TrixieMama
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