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8/18/2018Good post, meditators thread----Terrebonne
3/15/2018Commie fag.
3/13/2018Go play in traffic, you Libtarded asswipe
3/13/2018Green - Big Daddy D
3/13/2018Fuck you, you piece of liberal shit. Piss on you. Anti-white racist piece of shit.
3/13/2018Don't be a jerk...
3/13/2018Anti-White poster. GFYS
3/12/2018Racist asshole
3/12/2018Green machine. pool
3/12/2018More red
3/11/2018You have no soul. You’re an empty shell.
3/11/2018Beso :)
3/11/2018True example of the useless eater.
3/10/2018Your awesome, Diabolical
3/9/2018Good People!
3/8/2018Nice path you follow LTHN.
3/7/2018Marxist pc of shit
3/5/2018Cool cat read it
3/5/2018Libtard with a dildo-shaped head.
3/4/2018Cool guy
3/4/2018Green for you Bro, for being so wise.
3/4/2018Good advise.
3/4/2018You have valid thoughts. Why so much red? Here's more green.
3/3/2018Blah blah blah
3/3/2018Thanks. Diabolical
3/2/2018Buddha bar! :)
2/24/2018Do you ever shut the fuck up
2/24/2018Day trading posts, Ag47
2/24/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/22/2018A little green for you
2/22/2018I'm guessing you were abused as a child. That's not the reason for red karma. Your distasteful comments are. Go suck a goat dick.
2/19/2018A bit of green to outweigh the red. LTHN.
2/19/2018Trumpity, bumpity, bump, Trump, Trump,Trump and Trump, Mr Trump, Donald Trump, President Trump. Aaaand POTUS Trump.
2/19/2018Don't know history of negative karma, but supportive of post
2/19/2018Deserves it
2/19/2018Trigger this. Trump bump :)
2/18/2018NIce tip about Mindfulness.
2/18/2018You are stupid
2/18/2018Green...it looks good on you
2/18/2018I don't know who you are butyou are a vast improvement
2/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2018Playing with the rest. pool
2/16/2018Careful! Even moonlit dewdrops, If you’re lured to watch, Are a wall before the Truth. — Sogyo (1667–1731)
2/15/2018Great vid! Gorgol!
2/15/2018Hey you're alright :)
2/14/2018Why are you such a retarded cock sucker?
2/13/2018Some green 4 you
2/8/2018Yet another tie that binds you to the mundane.
2/8/2018Meteor doom! - Chaos Replicator.
2/8/2018Thanks for the reminder. Trump bump :)
2/6/2018Routinely impress me with your posts
2/6/2018Nice quotes :) - PSZ
2/6/2018For my market thread. Ohio chic
2/3/2018Pull michael obamas cock out your asshole and get the hell out of here
1/26/2018Eat my 71 year old pussy out like a possum eating into a dead cows ass. Ass.
1/24/2018Faggot leaf
1/22/2018Haven't redded you in a while, thanks for reminding me ;-}
1/21/2018Shut you’re pie hole about the United States. Keep your liberal ass in Canada.
1/21/2018Nice take on a broken heart - curry nosher.
1/21/2018A big fat conservative dick up your liberal gay ass. Fuck you.
1/21/2018Conserve this Douchebag
1/21/2018Keep sucking trudeaus asshole
1/21/2018Go Away - NOBODY likes you!
1/21/2018Good vibes sent your way. LTHN.
1/20/2018No, the Dems only get in power and hold onto it by the type of games they play.
1/19/2018Your not even worth the morning time cum crust you wake up with on your double chin.
1/19/2018Good vibes :) - PSZ
1/19/2018Canada - the up and coming Shithole endorced by girlieboy Trudeau and you.
1/19/2018Share Blue Shill. Why are you here????
1/18/2018Good responses in quantum thread
1/18/2018RandomS needs to change their name to "I say stupid shit"
1/18/2018Left wing full of shit
1/16/2018Looks like you could use some green....Astor
1/16/2018Nobody produced this miasmic melange that sentient life desperately tries to crawl out of, it just is.
1/13/2018Likes to blow Trudeau
1/12/2018Libtard cocksucking cuck of gigantic proportions.
1/12/2018Fuckin' retarded Canadian, go find a safe space asshole.
1/12/2018You're still a cunt
1/12/2018You deserve a little green thumbs up - Sjah Ki Kahn
1/12/2018Piss off Juan, regulating illegals is not a problem - Get them OUT!
1/11/2018Their goal is the annihilation of Whites. Grow up and accept the truth.
1/11/2018Trump bump :)
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