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Katipo's Karma

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12/7/2021Go to Hell.
12/6/2021Simple fact - You're lame and stupid
12/6/2021Fuck the flatards
12/5/2021Fuck off commie!
12/5/2021Shit everyone else is... DOG PILE on the MORONIC
12/5/2021RETARDED brain defective idiot
12/1/2021It's for one month dumbass and these were probaly the ones they couldn't blame on a comorbidity
12/1/2021Gatekeeper failure.
12/1/2021You are a pile of shit, Epoch Times = #1
12/1/2021Get your booster shots pharma shill
12/1/2021I honestly think you enjoy what is happening to your country, idiot
11/30/2021For the ..quote. I thought you were supposed to be dead Jeffery.. Unquote. Ayr
11/30/2021Why do you have a big cock stuffed in your throat all the time?
11/30/2021Butthurt little bitch with vax regret. Cries cause people won't get vaxxed. Call him a WHAAAAAmbulance!!!! signed Urinal Rider
11/29/2021You're no kiwi you cock warming covidiot.
11/29/2021Fuck you
11/29/2021Ignorant kiwi
11/29/2021Are you a Jaw that fears Sheol?
11/29/2021Keep getting boosters, please
11/29/2021Yep, you're a pile of shit alright!
11/29/2021Just wanted to say Jesus is our savior. Repent! In the meantime here is some red karma
11/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/28/2021Oh, give it up Jacinda you stupid mole. You midget minded, brain dead retard.
11/27/2021Govt Sweety
11/26/2021Nobody should believe your lying Vaxloving ass
11/26/2021Jacida's shill bitch
11/26/2021U wish conrade. ur posts mean nuthin. shove them where the sun never shines. dikhed.
11/26/2021Get fuct
11/26/2021Dipshit response
11/26/2021Fuck you
11/26/2021Wrong, pedo lover
11/26/2021Lets play a game of fuc k off,you go first
11/24/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/24/2021Keep believing everything on corporate media, useful idiot.
11/24/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
11/22/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/22/2021Im sure you'll go quietly when it is your turn. tick tock..
11/22/2021Red for the commie shill
11/21/2021Go stick a red thumb up your ass
11/20/2021You need to get treated for Toxoplasmosis. Your name is an anagram for I Am Cat shit.
11/20/2021Butthurt little bitch with vax regret. Cries cause people won't get vaxxed. Call him a WHAAAAAmbulance!!!!
11/20/2021Hell is Real And so it God Bro Bro Repent Asap
11/19/2021This account was created for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts. This troll creates new accounts daily and posts vicious post till banned.
11/19/2021So long gay boi!
11/17/2021Oh look another troll post from the troll
11/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/17/2021So bored you have to weigh in on American issues? Yet when someone mentioned New Zealand you hopped down their throat. Hypocrisy at its finest.
11/16/2021You believe lies from the media.
11/15/2021Total lobotomy to become a flat earth tard LOL
11/15/2021Your one of the few intelligent and smart ones and your posts are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise shit filled forum full of antimasj antivaccine shills signed The Bushman
11/14/2021You are beyond retarded, in fact when someone is beyond retarded I’m officially saying “you are so katipo†- LSDMTHC
11/13/2021Im a shill, and have several sock puppets - Katipo
11/12/2021Fear this, biatch
11/12/2021You're a pile of steaming shit. Fuckwit loser. Halfwit.
11/12/2021Such a good boy this year santa clot is coming to town!
11/11/2021STFU and take a booster for the team of 5 million. Fucking asshat covidiot.
11/11/2021Worships Satan
11/10/2021Fake news
11/10/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/10/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
11/9/2021You must be a miserable little troll
11/9/2021Shut up
11/8/2021The Truth is coming. And hell's coming with Him.
11/6/2021Get rekt
11/6/2021Have some more red, you vaxxed bitch.
11/5/2021More red
11/4/2021Ty ðŸ‘
11/4/2021Signed in just to give you a special fuck you. Wrong asshole.
11/3/2021Npr crap
11/3/2021You are a super spreader of Propaganda
11/3/2021Grow a brain
11/1/2021Here's a holiday gift, retard.
11/1/2021Troll account loves the red because trolls are that way believe nothing it saysbecause it's a Troll
11/1/2021You've kept saying what a dumbass and piece of shit you are over the last 4 months
10/31/2021Weekly red
10/29/2021Muh vax don't work unless everybody is vaxxed. Science!!! Enjoy your clotshot death, asshole.
10/25/2021Shut up
10/23/2021So much red you must really be a jerk
10/21/2021When that clotshot kills you, and we're all still alive and unvaxxed....how will we be able to know that you died so we can laugh and say we told you so?
10/21/2021For being the sanest person on an antivax thread ~ gg
10/20/2021Trust the monkey dick jerking science you fucking genocide pushing piece of shit
10/20/2021GTFO asshole. Covidiot fucking wanker.
10/19/2021Stop being stupid. stop the lies. you know the vax is bad. just admit it.stop being a sheep for ONCE in your life.
10/18/2021LOL. Jackass.
10/18/2021The vaxx are poison
10/18/2021Ok retard
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