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5/8/2022F*CK you and your yawn
5/1/2022THERE IS NO COVID 19 -- NoJabForMe.INFO
4/27/2022Weekly Red
4/10/2022Your opinion based on what? The hookers in the media?
4/10/2022Its hyper infectious. Regurgitation of your tv, brainless fuckwit
4/10/2022NWO bootlicker
4/10/2022Stay positive!
4/9/2022I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ
4/2/2022Need more red
3/31/2022NWO Pole smoking homo
3/31/2022Have a good weekend and Cheers...CUB ;)
3/29/2022Has a humanoid cat avatar because secretly he gets aroused by cats. EWWW!
3/26/2022That is what I believe is happening .
3/26/2022Supporter of Pedo Joe and the war criminals in Kiev
3/25/2022Go suck justin
3/24/2022You're the bum, as usual your input is worthless. Please go away.
3/24/2022So stupid.
3/24/2022You so suck as a human being
3/24/2022Greens from Diesel
3/24/2022You're a stupid bum
3/23/2022Shill - makes claims without proof
3/23/2022BIden Shill
3/21/2022Some more green - hang in there dude...you'll get it right one of these days
3/13/2022313x2 =616 also. Builder
3/12/2022NWO lover
3/12/2022Does it hurt being so stupid?
3/11/2022HyPeRDoucHe nOOzLE
3/11/2022Drinks deeply from the GloboHomo trough
3/6/2022"you people" can eat this, pompous ass
3/4/2022Has a huanoid cat icon because secretly he gets aroused by cats. EWWW!
3/4/2022Everything starts with an ideal. You have zero proof of what you posted.
3/4/2022Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
3/4/2022Stop sending me poop pictures you freak
3/4/2022Online you are an asshat. Offline you are an asshole.
3/4/2022You know nothing.
2/27/2022Your opinion is invalid
2/26/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/26/2022You suck, cuck
2/21/2022You Can go Fuck Yourself - Dumb Ass
2/21/2022Do your research before you post
2/21/2022Just making stuff up, seek help youre not well
2/21/2022Glowie retard
2/20/2022You < Shit
2/20/2022Govrnmt shill
2/20/2022Bring it, bitch
2/20/2022Lost to the hive mind
2/20/2022Go suck a dick
2/19/2022And you are just a plain worthless POS. all you do is lie to people and kiss Commie ass.
2/19/2022So do nothing? thats your stance?
2/18/2022Red for arguing for a government that is for hurting their people, I'll sign my red though. Just Passing Through...
2/18/2022You suck
2/18/2022Traitor filth
2/18/2022Cocksucker like your father
2/17/2022The majority agree
2/16/2022NWO bootlicker and ball gargler...lick your master's boots
2/16/2022Go to hell
2/13/2022For your contributions to the occult thread -fortiori
2/12/2022Biden knows exactly who he appointed. You trying to defend that freak and kiddie whisperer tells us a lot about who you are. Are you the "pup" in the pic? i think so.
2/12/2022Go collect your 3.5 tard
2/12/2022Honk Honk! the Honking will continue and you will cope and seethe.
2/12/2022Fuck off and die you slimy CUNT
2/12/2022Asshole traitors like you will be the first to hang, fucker!
2/12/2022Thumbs down thinking!
2/12/2022Fuck off with your government dick sucking submission
2/6/2022"online you are super soldiers but offline you would be annihilated" green, alas so would I! St Tidbits
2/6/2022For being smarter than 99% of glp ~ gg
2/5/2022The reality is that you suck cocks
2/2/2022Easy red for this government cockgoblin.
2/1/2022Go to hell
1/13/2022This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts. Now go and fuck off you piece of shit.
1/9/2022GFY have another RED - NoJabForMe.INFO
12/27/2021There is no MORONIC or DELTA variant
10/9/2021Burn in hell you fucking asshole!
10/9/2021Useless eater!
10/7/2021Choke on my booster eh
10/4/2021Violated Posting Rules (Shill Post)
10/3/2021Fuck You Die Slow
10/2/2021Completely disregard the senators and other countries who admitted most hospitalizations were vaxxed.
9/30/2021Really? This is all you can add to the discussion?
9/30/2021You can only be described as the ultimate nitwit
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