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10/19/2018Love GFG
10/18/2018Green from marooned
10/17/2018You get green for style points
10/14/2018Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
10/14/2018It had to be said, ( leftists are preverts ), glad you said it!
10/8/2018Green from marooned
10/8/2018Thanks for the Green! - Have a great week - G3
10/7/2018Namaste - nutshell
10/6/2018Have a great weekend! ~ Cartel
10/5/2018Friday green ~ Where Eagles Dare
10/5/2018Stupid whiny bitch
10/4/2018Stupid bible shit....What a fucking moran.
10/4/2018You're right. And these leftist tards support Sharia Law because they love being inclusive. They hate rape culture but don't mind Sharia Law. Completely retarded.
10/2/2018Sorry to hear of your loss of friends.... eternity will be so much better....ChivalryK
10/2/2018Thanks for stopping by; you always have thoughtful input!
10/1/2018From Ralph--a house dog
10/1/2018Thank You Elie ~ Zazzy
10/1/2018For Tommy MySoul
9/29/2018Green from marooned
9/28/2018Happy Friday , Thoth
9/27/2018Happy Thursday!! Indy Jones
9/26/2018Happy Trump Day! WED. 9/26/18 ~ Evangelina
9/24/2018Thread, "Movie: The Trump Prophecy - Oct 2nd & Oct 4th" ....nutmeg....
9/24/2018Greenade incoming for your comment on the torture videos....saved
9/22/2018Great posting! Paranoiaaaaa
9/19/2018Hehe, green hugs~kpm~
9/18/2018Green from marooned
9/17/2018For supporting the show! -RR
9/14/2018Green and Love - AmericanSpyglass
9/13/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl :)
9/12/2018Good thread
9/12/2018Thanks for the pin - LSR
9/11/2018Good thread start ElleMira on globalists spurning our USA heritage....ChivalryK​... I tried to chime in sister.
9/11/2018Globalist thread. Os76.
9/11/2018No Dhimmi Greenery
9/11/2018Hiya ElleMira - curry nosher :-)
9/10/2018Love the comment on Hillary. Green for you. ~Maiya
9/10/2018I wish Trump could make him go POOF~kpm~
9/10/2018Dna/son/ethics ~ladedah
9/9/2018Sunday green ~ Where Eagles Dare
9/9/2018Squirrel Apocalypse. Love Miss Cleo
9/9/2018Green from marooned
9/8/2018Thanks for posting in my nikes thread, have a great week! savcash
9/8/2018Read a book is always a good suggestion. We should have a GLP bookclub. Have a nice weekend, Sloane
9/7/2018Thanks for the pine! Have a great weekend and God Bless ~ Cartel
9/6/2018From Ralph--a house dog
9/6/2018For the "If you let this election..." repost and repin. - Eireann~
9/6/2018Don’t get caught up in the BS of politics - observe and remain unattached or it will eat you alive ~Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow
9/5/2018Absolutely....the 1st mainstream book on the subject came out in the late 70's
9/4/2018LOL! That's a Liberal photo is hilarious! :D
9/4/2018Here we Go! ~ A Friend
9/3/2018For great posts! Paranoiaaaaa
9/1/2018Lol, Ivanka Meghan joke
9/1/2018Green from marooned
8/31/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/31/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/30/2018Love, Wisteria
8/30/2018If you think monkey = black people, then you're the ignorant racist.
8/30/2018Yeah yeah YEAH YEAH YUUUHHH!!! - TDP2
8/29/2018Thanks, good thread I hated no name✌ï¸
8/29/20181 for the McCain thread
8/29/2018Great thread ElleMira~~dumpty~ Shitstain mccain can suck it!
8/29/2018John McCain is now with his Father Below ~thinking...
8/29/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/201810 reasons not to mourn no name
8/29/2018Green for u because of McCain thread. ~Maiya
8/29/2018Great post on the “Social Justice†Guides - LSR
8/29/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/28/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/27/2018Happy Day!! I hope you are having fun. ~ A Friend
8/26/2018Tracks looks like a good movie. thanks
8/23/2018For having open eyes to what is happening all around us, while most others are blind to it. ~ Zovalex
8/23/2018You are right about the red karma measles! beeches
8/23/2018So much hate, sad
8/22/2018Green from marooned
8/22/2018Green from above ~ Where Eagles Dare
8/22/2018On the money
8/22/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/22/2018For some girl in Iowa
8/22/2018For Mollie Tibbetts thread. God Bless You ElleMira Des
8/22/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/22/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/21/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
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