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9/25/2019Green for the funny thread <3 Only Me
9/25/2019Real life is a tough school. You can learn a lot here. Green for integrity for admitting mistakes. That’s better than all the ACs—Bodi
9/25/2019Impeached is pure bullshit
9/25/2019For admitting to your mistake. It takes a big person to do such things. Gratz ~ Question EVERYTHING
9/25/2019For owning up to being wrong regarding impeachement! TY
9/25/2019You must be a Republican, a Democrat would never admit they were wrong. Os76.
9/25/2019Greenz. It's ok, they got thick skullz... InYerNeck
9/24/2019Don't know whether to give green or red for this udderly stupid post. Run Forrest.
9/24/2019Thanks for the pinata
9/24/2019You suck Nancy's dick
9/24/2019Green for admitting you were wrong - Southern Deplorable
9/24/201914 Red, but how much Green?
9/24/2019I almost feel bad giving you red. Because it's not nice to mock a retard.
9/24/2019It’s ok, I thought the term impeach meant exactly what you thought
9/24/2019You have "Grace under fire". You did very well despite a faux pas. My first week here I had so much red I almost left. - Louis in Richmond
9/24/2019Panic Fool
9/24/2019Too supid to give any more time !!!
9/24/2019Good attitude op
9/24/2019Wow.... you can't really be this stupid, can you?
9/24/2019For Trump is impeached thread
9/24/2019Some green to offset the red - we all make mistakes. ElleMira
9/24/2019Try to be less stupid
9/24/2019Imoeachment idiocy.
9/24/2019You reeeeaaaally need to stay out of adult conversation and simply return to your basement and play video games.
9/24/2019For making a mistake and learning from it! Paranoiaaaaa
9/24/2019My God...please tell me you don't vote or reproduce
9/24/2019Drooling Mouth Breather Dumb. does your mommy know you're on her computer this late at night?
9/24/2019You're kinda stupid, you know that?
9/24/2019Yu awre weeally dumbski.
9/24/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2019Oh wow! Do they let you drive the car out of the driveway onto the road? Yu awre weeally dumbski.
9/24/2019Zomg, you are dumb
9/23/2019Great topic
9/16/2019Good Civil War history thread ~Scorpionica
9/16/2019From Michibama
9/14/2019Redneck is a compliment.
9/7/2019Be nice be nice be nice! Thanks for the smiles
9/7/2019For your LETS BE NICE THREAD.... KAN DAEK
9/5/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
9/4/2019911 truth green. cheers, jj johns
9/4/2019For 9/11 TRUTH! Hugs ~ Evangelina
9/4/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/2019Stay safe! eekers
8/22/2019Regarding the P&G thread: You are correct. ~sikhed
8/22/2019You are right about Icke! thefierceone
8/18/2019Icke post
8/16/2019Welcome... ~ WOLF
8/16/2019We all have a little pirate in us!
8/16/2019Green just for saying so - Fence Rider
8/11/2019Back at ya.
8/10/2019Great theory. Pepperroni
8/10/2019Good post
8/10/2019Thx for adding value to the PIZZA thread! ThisisaPsy-Op
8/6/2019Thanks for the compliment! - Paranoid Chick
7/29/2019Koala .. rewind
5/26/2019Damn, you post well.
5/4/2019Gun list funnies- Rick
5/4/2019Great gun post, OP!! C-T
5/3/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/28/2019Up 4 u Keep teaching the commie plan. Regards The Semi Shut Int
4/23/2019RED DAWN wolverines they trained us our whole lives for whats coming in the next couple years
3/13/2019Woke Up, that's all folks
2/22/2019For the FE Geo thread - Toledo Steel
2/21/2019Engaging flat earthers is kind of futile, they are brain dead, but here is karma for your pains. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
2/21/2019For pissing off the flat-earth idiots.
2/5/2019Actually Thinks for himself
10/8/2018RTL-SDR here...sdrsharrp FTW...IRQ_1
9/30/2018For your good homework :) savcash
9/29/20185d green
9/29/2018Great post!
9/29/2018Amazing post on the game of political/social chess. You're a fucking boss. - New Age Scam Artist
9/29/2018Checkmate! Avenger1
9/29/2018Green for your 12D chess thread. Brilliant! From WGON
9/29/2018Excellent thread on 5-D chess! Well written, and an enjoyable read! ~ Zovalex
9/29/2018Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/29/2018Kings pawn to kings pawn 4. Fraust66
9/29/2018From 1guynAz -- good job!
9/29/2018Yep well put
9/28/2018Excellent 5-D chess post - BirdMom
9/28/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
9/28/20185D chess thread. Absolutely brilliant! ~sikhed
1/12/2018Wintergreen. love Miss Cleo
1/11/2018Honesty about best practices to forward society
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