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3/5/2019Always liked your posts, ty -centx
3/2/2019Pro socialist dictator propaganda America is not the problem . It’s the solution
3/2/2019White Wolf was here!
2/25/2019Shut up libtard
2/23/2019You seem to get the message. faith in humanity restored .000000001.
2/19/2019Breaking Benjamin yw :)
2/18/2019Thank you for your insight as always! Thoth
2/17/2019Dace wuzz heere =-)
2/17/2019Libiot with delusions of granduer
2/13/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/13/2019Green for the good guys. LTHN.
2/10/2019Peace to you :)
2/8/2019Have a great weekend! White Wolf:)
2/7/2019Canada is irrevelant
2/7/2019Cheeky bastard
2/7/2019Pusher of an LGBT agenda
2/6/2019Green from wyn
2/4/2019Cheers my friend! With Love~ Triteia
1/29/2019Lib idiot
1/29/2019Stupid Fucking Canadians.
1/27/2019You are part of the problem.
1/22/2019White Wolf was here. :)
1/20/2019Globalist shitbag
1/20/2019Says the cheesedick
1/20/2019Duck a sick. Cub for dick
1/20/2019Must suck to be u!
1/20/2019Fucktard Supreme!
1/20/2019Can you count to potato?
1/18/2019It's been awhile since I gave you a red thumb up your ass followed by a "Dirty Sanchez."
1/10/2019Day of the Rake coming soon Leaf.
1/10/2019Show some respect? The world should show some respect for the USA. You canucks would be in a world of shit if we weren't around.
1/10/2019Anti american fucktard
1/10/2019Bite me
1/10/2019Not a chance dickless coward.
1/10/2019Go fuck yourself
1/10/2019Fucking douchebag
1/7/2019Lmao you must be joking if you think men dont get laid all the time... also if any of this was true... where were they the last 1000s of years? lmao
12/28/2018To hell with you and your New World Order
12/28/2018Because you are an asshole who just wants conflict, get help
12/28/2018Your comment: More like shitting on your face!
12/28/2018A real A**Hole
12/28/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
12/28/2018Why are Canadians such douchebags?
12/28/2018Cheers uncle faggot!
12/27/2018Merry Christmas from garden
12/24/2018Scorpio says the path needs to connect
12/20/2018You're right! You don't have the balls, courage, or fortitude to be POTUS! Just stay tucked away in Mom's basement where you're only worry is if you run out of hot pockets.
12/18/2018Bought the liberal globalist lie.
12/14/2018Very nice
12/13/2018Clothed in the sun I am, sunqueen
12/12/2018An Orca swimming in the Ocean amongst Pufferfish and Sharks... Merry Christmas!...saved
12/12/2018Cub4dk pretends victim but laughs at victims.... deadly nightshade guy
12/11/2018Fucktard troll.
12/11/2018From fellow canuck - garden
12/9/2018You think you are shining light...but you are clueless as non-whites are not nearly discriminated against as the media tries to convince you to believe. You are an idiot.
12/9/2018You are one of reasons why I keep going on with my life with positive outlook. Shamanism is not easy task. - Xlegic
12/7/2018Yep 15666.44
12/6/2018Lol green for you A1Janitor
12/5/2018Thanks Uncle ~wyn
12/4/2018Good read
12/1/2018From humbird
11/30/2018A candy cane for you fine sir ~ LittleMissDictator :D
11/28/2018Thanks for info. -midnighter
11/28/2018Earning the Red Karma points like a "champ"!
11/24/2018And the sheep will always be led to their slaughter, god the dumb is strong in you.
11/22/2018Chose my last green to you :-) ~Blue Rose~
11/22/2018Birthday Wishes - Click Here
11/22/2018F off
11/21/2018I agree with the guy below. Go suck your ski instructors cock while we MAGA baby!!!
11/18/2018Turtle Love.
11/18/2018Good post. Haiti----Terrebonne
11/15/2018Cheers , thoths thought form
11/14/2018Happy bday
11/9/2018AnomalGreen for you, sir, because, why not?
11/9/2018Long live the new flesh!
11/8/2018No Cheers
11/8/2018Have a great day! White Wolf
11/7/2018Hi cub4k.. check out the movie Burn Notice. Nightshade, recommended for you. and that one where they escape the state/country.
11/5/2018Man, you are one retarded troll! GTFO!
11/5/2018Inbred NPC.
11/5/2018Sucks Turd oh and squeals with joy.
11/5/2018Please, educate yourself
10/30/2018For SuNs Thread... love and blessings to you my dear! <3 ~*14*~
10/30/2018Green For You - Come To The Green Side ~ A R K
10/26/2018Idiot moron who wallows in his own self righteousness and judgment. Grow up
10/23/2018Good post, cannabis thread----Terrebonne
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