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9/4/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2021Troll Account
9/4/2021You are an idiot
9/4/2021Speaking of polishing poles, I got one for you to work on, dirtbag.
9/4/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2021Your woman bangs other guys while you are gone.
9/4/2021You have herpes
9/3/2021Such a shill
9/3/2021Nobody gives a fuck what you think, you liberal piece of shit.
9/3/2021You like red, this is the equivalent of red to you - LSDMTHC
9/3/2021M0r3 green cause people think they know you, but don't
9/3/2021Not dying, but rising up
9/3/2021OH pfffff
9/3/2021Pffffff indeed
9/3/2021Uncle gimptel, glp resident sodomite
9/3/2021Idiotic opinions
9/3/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
9/3/2021Afghanistan loophole -Glaxnor
9/3/2021Baby killer
9/2/2021Defending the slaughter of innocent children? Get help. You are sick.
9/2/2021If we all ignore your threads…will you go away?
9/2/2021Dumb Cunt!
9/2/2021Oh man, you are an idiot!
9/2/2021Yet another lie from you; it has NOT been the case!
9/1/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/1/2021Shove your lobster up your ass.
9/1/2021If you are worried gods hates you, you are not evil.
9/1/2021Fake news lies
8/31/2021Logged in to give you red. Fuck off already.
8/31/2021You are the worst
8/31/2021Dumb ASF. here's more red.
8/31/2021Trinity you are an asshole
8/30/2021From your favorite hater! :)
8/30/2021Unhid one of your posts to give you just a little more red. You suck.
8/30/2021At this point you know why you're getting all this red.
8/30/2021100% natural born tard.
8/30/2021Always painful to come across complicit stupidity
8/30/2021You are human feces.
8/30/2021Returning the green for respectful reply - little lost
8/29/2021Reply adds nothing to conversation.
8/29/2021Fucking Die Already You Piece of Shit
8/29/2021Are you even human? The way you talk about people because they are unvaxxed is sick, you are a morally bankrupt individual who appears to not possess a soul. Youre sick.
8/29/2021Zombie shill
8/28/2021Devils in the Details, which is seldom truthful as the tung lashes back and forth
8/28/2021No life dumb founded dipshit
8/28/2021Go away
8/28/2021I want to fucking kill you, absolute piece of filth and scum, DIE fucker
8/28/2021Some Red to offset the Green!
8/28/2021Begging so hard for a red bar...so here you go.
8/28/2021Green to offset some of the red.
8/28/2021Uncle Mao more like it
8/28/2021Feel free to fuck off
8/28/2021I did it! I got my vaccine!!! Love Goddess
8/28/2021The Branch Covidians have arrived.
8/28/2021Shut it I like dingle berries in my cereal.
8/28/2021You are a filthy, ugly troll.
8/28/2021So much red!
8/28/2021You don’t belong here.
8/28/2021We are still here and will be long after you
8/28/2021Vax tard! Go take another shot!
8/28/2021For everyone you deceive you will rebirth as an insect.
8/28/2021Has stupidty is spades
8/28/2021Hypocrite who wishes death and therefore should die
8/27/2021Not even good at it
8/27/2021Red offset
8/27/2021This is because eyedr convinced me to give you the benefit of the doubt.
8/27/2021M0r3 green cause you want red
8/26/2021One of the biggest morons here
8/26/2021Don't speak about things you know nothing about.
8/26/2021You are a hemorrhoid on the ass of society.
8/26/2021Lying sack of shit
8/26/2021Go home cuckold
8/26/2021Shill for vaxx
8/26/2021Why the hell are you here? dont you have some soy to eat...
8/26/2021Nice karma wanker
8/26/2021Just shut up
8/25/2021You are 1 dumb mofo
8/25/2021Orange man bad
8/25/2021Liberal npc bs
8/25/2021Green - First Born Son
8/25/2021Communist fool. unable to see big picture.
8/25/2021Idiot on a payroll
8/25/2021Kinda a dick
8/25/2021Just go away
8/25/2021GLP ignorantly thinks there is no COVID, so they don't see a need for a shot.
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