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6/7/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/7/2021You are an asshole and I can't wait until you Red OUT of this website - Asswipe!
6/7/2021Congratulations on your shitty thread
6/7/2021You're a giant sack of shit, shill.
6/7/2021Vax shill with TDS....staring at Trumps crotch. Must be an old man thing....sicko!
6/7/2021Can't stop thinking about Trump's crotch.
6/6/2021Sure thing superman
6/6/2021What an ass clown
6/6/2021So you eat junk food, know nothing about nutrition and believe people can't get fat eating carbs. That makes sense.
6/6/2021Needs more red ..bedwetter
6/6/2021Stupid cunty
6/4/2021Got your IP and location...
6/3/2021Wrong again.
6/2/2021Because you’re a fhag
5/31/2021From swamprat. There is another side of this experience we call life. This is not pandering or whistling in the dark.
5/31/2021I hope you don't take this wrong but you're too stupid to be an idiot.
5/29/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/29/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary...Even In Hell
5/29/2021Great, you got your shot....now stfu and stop worrying about everyone else
5/29/2021Smart person
5/24/2021You can't debunk long term side effect you fucking retard...get YOUR shot..hooray you're protected now shut the fuck up. quit worrying if other people dont want to take it
5/24/2021Suck it from a donkey's asshole.
5/24/2021Paid shill against humanity. Evil fuck
5/23/2021I don't think you have to pretend to be AI. You already are
5/23/2021Masks are for ugly people
5/20/2021Loser bitch
5/19/2021I dont doubt you are a dumbass
5/18/2021True Conservitate
5/12/2021Ass clown
5/12/2021Shill. beware
5/12/2021This account was created with the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
5/12/2021Take some Vax red!
5/8/2021Your rules for businesses>>>MarPep
5/8/2021Please educate yourself.
5/8/2021Southern slaveman?
5/8/2021Psychotic rant
5/8/2021Fuck all yankees
5/8/2021Get a job
5/8/2021Dumb as fuck
5/8/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/8/2021I hate socialist retards. Fuck off, signed Georgia_dawg.
5/8/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/8/2021Fucking idiot
5/8/2021This guy does not understand that minimum wage only drives jobs overseas
5/8/2021You aren't worth $9/hr
5/8/2021Lazy, Expectant, Communist, Asshole-Sucker
5/8/2021Weird, lefty tards like you love slavemasters...how odd
5/8/2021Block it and it goes away.
5/8/2021We don't want you here
5/8/2021Put this idiot on ignor and banne him from your threads - I did
5/8/2021Fuck you porch monkey
5/8/2021Take your shitty attitude, and go back up north.
5/8/2021F*** the commie democrats
5/8/2021Trying to get you banned. 1 sec...
5/8/2021You know very little of life and nothing of the South. Icey/SNOWIE
5/8/2021Great point
5/6/2021U r an idiot, shut up and dont talk anymore. lies will only get you in more trouble later when people start dropping.
5/5/2021To cancel the red about the vax
5/5/2021Locate Moderna's research of success/failures of mRNA treatment on a mass scale. CDC will gladly explain that to you too.
5/2/2021Biden cock gobbler.
5/1/2021Uncle Cuck
4/30/2021Shut your cawk holster and go back to Reddit.
4/30/2021And you are a fucking moron.
4/30/2021Still living in your little bubble.
4/30/2021REDNECK eraser>>
4/29/2021Low IQ poster
4/28/2021Idiot of GLP Award - Congrats
4/27/2021Life is better without you
4/26/2021Pharma shill
4/26/2021Missing the point
4/26/2021Red karma every week until you get your 10th vaccine
4/25/2021Uncle phag
4/25/2021Astute observations about this forum haha I've said the same myself - bootobin
4/25/2021When KC Jones and Lover Girl are the only ones who think you're smart, you know you're a retard.
4/25/2021Biden is bad
4/25/2021Smart person! <3 lovergirl
4/25/2021Retard alert
4/24/2021Absolutely retarded. Doesn't understand basic logic.
4/24/2021For posting Communist Propaganda
4/24/2021For good measure moron
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