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3/3/2022It has to happen for this facility I agree.
3/3/2022Lunatic who says anything to get a reaction we call em trolls where I'm from
3/3/2022May the Clot be with you.
3/3/2022Shove your MSM articles up your..
3/3/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/3/2022Digusting animal
3/3/2022Dumb thread
3/1/2022Intelligent posts 80% of the GLP morons cannot fathom
3/1/2022You just can't stop being stupid, can you? What a piece of shit you are.
3/1/2022Once and idiot, always an idiot
3/1/2022Sick fuck!
2/27/2022Obvious nsa shill
2/26/2022Never misses a chance to prove how fucking dumb they are. What was your credentials again? Oh yeah, a scientist. Lmao.
2/26/2022You don't know anything about our Founding Fathers
2/26/2022Hahahahaha look at the cock suckers agreeing with uncle G for once. Get your vaccines. Get clotted. How easy it was to get you guys into vaccines. Just a little war :)
2/26/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
2/26/2022Gov shill is obvious
2/26/2022So true
2/25/2022Spewing propganda from the MSM.
2/25/2022The lone voice of reason. Fuck these putin bootlickers. Right on.
2/25/2022True terrorist and not another pro-American anti-Kremlin shill. Fuck you.
2/23/2022How are you not dead or banned yet???
2/22/2022Shut your filthy fucking yap you sub-human sack of garbage. We are TAKING our lives and freedoms back, and not asking if you like it or not. Now go fuck off in traffic.
2/20/2022Piss off with your VAIDS worship
2/20/2022Here's some red for the resident paid shill
2/20/2022Pedo shillbot
2/20/2022Go back to russia, freedom hater
2/20/2022You took it and your reasoning is backwards:( I’m sad for you.
2/18/2022Your Bad
2/16/2022Just kinda floating in limbo aimlessly now until 2500 red huh?
2/12/2022Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
2/11/2022There's not much choice in prison, if I were you I'd choose a prison lady guard.
2/11/2022Glad I still have you on ignore....your threads are not getting better, but worse on the retard schedule.
2/1/2022How much you making now per post? Not still 3.50, is it?
1/28/2022This bitch has many sock accounts
1/28/2022Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
1/27/2022Lying Pos
1/27/2022You pay to be hated on the internet. fucking idiot...
1/26/2022You're bad at trolling
1/26/2022Trump backer
1/26/2022LOL I do wonder whose sock you are...
1/26/2022Racist trump supporter
1/26/2022How much do get paid shilling the clot shot?
1/26/2022Thumb Up for you
1/26/2022Fuck you
1/26/2022I know it won't do a lick of good but here's some green to balance it out for your post.
1/26/2022Karma to match your coat
1/26/2022Now do a story about a vaxxed person that died. And then repent to Lord Fauci for your sins.
1/26/2022Lew zer
1/26/2022Vaxed moron
1/26/2022Sorry, I happen to be color blind. ~.~
1/26/2022Vaxtard propagandist
1/26/2022Must feed the sith lord
1/26/2022People like you is how genocide happens
1/26/2022Are you basing all statistics on a small sample? Or should we look at ALL the data?
1/26/2022Flaming soiboi vaxxtard shill pansy pfizermectin swallowing communist
1/26/2022Sucks his own dick.
1/26/2022Garlic Sauce my Friend?
1/26/2022Disgusting propaganda
1/26/2022Take your 5th shot!!
1/26/2022Shill retard
1/26/2022I know you're competing with CKP to be the most red user on GLP, so here's some GREEN! HAH!
1/26/2022Dig deep for these stories eh
1/26/2022How's that for creative?
1/26/2022When one plus one is none, only red karma gets it done. -Augustus
1/26/2022Dumbest piece of shit troll on here
1/26/2022You suck lots o' goverment cock- trashcanman2
1/26/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/26/2022Sold his soul to the big pharma man - how much are they paying you?
1/26/2022Fuck you cunt
1/20/2022Uncle Shilltard Fuckface
1/17/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/12/2022Sop shilling
1/12/2022Cant wait for you to die
1/11/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/11/2022When you suffer from blood clots and have a heart attack, just remember, we told you so, you dumbass fuckstick.
1/11/2022More Green ~Bodhi
1/11/2022Helping AT messup your red streak!!!
1/11/2022You just deserve it and so much more. I wish you weren't our guinea pig. But, you're the best guinea pig around! <3
1/9/2022Your vaccine you praise is a POS
1/9/2022Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
1/9/2022You suck bunghole
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