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JAZZz50's Karma

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9/18/2023Green to you from S-man
9/15/2023Hanging with Bubba...HGR
9/15/2023News ~Moniker
9/14/2023Green from SN :)
9/8/2023Green friday, S-man
9/4/2023News ~Moniker
9/1/2023Green from S-man
8/31/2023Av3. 0
8/24/2023Green from S-man
8/21/2023News ~Moniker
8/20/2023Love ya JAZZ...HGR
8/17/2023Green from Serenity Now
8/17/2023Green from S-man
8/13/2023TB stopped by
8/2/2023Green from S-man
7/31/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
7/27/2023Love, Bastetcat
7/27/2023I wondered where you were. Glad you're back! TB
7/25/2023Green from S-man
7/21/2023Green from Serenity Now
7/20/2023Love, Bastetcat
7/20/2023Dont Look it's...HGR
7/18/2023Green from S-man
7/16/2023TB stoped by!
7/13/2023Green from Serenity Now
7/11/2023Green from S-man
7/10/2023Love, Bastetcat
7/6/2023Impressive green! Dosha
7/5/2023Thx, hon. TB
7/3/2023Independence Green! S-man
7/1/2023Thanks for the Europa tip— Light Bulb
6/27/2023Green from Serenity Now
6/25/2023Weekend Green from S-man
6/25/2023Best regards-The Gent
6/24/2023Love, Bastetcat
6/18/2023Weekend Green from S-man
6/17/2023Green from Serenity Now
6/13/2023News ~Moniker
6/12/2023Love, Bastetcat
6/10/2023Weekend green from S-man
6/9/2023A 3. 0
6/8/2023Best regards-The Gent
6/6/2023"i'd b so green i'd b King of Mars." cheers. Piece of Gossip
6/6/2023TB stopped by!
6/2/2023Love, Bastetcat
6/2/2023Friday Green from S-man
5/27/2023News ~Moniker
5/27/2023All Good JAZZ...HGR
5/26/2023Friday Greenage from S-man
5/25/2023Love, Bastetcat
5/25/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland
5/19/2023Friday Green from S-man
5/15/2023Love, Bastetcat
5/13/2023News~ Moniker
5/13/2023Green for posters in COVID thread.
5/12/2023Friday Green from S-man
5/8/2023Love, Bastetcat
5/5/2023News ~Moniker
5/5/2023Green from S-man
4/27/2023Love, Bastetcat
4/26/2023Green from S-man
4/26/2023ParamedicUK cheers
4/25/2023Green from Serenity Now
4/19/2023Green from S-man
4/18/2023Great comeback to Riff at 1:09 pm 3/17!
4/16/2023News ~Moniker
4/14/2023Keep up the good work...HGR
4/11/2023Green from S-man
4/11/2023Green from SN
4/9/2023Love, Bastetcat
4/7/2023You have the biggest heart! TB
4/4/2023Green from S-man
3/31/2023News ~Moniker
3/30/2023Just 'cause! TB
3/26/2023Green from Serenity Now
3/21/2023Love, Bastetcat
3/10/2023News ~Moniker
3/7/2023Love, Bastetcat
3/2/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/28/2023News ~Moniker
2/26/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
2/25/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/25/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/24/2023Love, Bastetcat
2/18/2023Av3. 0
2/17/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/16/2023Green from Serenity Now
2/11/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/11/2023Reported Abusive Post
2/11/2023Reported Abusive Post
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