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11/19/2019Q33 Had to bring it up
11/19/2019Green from WGON
11/18/2019Excellent points you made in Horowitz thread. P. Grasshopper
11/18/2019Coastie wuz here
11/15/2019Covfefe - Click Here Again
11/15/2019The Belgiium idiot cannot differentiate who is fucking with him. ~cheops
11/14/2019Good posts. deplorably charlotte
11/12/2019Salutations....Don D.
11/12/2019Just shut up
11/9/2019Pottersville not potterville
11/8/2019Will Ferrell SUCKS! - Blue State Rebel
11/8/2019LIke the Stalin/Caligula mash up reference.
11/8/2019Happy friday/ weekend- coastie
11/8/2019Thank you for posting in the weather thread. beeches
11/4/2019Very well stated-
11/3/2019XeroGravity was here
10/29/2019Thanks for posting in my fake boos thread, savcash :)
10/27/2019Lmfao - Huflungpu
10/25/2019Comments on treason thread---MarPep
10/25/2019I appreciate your consistency and poignancy. ~ Renaissance Woman
10/23/2019Patriot green ~XeroGravity
10/19/2019It's Saturday! ~ Where Eagles Dare
10/19/2019Green for epic "Stop ideologically masturbating to your left-leaning impulses." --Fist McKraken
10/19/2019Agree completely!
10/19/2019Because you don't want it to be true? is the Truth - Remedial Rebel
10/19/2019Good opinions!
10/17/2019Hugs and love from nutmeg!
10/17/2019I admire your intelligence-Penny Peppers
10/17/2019Idiot lib
10/14/2019Qreenage Lance from BC
10/14/2019Green your way~kpm~
10/14/2019Bolshevik agent trying to keep the tribe out of the limelight.
10/12/2019Keep on keepin on ~XeroGravity
10/11/2019Cheers, jj johns
10/10/2019For spot on replies in rally thread - Lilopin
10/10/2019Excellent comments as usual.
10/10/2019Liberal strawwoman. Shill to discredit decency.
10/10/2019Rally thread Green Des
10/9/2019<3 Only Me
10/8/2019I always love to read your posts. From wait....what?
10/4/2019Daily green giveaway- coastie
10/4/2019Hail hitler.
10/3/2019Cheers, jj johns
10/2/2019Always posting excellence - Callin
10/2/2019You're a smart dude with well thought-out responses. Thanks for the good commentary. - Lumbegerghini
9/30/2019Understands the facts
9/30/2019Left vs right...you are correct...Lance from BC
9/29/2019Cut the crap a little bit you flamer loving fagston
9/29/2019Fan. Pepperroni
9/28/2019From Scorpionica ;)
9/28/2019It's hard to find a literate poster to upgrade these days. FFS. enjoy!
9/27/2019Great post
9/27/2019Green greetings from Renaissance Woman
9/27/2019Super Friday green! - Chaos Replicator
9/27/2019Definition of Sane!
9/26/2019Green for you- coastie
9/23/2019Cheers, jj johns
9/23/2019Green karma for fighting back against shills -EmptyWorldSyndrome
9/22/2019Just because
9/22/2019Grammar nazi.
9/22/2019Always great posts! T. Noticer
9/22/2019Torchie. you are so accurate. great to read your posts. not great about the left.
9/22/2019Anon green sandman1
9/21/2019Thx CS, seagull
9/21/2019Your courage has become contagious
9/20/2019We came, we saw....too funny! ~~sseess
9/19/2019Greenage from WGON :-)
9/19/2019Green-tard was here ~ WyatteSmith
9/15/2019Seriously one of the best posters here. Pepperroni
9/13/2019We have a liberal problem. - GenX Dude
9/11/2019Daily green dose- coastie
9/6/2019Green for the lbieral cleanout!
9/4/2019Well they should be treated as children no rights no vote good post +1
9/3/2019From C-Voyant
8/31/2019Green for triggering a peabrain white liberal.
8/31/2019Greeeeeeen! Pepperroni
8/30/2019Thanks for having back on pence thread, and participating-Coastie​
8/26/2019From C-Voyant
8/25/2019Green for you, -NeD
8/25/2019Always great Posts, CS! T. Noticer
8/25/2019Beeches. thank you for posting on the thread
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