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Fraust66's Karma

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9/18/2021Hi Frausty! Best green always, Sloane
9/17/2021Regards, Bastetcat
9/17/2021All is well thanks! im still hiding away in the jungle for now,... much love, fractals
9/17/2021Peace & Green for dear Frausty ! Soup
9/17/2021Thanks for your help mate. Hope things are well on your end. Hope to see you in the JB soon, this weekend. Sending love and warm regards! Mezzo : )
9/17/2021A Deplorable Neanderthal
9/17/2021Half Past Midnight
9/16/2021Dear fraustmon,.. It's getting better all the time and things are looking up up up! Cheers. CUB :)
9/15/2021Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
9/15/2021Et Sano
9/15/2021Sooooo grateful for meeting my twin, here on glp of all places. xoxo the luckiest evil twin
9/15/2021Stay Frausty! [**]D CHEERS -DV
9/14/2021In today's world only one color matters... GREEN ~ 5lats
9/14/2021Marvellous blue marble inhabitor. pool
9/14/2021I hope all is well, Frausty! From Love Goddess
9/13/2021Hi Frausty! Sending love from Oregon for a good week! xoxo sseess
9/13/2021Monday Green! -MAGA D
9/13/2021Hi Fraust66 :-). Thank You! Sending Green Love, Hugs & Blessings Your Way xo Take Care & Stay Safe, Friend.. Best Wishes xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/13/2021Have a wonderful week my groovy friend! ~ ML
9/12/2021"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." - Marcus Aurelius (Biggest hugs from Happy in Nature)
9/12/2021Sending Karma Love! ~ Simple27 :)
9/12/2021Thanks for being so awesome ~Bodhi
9/11/2021Don't forget the metal thread! --nimmerfall
9/11/2021I hope all is well for you and you're enjoying the weekend. Love to you always...Toprance
9/11/2021Keep on rocking- Sol
9/10/2021GW XoXo
9/9/2021Green for you dear Friend. I hope it finds you in good spirits, health and mind :)) -gleich
9/8/2021Maintain Situational Awareness -- Wolf 1776
9/8/2021Back at ya! <3 best wishes for the week ahead <3. Have a good one friend. : )
9/8/2021Half Past Midnight
9/8/2021Much gratitude and thanks for all you do bro, latvia
9/8/2021Windy and rainy Tuesday evening green for my mate...SB :-)
9/8/2021Greenage from WGON... :-)
9/8/2021Wonderful you! <3 Fossy
9/8/2021Mmmmm. coffee. but you always make it taste better. xoxo
9/7/2021Hope you are well! fractal
9/7/2021XOXO King Cool! Miss you lots, but see you now :) h&b
9/7/2021Regards, Bastetcat
9/7/2021Tuesday is a green day! Soup
9/7/2021Green for my friend! Have a gr8 week too ~ Love Goddess
9/7/2021Best wishes for a crazy crazy mod! - Grey eagle
9/6/2021Returning to catch up with a spalsh of color. ~ 5lats
9/6/2021Some green for a wonderful week ahead! Love to Ulster from Oregon xo sseess
9/6/2021Monday's foamy topped, frozen glassed ale to you dear. pool
9/6/2021Labour Day Green. Hope you have blessed one Fraust! -MAGA D!
9/6/2021Awake and alive JB GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
9/5/2021Hello, Fraust66 :-). Thank You, Kindly! Hoping You're Doing Well Also.. Green Hugs, Gratitude & Well Wishes Your Way For A Wonderful Week Ahead xo Stay Safe & Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/5/2021Thank you - BBQ Boy
9/4/2021Greenst vibrations form the jungle. Hope ou have an awesome week! xoxo Happy in Nature
9/4/2021Thank you Fraust66 for the birthday wishes! Love Ellusion :)
9/4/2021T-man was here :D
9/3/2021Have a great weekend my friend and cheers...CUBmon :)
9/3/2021I hope your weekend is relaxing with lots of love and laughter for you...Toprance
9/3/2021Have a super September my groovy friend! ~ ML
9/2/2021Back at you chief :) -centurionx
9/1/2021Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
9/1/2021Half Past Midnight
9/1/2021Meteorolgical Autum Green!, from WGON... :-)
9/1/2021Much love and peace to the best twin from your evil twin ; ) Sorry my alarm didn't go off this morning so coffee klatch was cut short. muahahaha
9/1/2021All is well and heres to hoping the same for you. Thanks for protecting GLP from evildoers (; <3 -Shawski
8/30/2021GW XoXo
8/30/2021Green for a great mod! Hugs from Love Goddess :)
8/30/2021Hi Fraust! Sending love to my dear friend and cuz xoxo sseess
8/30/2021Monday = weekly green for my favorite GLP peeps! Thanks for making GLP awesome! -MAGA D.
8/30/2021Good morning monday. pool
8/30/2021USA GREEN at 186k miles per second for Fraust66 [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/29/2021Hello Fraust66 :-). Thank You! Hope You Have A Lovely Weekend & Week Ahead Friend! Green Love, Hugs & Best Wishes Your Way xo Stay Safe! xo ~Blue Spirit~
8/29/2021Thank you for your kind consideration. Now come on and post a recipe and pic!! - Louis in Richmond
8/29/2021Gratz on mod
8/29/2021Colossal jukebox love to you! <3bfree
8/29/2021Mr Fraust...we meet in the JB at last...Saturday (actually sunday morning) green for ya mate :-) S B
8/27/2021Hope all is well! If not, contact your local online Scottsman! Peace~Smeagol
8/27/2021Sending love, light and greenest jungle blessings from Happy in Nature and her troupes of monkeys
8/27/2021Always Green for Frausty !!! Soup
8/27/2021Things are looking up up up Fraustmon time for some Brewskis....CUB :)
8/26/2021Regards, Bastetcat
8/26/2021It is better to be a warrior than a worrier -- Wolf 1776
8/26/2021Green for my m8 Fraust --nimmerfall
8/26/2021Green happies - grove street
8/26/2021To fraust just noticed you became a mod?! congrats dude! still homeless for now thanks for the love, be well and ttys my dude.
8/26/2021Fraustieeeee ! A Deplorable Neanderthal
8/26/2021Same to you, my groovy friend :) ML <3
8/25/2021Mod-green for that and all our Jukebox frivolities - Grey Eagle
8/25/2021Centurionx - All the best =)
8/25/2021Hello my dear friend! Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.
8/25/2021Thanks for morning coffee, keeping me in chocolate, and being such a great alarm clock xoxo your evil twin
8/25/2021A very, very fine night. I feel so happy again. xoxo antitech
8/24/2021Half Past Midnight
8/24/2021Greenings from NOFAKE
8/24/2021Lots of love sent your way from Toprance!
8/24/2021Greenest wishes from friendly fishes! ~ 5lats
8/23/2021Some green for you friend, hope you've been fantastic these last weeks. :) :hf: -gleich
8/23/2021Hey Frausty!! Thans for the lovely karma ~Love Goddess <3
8/23/2021GW XoXo ;)
8/23/2021To the one the gives the absolute warmest and most wholesome greens ever. Dear Fraust66 <3 T-man was here
8/23/2021Happy Mondays! Green to start the week! -MAGA D
8/23/2021For that blue that you do. pool
8/22/2021Sending love to Ulster from Oregon xoxo sseess
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