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Fraust66's Karma

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3/19/2022Happiest of Spring seasons to You <3bfree
3/19/2022Jukebox rockin' green for my amazing friend, the great Fraust! - MAGA Dan
3/19/2022JB <3 -ThujaReee
3/18/2022Have the best weekend Frausty! Hope to see you playing JB this weekend. Hugs, Sloane
3/18/2022Green for Fraust, have a godlike weekend --nimmerfall
3/18/2022Hello, Fraust66 :-)... Thank You!!.. Sending Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Take Care, Friend xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/17/2022St. Patrick's Day Green my friend Frausmon66+. ...CUBmon ;)
3/17/2022Hello lovely :) was purising aroung and think I saw you post a pic of a young Fraust? So awesome!! Later hottie
3/17/2022St. Patty's day GREEN for you! :D From SLeePy NiGhT OwL :)
3/17/2022Intelligence is the icing, wisdom is the cake ~ 5lats
3/16/2022Is it inappropriate to wish someone from Ulster Happy St. Paddy's? lol. If so, then nothing new from me to you dear friend! Much love and peace, your evil twin xoxo
3/16/2022Hey man! I appreciate you putting up with my bullshit! NO MORE BULLSHIT! Best wishes for you and yours. Peace.~Smeagol
3/16/2022Thanks for the video. - big help.
3/15/2022Grey Eagle flew by - GE
3/15/2022Sending love with big hugs for a wonderful week too...Toprance1
3/14/2022Happy St Patrick's Day, Fraust! Hope all is well for you in Ulster! Love from Oregon! xoxo sseess
3/14/2022GW was here! :P
3/14/2022You a tonic! A Deplorable Neanderthal
3/14/2022Grooviest green! ~ ML
3/14/2022So much love. pool
3/14/2022Hope all is well my friend...Don Draper
3/13/2022Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
3/12/2022Always, Bastetcat
3/12/2022To the best mod on GLP, the one and only Fraust! I hope you're having a great weekend friend! - MAGA D
3/12/2022Happy Green stuff ! Hope to see you soon. Soup
3/12/2022JB Green to my Frausty mate... Swearbox :-)
3/11/2022Have a great weekend ahead mate. And stay safe over there. Tense times we live in. Warm regards, Mezzo : )
3/10/2022Hi, Fraust :-)... Thank You!.. Green Blessings, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way xo Take Care, Friend! xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/9/2022Green for being awesome, latvia
3/9/2022"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order." - Samuel Beckett (Big forest hugs from Happy in Nature)
3/9/2022A pinch'o green for St. Patrick ~ 5lats
3/8/2022Green onions - Half Past Midnight
3/8/2022So much green for my trusty alarm clock, bff, sweets dealer, and the best twin anyone could ever ask for. Love, your evil twin xoxo muahaha
3/8/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
3/8/2022Thermonuclear GREEN for Fraust66 [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/8/2022Hey Fraust! Hope all is well with you and yours! Peace~Smeagol
3/7/2022Hola Frosty the Cool Man :) Hope you are well! XOXO rox
3/7/2022Sending you a virtual hug and kiss from Oregon! Luv ya Frausty! xoxo sseess
3/7/2022Thank You!!! ~Bodhi
3/7/2022Nice frausty green ones :) Boots
3/7/2022Gw 3>
3/6/2022Have a super groovy week! ~ ML
3/4/2022Weekend Green has sprung. Soup
3/4/2022Have the best weekend Frausty! xo Sloane
3/4/2022From Bastetcat
3/3/2022To the amazing Fraust! You are doing a fantastic job on the jukebox my friend! Many thanks for all you do! -MAGA D
3/3/2022I hope your week is going well and that you have a smashing weekend...Toprance1
3/2/2022Green karma tossed over yonder Pond to a maritime UK! - Grey Eagle
3/2/2022Peace and love to my friend from across the big pond ...CUBmon ;)
3/2/2022Hi Fraust66 :-)... Thank You! Sending Spring Greens, Love, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way xo Staye Safe & Take Care! xo ~Blue Spirit~
3/1/2022Spring green - Half Past Midnight
3/1/2022Sings sweetly. pool
3/1/2022Lean, clean, mean, green, unseen machine ~ 5lats
2/28/2022Best twin anyone could ask for. Especially when we are being evil, erm...I mean good. When we are using our powers for good. And coffee. Love and peace your way! xoxo
2/28/2022Green and warm regards for a good and quiet week and sanity for all. Stay safe and sane mate. Mezzo : )
2/27/2022Gw :p
2/26/2022Green for my friend across the pond. Paranoiaaaaa
2/26/2022Wishing you Well ~Bodhi
2/26/2022Have a super groovy weekend! ~ ML
2/25/2022All the best to you and yours and cheers for the great music <3bfree
2/25/2022My fav!! :> h&b Hope you are well love! XOXO
2/24/2022There is no one I try to give green to more often than you, dear Frausty! Sending love and hugs xoxo sseess
2/24/2022Lean & mean jukebox green for you friend! -MAGA D
2/23/2022Much love and apppreciation to you bro, latvia
2/23/2022From Bastetcat
2/23/2022Always some green for you ! Soup
2/23/2022Hi, Fraust :-)... Thank You!.. Green Blessings, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way xo Take Care, Friend! xo ~Blue Spirit~
2/23/2022I hope your week is going well. Love and laughter sent your way...Toprance1
2/22/2022Green time - Half Past Midnight
2/22/2022Thanks for all your support Frausmon. and Cheers my friend...;) CUBmon
2/21/2022Green for the busiest mod on here! - Grey Eagle
2/21/2022Srtong hearted. pool
2/21/2022Green trax! A Deplorable Neanderthal
2/20/2022Green for the world's best twin! and I hope you finally get your valentine this week! xoxo
2/20/2022GW Green Love! Hope you have a great week! :P
2/20/2022It's nice to be important... but it's more important to be nice ~ 5lats
2/20/2022JukeBox Frausted GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
2/19/2022Peace and love for you friend, hopefully i can be more of a regular on here again:)
2/18/2022Love our Fraustiness! xo Sloane
2/18/2022Have a totally rockin weekend! ~ ML
2/17/2022Green for my jukebox friend! -MAGA D
2/16/2022Hope you're well M8 --nimmerfall
2/16/2022Sending you some good vibes from Oregon! Thank you for the lovely greens you leave me! Always makes me smile xoxo sseess
2/16/2022Hi Fraust66 :-)... Thank You! Green Love, Hugs & Well Wishes Your Way xo Happy Belated Valentines Day! lol. xo ~ Blue Spirit~
2/16/2022Saying' goodbye, and thank you so much for everything <3
2/16/2022Et Sano
2/15/2022Mr Green in the study - Half Past Midnight
2/15/2022From Bastetcat--thanks for kind words
2/14/2022Best wishes to you Frasmon things are heating up and feeling much better. Take care my friend...CUBz ;)
2/14/2022"There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make men rejoice." - John Calvin (xoxo Happy in Nature)
2/14/2022Some green for you ! Soup
2/14/2022Happy Valentines Day! Love Ellusion :)
2/14/2022Love you Fraust. Have a great week...Toprance1
2/14/2022Dutch green for an exiting week ahead my friend. Let's keep a positive mind and hope the children that are in charge keep their sanity. Warm regards, Mezzo : )
2/13/2022Happy Day, Fraust <3bfree
2/13/2022Happy Valentine's dear twin, best twin. <3 "It is his nature, not his standing , that makes the good man." - Publilius Syrus (He's right you know - you are the best) xoxo
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