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Dog Shit Aficionado's Karma

Total: 8 (8  User Votes) and 29

1/23/2022Don Jr. banged your wife cuck
1/5/2022For saying Betty White was a whore. Fuck the celebrity worshippers. Tennessee_Dan
12/23/2021Clap dis bitch
12/12/2021From Butch DeFeo - thanks for posting in my thread
12/12/2021You better pick up The Bible, bruh.
12/6/2021I see what you did there.
11/17/2021Neigh sayer lol. nothing like a good pun! God bless, stella and b
11/7/2021Rude, gross, & hateful against women
10/10/2021"what were they thinking giving them the flu vaccine in the first place?" - Chameleonn
9/22/2021Obviously you still have TDS cuz YOU can't get over Trump... May Trump invade all your dreams cupcake!
8/30/20212 weeks
8/27/2021Thanks uhhuh
5/19/2021Farting in faces is probably in the satanic bible.
5/19/2021Biden voter
12/30/2020The off putting name deserve some green
11/22/2020Dick face
10/25/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/21/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/17/2019Idiot lib
9/21/2019Awww, somebody's mad about Chik-fil-a
9/5/2019This one has an anal infection. Not sure what's going on. He's also into random homsexual sex.
8/23/2019Negative comments
8/21/2019For being gay as hell.
8/16/2019Hey look a piece of shit leftist fuck
7/19/2019Thank you for contributing to the Omar thread// Bailey Howe
7/13/2019This fuck is the number 1 brand of "Shit on a stick"!
7/11/2019For being better than anyone else.
3/22/2019That Book will shred you.
3/1/2019Q sent this red.
2/19/2019I wonder how loud you will, "LOL" when you meet Jesus face to face, get right my friend it's not to late.
2/1/2019Apparently powerlifters do have standards, but you do not, tranny lover

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