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ACME_MAN's Karma

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3/2/2020[email protected] The Biden SC Voters Thread ~BigBlock~
3/2/2020Excellent market analysis - BlueTriquetra
2/28/2020Bingo! re flu Lance from BC
1/8/2020Clam chowder soup recipe xoxo sseess
12/5/2019Lol'd at your exercise comment, have some green -StudentoftheBible
11/25/2019Fairly dumb posts
11/24/2019" I believe it will be necessary in order for Trump to reign in the Deep State." Bingo. He's using the patriot act against them.
10/18/2019Interesting theory on Trump's possible VP pick. ~sikhed
9/19/2019Horowitz -ProfWT
9/8/2019Glad you enjoyed my joke question in the vampire thread. fraust66
9/4/2019Fighting for Truth, Justice and the ACME way!!
8/23/2019Green from WGON
8/21/2019Thanks for comment on Puget Sound tremor thread! Gyro Geargoose
8/17/2019Hear here there their white supremacy Trump bump :)
8/14/2019"Plan is to place the blame for the crash on the Fed, thereby facilitating its nationalization." YEP.
6/9/2019Lance from BC
6/7/2019From reepster
5/25/2019From reepster
5/22/2019Too true
4/10/2019From garden
2/9/2019From reepster
1/4/2019Highly intelligent poster. - NXavier
1/3/2019Yes ;)
8/18/2018Tour Guide
7/27/2018No, it's the demonrat mayors, police chiefs and the rest of the trash that will get sued
7/26/2018FEAR NOT!! . . . Elvis will soon be coming home! ; )

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