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1/15/2020Lance from BC
1/13/2020Remedy! love Miss Cleo
1/13/2020Liars will enjoy hell.
12/31/2019Happy New Years! Coolone
12/17/2019Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
11/29/2019Go Tulsi! - Happy in Nature
10/31/2019Stop crying over a horse you idiot
10/25/2019Baby cows...Lance from BC
10/11/2019Willfully blind claiming to see
8/31/2019For your input on my thread Stand Sure
8/24/2019For "How about an option for just a ‘No’. I vote No and one star for bad polling." -Roostre
8/13/2019Thank you for the link to the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. -StudentoftheBible
8/7/2019Just checking to see if I can still give karma while banned - Click Here
7/28/2019Yay- moot
7/27/2019Thanks for helping me! - GenX Dude
7/25/2019Master info Geraldgar
7/17/2019Antichrist and a murderer
7/7/2019Enjoy your day - Janedoenut
6/30/2019Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
6/30/2019I agree...democrats did have ridiculous displays during the Kavanaugh hearings....they are idiots....Carol B.
5/22/2019Karma point
5/14/2019Thanks for commenting on my thread xoxo sseess
5/5/2019Excpet for one thing..islam demands you toe the line to them....wake up idiot
5/5/2019From Michibama
4/24/2019I was amazed that a guy would stick around
3/28/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/17/2019Guy Online ET Meltdown Gerald
3/16/2019Beeches from beto thread!
3/6/2019Have a great day! - Janedoenut
2/24/2019Liberal piece of shit. Go to hell and burn
2/24/2019Do world a favor...browse GLP on your smart tv
2/24/2019Latest quote from this user: "Comments should be done away with entirely"
2/24/2019This guy supports YouTube's effort to remove the comments section on right-wing videos.
2/16/2019This is my last time here on earth.
2/8/2019The deathpenalty is to take out barbarians you stupid woman.
2/8/2019Dumb fuck
2/8/2019Yes and thank you for asking - MadAtchew2
2/7/2019Blesseed indeed brother ===dschis
2/2/2019Typical of an atheist statist to wish destruction on the U.S. while sucking on liberties teat. Asshole!!!
2/2/2019Culling. love Miss Cleo
1/15/2019I don't feel hopeless. ;) The Vigilant
1/6/2019Gave a good reply in my thread :)
1/5/2019That is not a Libertarian thought that is a Consrvative thought.
12/29/2018For Apollonius truth- Janedoenut
12/23/2018Merry Christmas. love Miss Cleo
12/20/2018Thanks for the info! 1-2-follow
12/19/2018For your correct views on the Syria mess. ~sikhed
12/10/2018Says if a religion is illegal (in China) then don't practice it. Typical atheist Hobbesian statist right here. Typical Democrat!
12/8/2018You fucking cuck faggot liberal
12/8/20183.50 Shareblue Shill. Know him by thee Red.
12/2/2018Sensible comment re: OT ~ WOLF
11/30/2018Making up shit and posting them doesn't make them facts
11/24/2018Good comment on saudi thread. 1-2-follow
11/6/2018Hi, I hail from The Ozarks too - BirdMom
10/28/2018Liked comment on forced religion
10/16/2018Yes, it is.
9/30/2018You're a joke.... twitter says so
9/23/2018Ezra. love Miss Cleo
9/15/2018Good commentary/posts in the religion thread ~ WOLF

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