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6/23/2022Tomato sandwich green - Corporal Punishment
6/14/2022Sweltering June green - Corporal Punishment
6/14/2022Cheers from Klown
6/13/2022Green from marooned
6/11/2022Green ~ Mad Kelly
6/7/2022Great to see you too. Thanks for the green. Here's some well deserved green for you. -Blue Eyed Goddess
6/5/2022Alive and kicking - Corporal Punishment
6/5/2022Green from marooned
6/3/2022Green ~ Mad Kelly
5/31/2022Cheers from Klown
5/30/2022Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Here's some more green. -Blue Eyed Goddess
5/27/2022Green from marooned
5/22/2022Here's some more green for you, and to show my appreciation for your awesome posts. -Blue Eyed Goddess
5/22/2022I envy you.
5/21/2022Weekend Green for you, friend. ~ Shadow SNR
5/20/2022Hey friend, green and have a great long weekend! LTHN.
5/19/2022Green from marooned
5/15/2022Aawww thank you. I'm glad you like my posts. I like your posts too. -Blue Eyed Goddess
5/14/2022Thank you for your help! much appreciated - h&b
5/13/2022Exactly. Hugs and prayers. Hope all is we
5/13/2022Cheers from Klown
5/12/2022Taking a break but here’s some green - Corporal Punishment
5/10/2022Green ~ Mad Kelly
4/29/2022Great post about Trudeau and the RCMP. -Blue Eyed Goddess
4/29/2022Thank you for your comment on my thread! xoxo sseess
4/26/2022Still in the 30's here, dammit. No spring at all. Hope you're well. Larry D. Croc
4/25/2022Been on an internet fast - Corporal Punishment
4/24/2022Hugs and love -- Mad Kelly
4/20/2022Green from marooned
4/15/2022Happy Easter ! Mad Kelly
4/13/2022Sunny breaks and lots of rain here, eager for the Sun. LTHN.
4/11/2022Azaleas are blooming - Corporal Punishment
4/7/2022Green from marooned
4/3/2022April showers bring green - Corporal Punishment
3/30/2022GREEN :) Mad Kelly
3/29/2022Some green for a wise dude. Best, LTHN.
3/22/2022Yep ..no brother wars
3/22/2022Green ~ Mad Kelly
3/21/2022Green from marooned
3/19/2022For defining Philosophical Nazis. ~ Zovalex
3/19/2022St. Joseph, terror of demons, green - Corporal Punishment
3/12/2022Corned beef and green - Corporal Punishment
3/11/2022Green ~ Mad Kelly
3/10/2022Thank you for commenting on my thread! xo sseess
3/8/2022Stay wise, which you are. LTHN.
3/5/2022Green from marooned
3/3/2022WWIII green - Corporal Punishment
2/28/2022Morning! Mad Kelly
2/24/2022My thoughts exactly.
2/23/2022Cheers my friend...CUBz ;)
2/23/2022I suspect he didn't have the Senate vote that would kill it right there
2/22/2022Green from marooned
2/21/2022Washingtons bday green - Corporal Punishment
2/20/2022GREEN :) Mad Kelly
2/19/2022Well put. Truth. Relevant and excellent observation.
2/19/2022Great post
2/18/2022'They really have gone a bit crazy' St Tidbits...it's all gone a bit wonky, eh?
2/18/2022Hold the line Klown
2/17/2022Thank you for informing me about how that works in Parliament xo sseess
2/15/2022Spot on comments regarding Social Security & how we paid in to it
2/15/2022The OP WAS bitching at the govt. your lack of reading comprehension is astounding. Asshole
2/13/2022Green from marooned
2/12/2022Green from Serenity Now
2/12/2022Excellent summary of Trudeau's speech, my friend. Think spring. Larry D. Croc
2/11/2022GREEN :) Mad Kelly
2/10/2022Cheers from Klown
2/9/2022Keep on truckin - Corporal Punishment
2/4/2022Great point! ANP
2/3/2022Green from marooned
2/1/2022Honk honk - Corporal Punishment
2/1/2022Much love my friend! Mad Kelly
1/29/2022They are OUR DAMN HIGHWAYS! Lol...ST. Tidbits. Finally sort of 'hip' to be a Canuck, eh?
1/25/2022Stay well man! Best, LTHN.
1/25/2022Green from marooned
1/24/2022Cheers from Klown
1/21/2022GREEN :) Mad Kelly
1/15/2022Stillhaveasoul-mates , hahah AWESOME. -amplified2
1/14/2022Cheers from da Klown
1/14/2022Mad Kelly was here spreading good cheer!
1/12/2022Just got out of IP block jail - Corporal Punishment
1/7/2022For pointing out the OP is talking BS and misleading
1/7/2022Happy new year, hope things are well for you and yours, my friend. Larry D. Croc
1/7/2022Green !!! Mad Kelly
1/6/2022Best to you in the New Year! LTHN.
1/5/2022Green from marooned
12/30/2021Best wishes to you and yours my friend.... Mad Kelly
12/30/2021A happy and blessed New Year - Corporal Punishment
12/29/2021New year green - ElleMira
12/25/2021Merry Christmas! - larphillips
12/24/2021MERRY CHRISTMAS from Klown
12/22/2021Hope you have a merry Christmas - Corporal Punishment
12/22/2021Green from marooned
12/21/2021"drive that SAME truck while living in a townhouse in Burnaby" always smh at large urban PU's? Lance/Tidbits. Merry Christmas
12/21/2021Thank you!! - E.lincoln
12/19/2021Happy Holidays & Blessings - Mad Kelly
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