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6/15/2022No ships for you. my ships asshole...KT
6/4/2022Best kick the can player ever!
6/2/2022Revelant news
5/2/2022His insanity Rules him while his mouth drools his vomit
4/5/2022Instead of kicking the can again just kick yourself in the ass where your brain is!
3/23/2022Stupid fucking moron
3/10/2022Still selling the same bs, delusional dipshit
2/21/2022Kick the can, and you in the arse
2/20/2022Your thread intruiges me, old school glpish and yet current - curry nosher :-)
1/31/2022Fuck off with your bullshit threads you loser eat my shit and my puke mother fucker
1/29/2022Bat shit crazy x 1000
12/29/2021The end is nigh
12/21/2021Flat frog on the road
12/17/2021Rain man
12/15/2021Very interesting OP. The 4 + 1 you may be on to something incredible
12/12/2021Lol u Looney Frog!!!!
11/15/2021Ongoing contact i see
11/14/2021So full of bull SHIT
11/13/2021Seek help from medical Doctors
11/11/2021Just give up loser
10/27/2021Seek help
10/21/2021Raving mad.
10/14/2021You need help
10/7/2021One more week
10/7/2021Nice psychic abilities, stupid. :DDD
10/2/2021You're insane dude
9/30/2021Seventh Hemorrhoid
9/28/2021ET SHOWS UP TONIGHT Give it a rest, not gonna happen.
9/28/2021Et tard with fake dates
9/27/2021Shove your bible BS where it belongs : UP YOUR ASS !!!
9/27/2021September 25th failtard
9/27/2021Please get mental help!!
9/20/2021You are certainly entitled to your opinion
9/16/2021Can Dick's sock puppet.
9/14/2021You are a freaking retard.
9/8/2021Shilling for fallen angels. read the Bible.
9/8/2021For ET;s to earth. KAN DAEK
9/4/2021Great post on the queen thread. pool
9/4/2021IQ of a dead spud.
8/21/2021Delusional dipshit
8/19/2021Same junk, different decade
8/18/2021Pre-emptive red for another incoming fail
8/2/2021Much needed and deserved green - bootobin
8/2/2021If it doesn't happen by the 4th just commit yourself to a mental ward
7/28/2021Lol yra potato head
7/15/2021Complete whack job
7/7/2021Drugs bad m....ok
6/29/2021Bat shit for brains
6/25/2021UFOs are for physical beings only.
6/25/2021Mental case...seek help
6/18/2021Bible tard wrong about date just spews BS
6/17/2021Thank you for the blessings & suggestions
6/15/2021Meds!!!! Stat U..frikin froggie
6/4/2021You are a complete nut case, seek help
5/26/2021In YAHUAH's Time and HE Has Shown it to us from the Foundation!
5/22/2021Proof that people from France are stupid
5/16/2021Back with your insanity I see. you need serious help
5/16/2021IQ of 1/1000 of a potato
5/16/2021Date setting tard
5/23/2020Check yourself in at closest mental ward
4/26/2020Stupid fuck
4/22/2020Thansk for the thread op.. Robbiew
4/16/2020Green, you have an interesting angle on
4/16/2020Sorry I'm late, I've been slacking.
4/4/2020The Bible and aliens coming. lol
3/23/2020Delusions of grandeur much? LMAO
3/10/2020Me tell you OP big sickness in his head !!!!
1/22/2020Totally crazy
1/7/2020You must know Jack Shit!
1/7/2020This poster is a consistent fake doom posting screen name look at his history Wow! makes GLP look like real bad
12/31/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/30/2019Way to many false warnings from this poster
12/29/2019Shut the fuck up.
12/22/2019Bunch of shit
12/21/2019Says nonsense that is alien Messiah
12/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/17/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/11/2019You need help
11/13/2019To your grit
11/12/2019You REALLY need psychiatric help Eric.
10/17/2019END TIMES [Orleans UFO Event] FINAL COUNTDOWN [NOV 16 2019]
10/15/2019Why do you think you're special?
9/26/2019Looney tunes frog style
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