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Blue State Rebel's Karma

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11/12/2019Brainwashed turd
11/12/2019CA Doomed - Remedial Rebel
11/12/2019Nice reply in the Chesa Boudin thread - Lumberghini
11/11/2019Cherry thread - coyoteblue
11/9/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/7/2019Thank you! God Bless our Troops ~ Bad Pattern
11/6/2019Green hugs and love your input~kpm~
11/6/2019Me too
11/5/2019Alex Jones breaking another story first!
11/3/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/3/2019Weekend green - Callin
11/2/2019From oatmeal
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/31/2019To Green, or Not To Green.... That is the question ~ WyatteSmith
10/31/2019They are phony puzzes! it is stupid timur
10/30/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/29/2019Thank you! The Vigilant
10/24/2019Thx, seagull
10/24/2019Greenery from Scorpionica
10/23/2019Howdy. -Rev
10/23/2019Patriot green ~XeroGravity
10/21/2019From Michibama
10/21/2019Being a supporter and partcipation- coastie
10/19/2019Green for epic "I'd like to shove that comb right up her ass. So sick of these disgusting people." --Fist McKraken
10/17/2019For not being a blind turd about the Sandy Hook hoax. - DW007
10/17/2019Thanks for contributing to my thread!!! You're great! Hugs ~ Evangelina
10/17/2019Thanks for your post on my thread my friend. Stay safe! Mezzo : )
10/16/2019Sandy Hook posts ~ green from Flashbuzzkill
10/14/2019Thanks for commenting on my chemical link vaping thread! TrustNoOneKS
10/13/2019Thank you for your logic.
10/12/2019Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/12/2019K to add to your disappointment
10/12/2019Fuck you
10/12/2019Very true
10/12/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
10/12/2019Omar thread -auntiebeads
10/11/2019Just because ;) ~XeroGravity
10/11/2019Green ~Boaty
10/10/2019A whole lot of us do not vote Dem but so many of the dead and illegals vote in Calif. our elections are compromised.
10/8/2019Excellent comments on demonrat spygate thread! Gyro Geargppse
10/7/2019Colin Powel thread great comments TY Lindsey
10/5/2019Cheers, jj johns
10/4/2019Copperhead agrees with you.
10/3/2019Seattle math thread...IRQ_1
10/2/2019In fact, that's what got me banned off Twitter cause God forbid you advocate shooting invaders.
10/1/2019Graham thread. akaSuzanne
9/25/2019Great contribution to the Hillary Email thread! TY~L
9/25/2019Damn straight. -Rev
9/25/2019It's a memo - Dems accuse others of what crime they did. Remedial Rebel
9/22/2019Greenade incoming!!!This is why they've tried to create the Deep Fake narrative Because when they find out what weve done....saved
9/16/2019Damn straight. -Rev
9/16/2019Fuck off you feminist cunt
9/16/2019Corn Pop - LOL akaSuzanne
9/16/2019A time machine back to the 80’s. Yep. -Penny Peppers
9/12/2019Trump or bust, yep...
9/12/2019For Brexit MySoul
9/4/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/3/2019Nice bahamas post. sad man
9/3/2019I will ask my vet tomorrow. See what he says. Thanks. :) Diabolical. I didn't even think of that.
8/31/2019Great post!
8/30/2019Please stop tarding out about Trump, Ginsburg, and SCOTUS. Thanks.
8/23/2019100% spot on!
8/23/2019Brilliant Assessment! - Click Here Again
8/21/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/21/2019Nice reply to mexican fund raising- coastie
8/20/2019Good interactions with you in the Fluoride thread GG
8/15/2019Returning some green! Thank you, CountryWise
8/15/2019Stop sending me dick pocs lib phaggot
8/14/2019SEnsible postings on The temple MySoul
8/14/2019For clearing up Moloch v. Lillith in re: Owl god. Bobby Powell
8/14/2019From oatmeal
8/14/2019Epstein's Temple ~~sseess
8/14/2019Good find about the Mamluks!
8/14/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/13/2019Wise one. Newton.
8/13/2019Just because-Penny Peppers
8/11/2019Green for critical thinking.
8/9/2019Good reply- coastie
8/9/2019Poor white kid
8/8/2019Excellent idea. The trick would be to get any real unity behind the effort. If he did repeal the current law it would speak volumes.
8/6/2019Haha, glad you liked!~kpm~
8/6/2019Agreed, the normalization of mental illness - ElleMira
8/6/2019Wow, peppers, garlic, hot sauce. You are right -Arkansassy
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