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EnemaBandit's Karma

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11/9/2020Thanks! ~Scorpionica
8/3/2020Hi EB (M R E)
7/12/2020Vacation Green! MTNLI
7/2/2020Thirsty thursday, have a safe weekend! (M R E )
7/1/2020Canada Day Green! MTNLI
6/30/2020Greenest and most warm of virtual hugs! Please stay safe and strong. ~Snuffie
6/18/2020It's thirsty green thursday again, enjoy! (M R E)
6/16/2020Warmest of love and green wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
6/12/2020Back at ya ;) Scorpionica
6/11/2020Return Green!!!! - Hamburgerwagon
6/10/2020Holiday Green MTNLI
6/5/2020Nightly green from Russia. ~Snuffie
6/4/2020Thirsty thursday green lol
6/2/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
5/31/2020Sunday green back! ~Scorpionica
5/29/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
5/29/2020Green from nefarious Libertine
5/28/2020Green for you!! (M R E)
5/25/2020Thank you! ~Tangy :)
5/24/2020Green Sunday! ~Scorpionica
5/24/2020Thanks for the local assesment -Dutchy
5/22/2020Friday Green! Hope you are doing well! MTNLI
5/21/2020Happy Thursday ~ SunshineRay
5/18/2020GREEN FOR YOU - Burgerwagon!
5/17/2020Beautiful Sunday Green! ~Scorpionica
5/13/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
5/13/2020In appreciation for the weekly green. Thank you. - Riff
5/12/2020Green Tuesday (M R E)
5/12/2020Green with warmest of wishes for you! ~Snuffie
5/9/2020D Friday Green! MTNLI
5/7/2020Green from Serenity Now. :)
5/5/2020I appreciate you. Larry D. Croc
5/4/2020Love from Angryredhead
5/4/2020TY for the green! - Click Here Again
5/4/2020Took time to provide useful info with links
5/3/2020Vax info
5/3/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
5/3/2020Spot on!
5/3/2020Metellyou green back at ya.
5/2/2020You're on my buddy list! ~Scorpionica
5/2/2020Green on MY Friday! LOL MTNLI
4/30/2020Your name cracks me up, i do like your post!! (M R E)
4/29/2020Hey Enema - Burgerwagon
4/29/2020Thanks! - larphillips
4/29/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
4/25/2020Happy Saturday ~ SunshineRay
4/25/2020The Original Mind
4/25/2020Thanks for your work on the virus thread. Larry D. Croc
4/24/2020Friday green back! ~Scorpionica
4/22/2020Wednesday Green! MTNLI
4/22/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
4/21/2020Green from LJS
4/21/2020In appreciation for your green karma hits. Thank you! - Riff-Raff
4/20/2020Stay safe matey. Ayr ; )
4/17/2020Because ddr lover
4/17/2020Back at ya EB (M R E)
4/17/2020TY for the green! - Click Here Again
4/16/2020Thank you! - larphillips
4/16/2020Hello ~ SunshineRay
4/16/2020Green Enema - Burgerwagon
4/15/2020For you bandit! ~Scorpionica
4/14/2020Green and wamrest of wishes for you. ~Snuffie
4/14/2020Start of my workweek Green - be safe! MTNLI
4/14/2020Informative post, but one thing, this virus is from the NWO cabal.
4/11/2020Thanks Matey. Ayr ; )
4/8/2020Greeeen! - Burgerwagon
4/6/2020TY for the green! - Click Here Again
4/6/2020Sending you warmest of wishes, please stay healthy! ~Snuffie
4/3/2020Great links, thank you!
4/3/2020Nefarious Libertine
4/3/2020Mister Pillar
4/3/2020Love from Angryredhead
4/2/2020Green back at you. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. NOLAangel
4/1/2020Thanks for contributing to the Covid thread. Metellyou
4/1/2020Hope you are staying safe! MTNLI
4/1/2020Back at ya! Stay safe....Ayr ;)
3/31/2020Thank you EB! (MRE)
3/30/2020Thank you, hugs! ~Tangy :)
3/30/2020Green! - larphillips
3/29/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
3/28/2020Thanks for the link. ddr
3/27/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2020Monday return green - burgerwagon
3/21/2020Green! - larphillips
3/21/2020Thank you for your response!
3/21/2020Saturday Stay Safe green! :) MTNLI
3/20/2020Some green ~ SunshineRay
3/19/2020Some greenage for you! ~Scorpionica
3/19/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
3/18/2020Back at you EB :
3/15/2020Love from Angryredhead
3/14/2020Zappa Bandit - Wordsworth
3/13/2020Danke! Mycroft
3/13/2020Friday green for you too! VQC
3/12/2020Mister Pillar
3/12/2020Thank you! - larphillips
3/11/2020Stay safe (MRE)
3/11/2020For washing hands and disinfecting stuff - sos
3/11/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
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