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JustinCastro's Karma

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12/2/2022Even a Democrat could see that. SoulWinner
11/30/2022Cheers from Klown
11/30/2022Green for speaking truth! LTHN.
11/26/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/22/2022You just won Ukrainian power ball!
11/20/2022Putin's little cock holster and damn, what a dickhead as well
11/11/2022That’s funny!
11/9/2022Abusive asshole
11/7/2022Green - grove street
11/6/2022Think so too
11/6/2022Here's your red commie - eat poop and die
10/29/2022Plssken was here! Karma share!
10/15/2022From Butch DeFeo
10/10/2022Fuck you and Putin
10/10/2022Fuck you, Pro-Putin cocknozzle
10/10/202210/10 meme - Shilliam
9/19/2022"Life is the question and life is the answer, and God is the reason and love is the way." - Johnny Cash (Green blessings from Happy in Nature)
8/31/2022Comments on CoV shot death thread - FixThisShit
8/28/2022Get your math right. 1.50 per litre gas is not $8 US per gallon
8/7/2022Good one, LOL !!
8/7/2022Sandy h - justme
8/1/2022From Butch DeFeo
6/30/2022For the corny joke
6/18/2022Ha! Great comment! ……nutmeg……
5/10/2022He funny!
5/5/2022Big Mike lol
4/18/2022Good comment
4/17/2022My fellow Americans ...I and First Lady Kamala just hiked 17,000 miles. LOL ....nutmeg....
4/9/2022Then I was in the Himalayas with Xi Jinping. lol nutmeg....
3/14/2022Bro? THAT was some FUNNYEE SHIT! FN 5.7AP
3/9/2022I hate Justin

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