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5/24/2022Ignorant fuck.
5/20/2022All the monkey fuckers out there better be on high alert.
5/17/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/7/2022Dumber than a box of rocks
2/23/2022We are a show that has run too many seasons! (so true)
1/27/2022137 yr old demon. haha! _AllOuttaBubblegum
1/5/2022Green - Big Daddy D
12/16/2021This is America.
12/13/2021State psychiatric hospitals would be full of women
12/3/2021You tell 'im!
11/30/2021Black Caught Stealing Post - Trashcanman2
11/17/2021You are right it's an antivax circle jerk- Icon_of_
11/17/2021The fuck do you know about what is in the vaccine, shill? You sound like greengirlagain shilling for this horseshit. Fuck you, cunt.
11/17/2021You do not know what % of the population is taking the poison shots. MSM are liars.
11/11/2021Me too. I'm going to physical therapy weekly due to constant shoulder/neck pain. Forced mandate due to work.
11/9/2021Those that got the shot; you don't value good health; you're a timebomb.
11/9/2021QUESTION: To The People Not Getting Vaccinated - thetruthneverlies
10/27/2021Thx 4 honesty
10/26/2021No more buttered scones for prissy bitch
10/23/2021Thank you
10/23/2021How old are you? ~Daniel
10/20/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/16/2021Are you saying white people don't do evil things? You must be inbred...
10/10/2021For your post against trans athletes - I agree it's cowardly of men to masquerade as women to steal sports titles
10/5/2021Too snipy
10/5/2021If you weren’t such a crybaby she might actually want you ,,,,chicks don’t dig needy babies….
10/2/2021No one likes a snarky know it all bitch
9/28/2021Red for mocking the volcano thread
9/28/2021Don't be a Dick...
9/28/2021Now you are just being an ass. Go away.
9/28/2021This will not go well for you.
9/28/2021Stop crying and fist yourself
9/28/2021Move on then
9/28/2021Don’t be such a brat. - clevercreator
9/28/2021Bye bye
9/20/2021Uncle Gintel
9/19/2021Thank you. Nine's
9/18/2021Boring woman and your threads suck.
9/8/2021Thanks for posting----Terrebonne​
9/7/2021Liberal troll
9/5/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2021For speaking truth on cycle of abuse
9/5/2021Heartless piece of shit. you better make a new account cause this one is fucked
9/5/2021What Goes Around, Comes Around.
9/5/2021Fuck outta here bitch with your stupid post You know nothing about what women go through obviously Suck a dick from Iset.
9/2/2021Lol swag...funny and sad
8/27/2021Donna green, William Poole
8/16/2021Best suggestion I've heard in a long time!!
8/16/2021Swingline approves of your comments
8/6/2021First of all J&J is not a vaccine -- NoJabForMe.INFO
7/24/2021Say no to the JABS, let them fire you if they will, gather your EI, and then stand with the rest if you will and SUE the companys that did this with Experimental Jabs SAY NO TO THE JABS ~Batman ;)
7/24/2021Get a job somewhere else that doesn’t require the vaccine dumbass
7/24/2021We seee you trolllin
7/24/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
7/13/2021Never doubt the utter stupidity of the goy
7/13/2021Green Hope Des
7/1/2021Trump 2024!
6/19/2021Squirrels demand green for your common sense! supporter.
6/14/2021Thanks for posting in my "she broke the internet" - thread, savcash :)
6/14/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
6/13/2021Smart person with reading comprehension <3 lovergirl
6/10/2021Finally someone with sense about Texas vs Houston
6/9/2021Liberal Shill
6/8/2021Thanks for visiting my thread...great comment. ....nutmeg....
6/8/2021The two most annoying groups of people.
6/7/2021I don’t need to read your past posts.. the little red karma you have makes me think you are loyal to the establishment you gave so much trust to.. it’s really sad
6/7/2021Bezos is a genius and u r an idiot.
6/2/2021Good point
5/20/2021Bump up the jam~ Soulwax
5/15/2021Tv zombie
4/19/2021Totally agree with you assessment and sentiment
6/4/2020Fuck both you, your family and the police state you defend so much.

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