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5/2/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2022Great observation
3/27/2022Get a grip, quickly
3/18/2022"There will be parades and balloons for this creature." - BrainGuy
3/2/2022I will laugh in sheer glee when I see the wicked ones fall for the final time. Pepperroni
2/28/2022Sorry about your kid. SoulWinner
2/28/2022My condolences on your child. Texas Best AF
2/28/2022So sorry for the loss of your child ~ three little lambs
12/1/2021Thank God for truth like you spoke about the murderer officer,
11/30/2021Yes! hospitalists are death from foreign countries. ~White Gloves
11/23/2021FUCK you libatic commie. This is America!
11/4/2021So very sorry you lost your son.
11/4/2021For your grace and compassion
11/4/2021Bless you
10/3/2021Stop using the term "elite", you fucking retard! How can you be this pathetic sore loser, you dope...
8/21/2021I agree!
7/19/2021Praying for your brother!
7/7/2021Majik powders.... hahaha Sir Griffo..
6/14/2021Lol damn your right
6/12/2021Preach my dude !!!
5/16/2021Agree, they can keep their young idiot workers.
5/15/2021Pointing blame at nationalists in the middle of a communist revolution, it's so lame
5/14/2021Excellent post re Fraudci . - Moppie
5/11/2021Exactly this and the people don't realize it. We are doomed. ~ samOmighty
5/2/2021Reported Abusive Post
4/16/2021I agree of course. But who is not sold out, I mean there are 3.50 shills that whore themselves?
4/16/2021I guess I have to have a reason...just because of the statement "he should not be allowed to breathe"
4/2/2021Right With You forgot the Sneeze
4/1/2021BBQ Boy was here
3/31/2021Said it so well! 100% correct. ( hidden effects of the shots)
1/21/2021Sounds good and I will fry the bacon - beeches!
12/19/2020For truth
11/20/2020100% truth
11/15/2020Biden's family is not from Ireland; more lies from the left. He's one of satan's spawn

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