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11/29/2020Thank for the great recipe i wanted to try something different!! KH
11/28/2020100% always wrong. Your posts are total BS
11/28/2020I think you are pretty cool
11/28/2020Fake bullshit
11/28/2020Bro! Awesome! There were like 15 people there! Way for them to show support!
11/28/2020Your predictions are nothing more than generalized statements that have a 50% to 75% likelihood of occurring. You are a FRAUD. ~ Zovalex
11/28/2020Half Past Midnight
11/28/2020Sending you Love & Light, @MoonPie
11/28/2020Oh brother - seriously?
11/28/2020Sorry but begging for stars is lame
11/28/2020Thumbs up
11/28/2020Because youre awesome.
11/28/2020Good times
11/28/2020Psychic censor, has to make up reality to compensate for weak mind.
11/28/2020Lets hope it works out JakeFromStateFarm
11/28/2020Thumbs up!
11/28/2020I like her
11/28/2020Good stuff
11/28/2020Cool , good vs evil
11/28/2020You are so full of shit
11/28/2020For taking advantage of GLP's most gullible and ignorant.
11/28/2020Psychic greenery! Fly Over Land
11/28/2020Begging for green, makes me mean
11/28/2020For your goodness, sharing what we cannot see.
11/28/2020Lol, psychic linda...i mean psycho linda. dont quit ur day job.
11/28/2020Its true ya know!
11/28/2020Bestest most confident person on GLP and funny to boot! love ya!
11/28/2020You are AWESOME! <3 LittleMe <3
11/28/2020Stop The Steal -CrsCrpr
11/28/2020Appreciate her efforts to inform
11/28/2020Thank you for your prediction about President Trump
11/28/2020Had to log in to give you bad rep for racist bs
11/28/2020Just because :-) Thank you for you time and info. <3
11/28/2020Patriot green Des
11/28/2020Allot is not a word. It's two words .... a lot
11/28/2020For a bit of extra light
11/28/2020Thank you for the hope, Psychic Linda.
11/28/2020You fake
11/28/2020Star Begger... And your full of shit.
11/28/2020Why are u still here with your bullshit 'I told you so' fake predictions???
11/28/2020Green for stop the steal rally thread from M R E
11/28/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2020I want to follow for updates.
11/28/2020Sunday morning green for you - racebyu
11/27/2020She will ban you from her thread, if you find out, so she can keep it all a secret
11/27/2020You funny! :-) TN Patriot
11/27/2020Disgusting, swine.
11/27/2020Fake psychic ignorant lowlife racist piece of shit from Angelseverywhere
11/26/2020I like that you like president trump
11/26/2020Why are you spamming Paul Dean?
11/25/2020Looking for attention by leading people on
11/25/2020Positive vibes, man!
11/24/2020Generally like your posts, but stop the psychic crap. It's demonic!
11/23/2020You, and me too. They should all be in jail or hung. PLease...
11/23/2020Greenest kindness wrapped in Love- Ursabruin
11/22/2020You are a scammer like Miss Cleo
11/22/2020False profits
11/22/2020Psychic eh? Nov22
11/22/2020Love and blessings from Alaska
11/22/2020Some sweet Karma - Cheers- Neo *__
11/21/2020God bless you and yours - Whiteangel
11/21/2020If you were a real psychic, you would know how this ends for your YouTube channel. Hint: not monetization
11/21/2020You do not have the Holy Spirit, just pandering
11/21/2020Green hugs - Callen
11/21/2020Linda.. if you knew how things work.. you would not give dates... things are pliable . KAN DAEK
11/21/2020Enjoying your threads .. Madgame !
11/21/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/21/2020I didn't want to see you anyway fake psychic.
11/21/2020Because you bring light:the gullible skeptic
11/20/2020Take my energy! Semper Fandango friend. ~PirateMonkey
11/20/2020I really CAN see things, and unlike others here, I am NOT fooled by your attention-whoring. You have a black heart. - Zovalex
11/20/2020Green from Loup
11/20/2020Ould be true
11/20/2020Because I can
11/19/2020Thanks Linda.
11/19/2020Thanks for posting! Paranoiaaaaa
11/19/2020Lots of respect. You were right! ~BFD
11/19/2020You're not seeing what you think you're seeing. cancel your bias and look again
11/19/2020Obvious shill posing as a "psychic"
11/19/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
11/19/2020Thank you - lightchild_uk
11/19/2020Thanks for the link!
11/19/2020I like it linda i like it.
11/19/2020You are a joke
11/19/2020For your predictions! Thank you candi aka President Elect windowlicker
11/19/2020Saving our nation
11/19/2020Love and blessings to you, always! <3 LittleMe <3
11/19/2020Some green for you - racebyu
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