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DemonGirl's Karma

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12/7/2020Oh my BarkBark.... MERRY CHRISTMAS! - clevercreator
11/22/2020The sexy photo doesn't forgive you for being a tool haha
11/22/2020Different and clever.
11/22/2020Obnoxious, spreads lies
11/21/2020You go, girl. hahahaha. no, wait...hahahahahahaha​hahahah
11/21/2020Mask Tard
11/21/2020Stupid and lies. medical advice then claims a joke. dangerous
11/21/2020You really are a cunt when all is said and done. And it doesn't matter if you're male or female. What a sad piece of shit you are.
11/21/2020Cracking me up tonight! -=Travis Bickle =-
11/21/2020Prayers sent.splinterhead
11/20/2020Dick bark
11/20/2020Please shut up with your pro vaccine bullshit
11/20/2020Congratulations you made it to my ignor list
11/20/2020Same shit
11/20/2020Sad isn't it.. so wrongful
11/19/2020Hot air
11/19/2020Trump is your President
11/19/2020Have some red
11/19/2020Your Mom blows hard, evidence is kneeling in front of me now.
11/19/2020Green to counter the covid thread jerk circle, bless their cotton socks lol
11/19/2020You are Barking up the wrong Tree :)
11/13/2020I love that you need to log in. Hugs and prayers. - CleverCreator

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