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Artificial Person's Karma

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4/10/2021Marine green...wtf...St Lance
4/10/2021Green from WGON... :-)
4/10/2021Artificial GR33N [**]D CH33RS. -DV
4/9/2021You are killing it - Magnus74
4/9/2021Friday green : ) NOLAangel
4/9/2021"Yeah, man, great idea! Send Bishop, man!" GetYOurAss2Marz
4/9/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/8/2021Not a given ~ green from FBK
4/8/2021You have quite the imagination... when is the last time of ejaculation?
4/7/2021You gonna eat your cornbread. A Deplorable Neanderthal
4/6/2021Back atcha, Bill the shill-Comedian in disgrace!
4/6/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2021Anal swabbing comment is too funny and gets green. ~Maiya
4/5/2021AC says hi
4/4/2021Transracialist Yo Adrian
4/4/2021Agent B.
4/4/2021F you
4/4/2021Just saw your green and the message, right back at ya...Daniel's Window
4/3/2021Green blessings - grove street
4/2/2021Thanks! Prayers and blessings to you, Love SweetB
4/2/2021T. Noticer GREEN!
4/1/2021Thanks - EPH
3/31/2021Have a good afternoon and Cheers my friend...CUBz :)
3/31/2021I feel you - catch you on the flip side
3/31/2021The best synthetic i know. -REaliZe
3/30/2021To Canada and beyond! - Blue State Rebel
3/30/2021Easter week green. : ) NOLAangel
3/30/2021Thanks for your comments on my thread- much apreciated Magnus74
3/30/2021Constructive Vandalism! Crunch
3/30/2021You Are The Coward!
3/29/2021Alpacalips was here spreading good cheer!
3/29/2021I laughed out loud at this.
3/29/2021AC says hi
3/28/2021Your STUPID is showing in foolish posts re the economy
3/28/2021Hyperdyne Systems Bishop
3/28/2021Love you avatar. Bishop from Aliens is awesome! Hope you're doing well! - My Foolish Daydream
3/26/2021Have a blessed week - grove street
3/26/2021Fluffy Cat Green, For Fox News Truth, JF Priest
3/25/2021Gotta love the truthtellers....lol..​..Don D.
3/25/2021The’d think justice is coming. Haha thanks
3/25/2021"I'll have another coffee, until the bar opens." - brother?
3/25/2021Comedy is good! beeches
3/24/2021Thanks! - larphillips
3/24/2021The Supreme Court annulled their own authority once they refused to hear the evidence regarding the stolen election. Squirrels demand green for you! -supporter
3/23/2021Green from Goneviral
3/23/2021You are exceptional. not ancient. love 99
3/22/2021LOL @ lettuce -REaliZe
3/22/2021I agree
3/22/2021Ha ha you're a dumb fucker
3/21/2021Green for the Brace Yourself thread. NOLAangel
3/20/2021I would have grabbed an umbrella ^_^
3/20/2021Here is some Green for the fight- Magnus74
3/19/2021Race baiter
3/19/2021It's a felony to laugh....lol. ....nutmeg....
3/19/2021They're Right You Know!! omg .. I am so stealing that one. most excellent!
3/19/2021Weird enough for green eh? <3 Fossy
3/16/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/16/2021I lol'd
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