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KrazedFreeman's Karma

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5/26/2022Great insights!
2/22/2022Confused ass
2/9/2022Why do you need to be such an asshole?
11/30/2021Thanks Krazed for all the info - been following this thread for a while now and joined Freemen back in April
11/30/2021Provides interesting info, and tells it like it is.
11/28/2021Luciferian Transhumanist
11/10/2021You dont control crypto markets. and holding a meme coin is the worst advice ever. please get a brian moran
10/28/2021You are an insignificant speck on the interwebz. You hold zero power and zero influence. Get over yourself.
10/11/2021First time I have seen your thread. Very Interesting
10/1/2021"I have eaten and fucked much hotter." Sure, child...
9/15/2021Good sauce aged well post
9/2/2021Phillips - we stick together - Thanks! - larphillips
8/31/2021Wrote a post that made sense. It really did.
8/26/2021Thanks for the input bro
8/26/2021Thank you
8/21/2021Cool. love 99
8/20/2021Some green from ADEND

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