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9/25/2022Lol fake vagina tears it apart - lisp
9/11/2022You will burn on hell forever
9/9/2022From AV3.0
9/3/2022Prayers for you to receive a financial upbeat! pool
8/23/2022Green for the beef shortage comment! from M R E
8/23/2022Clown shoe
6/19/2022Ignorant parrot
6/15/2022For protecting the children. Colour Crusader
6/15/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
6/15/2022Green from WGON.
6/14/2022For the Drag Star thread ! From tiger1
6/14/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
6/11/2022From AV3.0
5/28/2022>> Dangerwalt
5/19/2022Goneviral green
5/12/2022Walter Brennan's Hat
5/12/2022>> Dangerwalt
5/8/2022Russian Stoodge!
4/29/2022You think you know but you have no idea. stop being deceived.
4/24/2022D/k if you're still following NYSU thread. But it's fact that 12 was legal age of adulthood for girls (boys 13)- Niddah 5:6. People so resistant to acknowledging child marriage in Israel
4/22/2022Neutral karma. See pg.12 of NYSU thread for Biblical response to you & Servant. Scholarship for commonly-12yo (H*brew not Roman) was already posted
4/22/2022Informative and encouraging
4/14/2022Goneviral green
4/13/2022T-man :D
4/10/2022You get it - I'm surprised so many don't see it. ElleMira
4/8/2022Thanks for posting in the Psaki thread ..JF Priest
3/25/2022Potato is sociopath. pool
3/23/2022Lol why are you a doordash driver?! :D
2/27/2022>> Dangerwalt
2/14/2022>>Dangerwalt :)
2/10/2022Russian sockpuppet
2/3/2022Every Samantha i've ever known was amazing and beautiful :D
1/5/2022Baked into the cards, we pray not ~ Flash
1/1/2022The plural form of Communist, is Communists. Please be smarter. Thanks.
12/29/2021Republic of Texas was here
12/29/2021What a fucking disgusting thing to say to someone. You have some issues, learn the definition of empathy, because your mom did a number on you. CUNT
11/28/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/28/2021The markets will be green @swingline
11/27/2021Green - Big Daddy D
11/26/2021Gratitude Green, Bastetcat
11/26/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/24/2021Dumb bitch who doesnt understand murder charges
11/18/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
11/14/2021He is 50 days from being 19
11/12/2021You are wrong.
11/10/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
11/1/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/29/2021Listen to that still small voice ;)
10/24/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/13/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/4/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
9/25/2021Regards, Bastetcat
9/13/2021Regards, Bastetcat
9/4/2021Regards, Bastetcat
8/23/2021Regards, Bastetcat
8/12/2021Regards, Bastetcat
8/6/2021News ~Moniker
8/1/2021Regards, Bastetcat
7/22/2021Regards, Bastetcat
7/12/2021Regards, Bastetcat
7/9/2021Your intelligent, I like that. -CB+
7/2/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/24/2021White people treated the Indians better than the Indians treated each other. -Anubis
6/24/2021Could not have said better. Green for truth. Dosha
6/23/2021Aint that the truth! Alpacalips
6/23/2021Thanks. Clarence.
6/22/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/14/2021"BLM is a terrorist group. I have no sympathy when someone takes out of terrorist."
6/12/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/4/2021Regards, Bastetcat
5/27/2021Regards, Bastetcat
5/25/2021Dangerwalt :)
5/19/2021Regards Bastetcat
5/11/2021Regards, Bastetcat
5/4/2021Great advice, no sex! Stock up.. head down...eyes forward! ~from savcash
5/2/2021Regards Bastetcat
4/25/2021Regards, Bastetcat
4/17/2021Regards, Bastetcat
4/11/2021Violating posting rules (malicious doom goblin wishing ill on others)
4/11/2021So shilly
4/8/2021Regards, Bastetcat
4/8/2021We aim ~ Flashbuzzkill was here
3/31/2021Regards Bastetcat
3/29/2021It's exhausting trying to point out facts to libs isn't it?
3/23/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/21/2021Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Hugs, Alpacalips
3/19/2021For Founding Fathers comment. From SonyDV.
3/18/2021Supplies before inflation is a good plan. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
3/15/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/7/2021Not stolen, CONQUERED!
3/7/2021Selfishness is at the heart of this pooch screw. Hope all is as well as can be. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
3/6/2021Regards Bastetcat
2/26/2021Regards, Bastetcat
2/19/2021Goldfish are at least cute. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
2/18/2021Regards, Bastetcat
2/12/2021Haha funny post! Sloane
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