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11/27/2013I guess we are all domestic terrorists! retiredsoldier
11/27/2013Anti american, israel firster, exposed jew subverting american ideals
11/24/2013Agreed, no excuse for employees to be screwed out of having a family life.
11/21/2013Smile from Lady Jane Smith :o)
11/20/2013Thanks for the bump - TeamDub
11/20/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
11/20/2013Have a great day!!! -Relativity
11/19/2013Good post
11/19/2013Love the posts, good person all around - Chriton
11/19/2013Nice comment and I love your avatar. Whynow
11/19/2013Great response in the Cheney thread - truth! snarky74
11/18/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
11/18/2013Thanks for the green, have some on me...waitn4end
11/18/2013For your honesty. Ms. Supdup
11/18/2013Love and happiness for you sacred energy :)
11/17/2013A snowman
11/16/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
11/15/2013A child needs a father too
11/15/2013Right about the dad cookielady
11/15/2013Anti american, israel firster, exposed jew subverting american ideals
11/14/2013Best answer!
11/14/2013Karma love from doomsucker
11/13/2013You prefer non-controlling jerks. You pathetic whore.
11/12/2013Hay you! :D calx
11/12/2013Karma Sugar for a sweet soul! :)- ~Christine~
11/12/2013Love your avatar from Yaright
11/9/2013Thinking like me? scarry!! - Chrit
11/9/20131 for common sense - DaRtHbAlLeR
11/9/2013Great post! karma from gonviral!
11/8/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
11/7/2013Love & Hugs back from Lady Jane Amith
11/7/2013Hi Sam, and green for you too...davvi
11/7/2013Good poster! Kinect
11/5/2013For green eyes~Silvervega
11/5/2013Sleeping Giant
11/4/2013Here's a big karma hug for you! -Waterlily :-)
11/4/2013Nice ideas on the prepper thread.. cp ;)
11/2/2013Thank you! Simple27 : )
11/2/2013For participating in the Oklahoma Quakes thread, Thank you.. Zuzu
10/31/2013M m
10/31/2013I agree 100%--Tripleh31
10/31/2013Good points on china. -rorschach
10/31/2013Great comment! (China thread)...my 2 cents
10/30/2013Happy Halloween ! From Tiger1.
10/28/2013I love your handle Miss sunflower, thank you for the green love.Doomsucker
10/25/2013Sweetheart. :) Paige
10/23/2013For the dream thread ! From Tiger1.
10/22/2013Your happy ending comment..Amen! abi~
10/18/2013Green karma for you > Dangerwalt
10/17/2013Green for you! Drunk Uncle
10/15/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/13/2013Thank you for the nice comment on my thread!
10/10/2013Green love! Little M
10/9/2013Back at ya! -fooz
10/7/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/3/2013Good karma breeds good karma ~ Taryn Giro ^_^
10/2/2013"I stand on the side of the veterans" RayGun
9/30/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/27/2013Hi samanthasunflower, dropped by to spread some cheer!!.,.,.,.,M*walk​
9/22/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/20/2013From Molon Labe 2013
9/20/2013A bid G'day from down under....Mr2 :hf:
9/18/2013Thanks for the green! ~Fret Wiz
9/17/2013Hugs from davvi, Sam.
9/17/2013Hi smamantha great post! karma from Gonviral
9/17/2013Always an intelligent GLP poster - Cookie
9/15/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/14/2013Hi samanthasunflower, some green for you!!!....roadrunnerr​ay
9/13/2013Karma Visit ~ Knowbody Special
9/10/2013Return Karma from apakalypsescout!ty!
9/9/2013You smell so good i wish i could wax your scent into a candle. On a related note, I have no idea how candles are made... LP
9/9/2013Thanks for the green karma. Love that cat 'stick up' avatar. LOL! -- John Kocktosen
9/9/2013Brief :0
9/7/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/7/2013Have a great weekend - Indysmindy
9/6/2013Thanks for the 5 stars and bump -cdevidal
9/5/2013Thank you! ~goldielucks :)
9/5/2013Karma love back - recollector.Hopefully​ you are a women :)
9/5/2013Karma right back to you! 8)
8/31/2013I should of been a Farmer! GT500
8/30/2013Happy Drive by Friday...-Relativity
8/30/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
8/29/2013Anti american, israel firster, exposed jew subverting american ideals
8/29/2013Hey Samantha, dropped by to spread some Karma love back my dear!,.,...,.,.,.,. :D.,.,.M*walk
8/28/2013You left a green thing at my place...here it is..waitn4end
8/28/2013Agree - rapists and those who are complicit should be killed - from spirals
8/27/2013Hee ho! :D calx
8/27/2013Thank you for the love! Here is some in return ^_^ - CoTA
8/27/2013Make your own thread about your issues
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