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Chip's Karma

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1/23/2020You sound like you've got other good stuff going for you, than just your good looks x
1/23/2020Green from WGON
1/19/2020The woman you were ripping on in the dirty pigs thread possibly has a mental illness. for shame!
1/16/2020Just some random green <3 Only Me
1/16/2020Just wanted you to know I stole your Jesus Popcorn meme. LOL - Bobby P
1/8/2020Thank you :)
1/8/2020Karma'd up. pool
1/8/2020For upping TlvmmCpoft.. ~CosmicFire
1/8/2020Lol a1 green! cheers, jj johns
1/6/2020Happy New Year!!
1/5/2020Green just cuz!! Respect! Almylo xo
1/3/2020Happy New Year! White Wolf :)
1/3/2020Yeah, he's almost as bad as meathead... lol... good one!!
1/2/2020Do Iiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!​!!
1/2/2020Happy New Years! Coolone
1/2/2020Have a good new year Chip! LTHN.
12/31/2019Thank you!
12/31/2019Happy New Year!! Love you, Chippy! LG
12/30/2019Happy 2020! :) AnonymousGirl
12/29/2019Green from this Littlepixie because your comment: " Little shit? Lol. I"m 6'2" 180 lbs. I'd fuck you up" well, that was just you in fine form and itm made me laugh.
12/27/2019<3 om
12/26/2019Merry Christmas to the enforcer of GLP-Penny Peppers
12/25/2019Merry Christmas, Chip
12/25/2019Merry Christmas!!
12/24/2019Merry Christmas! ~Bodhi
12/24/2019Merry Christmas!
12/24/2019Have a Merry Christmas Brotha! Red & Green cheer from the Fresno area! M*walk
12/24/2019The happiest of holidays and the Merriest of Christmases to you and the fam bro. 2020 is gonna be awesome!
12/24/2019Merry Christmas and Happy Holly Daze! T. Noticer
12/24/2019Merries my brother
12/24/2019Merry Christmas
12/23/2019Dace wuzz heer, Merry Christmas!
12/22/2019Merry Christmas Chip and for the best year 2020! Sloane
12/22/2019Merry Christmas soon from beeches
12/22/2019Christmas Hugs~kpm~
12/19/2019Merry Christmas gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
12/19/2019Merry christmas! cheers, jj johns
12/18/2019Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/17/2019Merry Christmas, God Bless ~ Cartel
12/14/2019FINE HUMOR in the What happens after death thread... .KAN DAEK
12/12/2019Love the quote from Gangs of New York :) My reply to every libturd
12/10/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/10/2019Your reply was amazing
12/10/2019You rock man!!! - 1guynAz
12/10/2019Great find
12/10/2019From oatmeal
12/9/2019Merry Christmas, God Bless ~ Cartel
12/9/2019Green for being the sexiest mod! Love Goddess <3
12/2/2019Chip loves women. pool
12/1/2019Hell yeah!
11/30/2019Thank you Very Much ! ~ BBQ Boy and Family
11/29/2019Hopefully they won't look in your panties. That's quite the opposite of a "nuthinburger".
11/28/2019Karma point - lavenderblue2u
11/28/2019Happy Thanksgiving, Chip
11/28/2019Happy thanksgiving. cheers, jj johns
11/28/2019Happy Thanksgiving <3
11/27/2019Happy Thanksgiving Big Guy!
11/26/2019Happy Thanksgiving! White Wolf :)
11/25/2019Mr magoo! ~ HECTOR
11/24/2019Judgements cunt, almost lost my lunch over that.
11/24/2019Lol! - Chaos Replicator
11/21/2019Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family~kpm~
11/20/2019Lumberghini was here
11/20/2019Gold hahah shitAss meatflaps
11/19/2019Lovely bones, death replied.
11/18/2019Good to see you brother, God Bless ~ Cartel
11/17/2019Honesty is refreshing
11/15/2019XeroGravity was here
11/14/2019I feel sorry for you, really...
11/13/2019Happy Birthday Green. NolaAngel
11/13/2019Love ya Bro!
11/13/2019Many happy returns big guy
11/13/2019Happy Birthday hugs from nutmeg!
11/13/2019Have a Penblwydd Hapus cariad Jellyx
11/13/2019Have a wonderful birthday day Chip ~ LittleMissDictator :D
11/13/2019Happy Birthday! Make it a day to remember, which ever way that is.. Cheers! Mezzo : )
11/13/2019Happy Birthday to you Chip! White Wolf :)
11/13/2019Happy Birthday, Brother. Be Good... or be good at it!
11/13/2019Happy Birthday sweetheart. Hope you have an especially good one! - Love Goddess
11/13/2019Happy Birthday... may all your wishes come true!
11/12/2019Always ready and second to none! B.M.
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