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10/24/2013Thank u for breaking that post up into paragraphs :) tampaheather
10/23/2013Excellant picture content in latest post
10/22/2013Nice feet :)
10/21/2013Have some green spam! nah :)
10/21/2013Green for you, but no, the aliens do not want to eat us.
10/19/2013Tks for the laugh :) woowoo
10/19/2013You're a sweetheart no matter what the naysayers think! hawk8414
10/18/2013For having another peculiar avatar lol - ANHEDONIC
10/16/2013Haha! Love you, thanks for the laugh. Heavenly Alchemy
10/16/2013Love the avatar! #mister_worldwide
10/16/2013For your doggie
10/16/2013Be good ya lovable goofball. :D calx
10/14/2013For posting -Dr. Grant
10/13/2013Haha! you are on my buddy list now and I will spam you with karma weekly! nah :)
10/13/2013Stupid commie cunt
10/13/2013Cause u backed that guy up.
10/13/2013Yes we do. I will be homeless if it happens, and will have to rely on God.
10/12/2013I guess your son never heard of life insurance.
10/12/2013Karma fragrance - cloudhidden
10/12/2013For being a good person...geminilion
10/12/2013Fuck you right back! And tell your son to get a better job and feed his own kids. I don't want to any more!
10/12/2013Here's one for your righteous spunk and fearlessness!...cosmi​cgypsy
10/12/2013Green from saved
10/12/2013Blue is for water - here is some red for power
10/11/2013Random karma!!
10/11/2013Green for u. =) ~ 3pic
10/11/2013Puh-Leez...those blue dots are marking water meters. RIGHT ABOVE THE DOTS. IN THE GRASS. sheeesh.
10/11/2013Nail polish remover to take off the blue dot !
10/10/2013Is it painful being that stupid??
10/10/2013Thank you my dear. -rorschach
10/10/2013THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. strongman
10/9/2013LOL! Loved your remark.. "It has been a couple of days"
10/9/2013Your help for a pin! Awesome!
10/9/2013For the president thread- ty! IndigoMoon
10/7/2013Outstanding find, OP! Thanks for posting and green for you!
10/3/2013Just because I like you ~ Bear Drinker
10/2/2013For mel -- super bowl dave
10/1/2013Hi Natasha!!,..,...,M*wa​lk
9/30/2013K from Uselesrepeater
9/30/2013Is it painful being that stupid??
9/29/2013Hi natha karma from gonviral
9/29/2013Shutdown is permanent
9/29/2013Project blue beam.... makes me wonder now... -ladyannie
9/29/2013I am starting to feel the same way as you about fireballs, UFO, and everything they tell us. Amy A
9/28/2013Dont be scared be ready love GFG
9/28/2013You pass, Jedi
9/27/2013Evil reptilian doom lover. I SEE YOU
9/27/2013Hi Natasha :) Love Spirit666
9/27/2013For understanding my jokes. -Vuko
9/27/2013Love you Gf! Hawk8414
9/27/2013Pinning stupid shit
9/27/2013Truth Seeker
9/25/2013Harry S. Tru ~ God bless U
9/23/2013Some green for the Clyde Lewis thread! - HypnoSlaveDoll
9/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/23/2013Thanks for the info, have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/23/2013Admitting guikt bout zimmerman, kudos to you....nrgisforever
9/23/2013Geminilion :)
9/23/2013For being true to yourself
9/23/2013He deserved to go free.
9/23/2013Honest ~ Cheops
9/23/2013Takes a big person to admit when she was wrong. Well said. -Revbo
9/23/2013Good on you Natasha, very adult to apologize
9/23/20131 for acknowledging a mistake.
9/23/2013Big of you to admit that - The Escape Goat/Reivigoroated Being
9/23/2013Being an adult about zimmerman i can respect that-bostyt50
9/23/2013Good on ya! ~ Gator!~
9/23/2013Welcome to reality. Mr Oysterhead
9/23/2013Easily swayed
9/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/23/2013Love your voice on GLP, you always make me laugh- Indysmindy
9/22/2013Coined a new word: disinfomercial. lol.
9/22/2013As bad as ttown
9/21/2013You crack me up Natasha, LOL!Keep tellin' da trut~dawasat
9/21/2013Hi ~StarPath
9/21/2013I secretly write everything you post in a journal, and I keep it under my pillow & read it at night before I sleep so I can have sweet dreams bout you
9/21/2013I hope we're in the same FEMA camp! :)
9/21/2013Making sense
9/21/2013Politics finished! :) -sssss
9/21/2013Great thread...needs to be voiced more...thanks..Mr2
9/21/2013"And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."
9/21/2013For speaking truth, even when the morans don't listen!
9/21/2013Truth baby
9/21/2013Amen to the different fish/same pond! There ain't no repubs or democrats no more! - Eireann~
9/21/2013If we were all calxtards it'd be a nice world. :D
9/21/2013You're welcome, libtard
9/21/2013Charismatic progressive encroachment in both camps only points to shallow voters such as you who vote looks instead of sustenance.
9/21/2013Agree completely
9/21/2013Lovely thread, VolKhrom.
9/21/2013Green karma becuz you are right!
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