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natasha77's Karma

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9/21/2013Good job waking sheeple up
9/21/2013Here's some green to balance the red! CW
9/21/2013Green from a non monkey ~BeltwayBandit
9/21/2013Some green for you - jw
9/21/2013For the 'partisan' thread. You'll probably need some green. Heh. Love, Ms. Sup.Dup.
9/21/2013Here ya go!
9/21/2013You're the moran and incredibly stupid besides
9/21/2013Awesome person!
9/20/2013You are an intelligent woman. FooledMeOnce
9/20/2013Moron Libtard
9/20/2013Give 'em hell
9/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/20/2013Nice post
9/20/2013Karma whining liberal fuck. Your signature is perfect for you!
9/20/2013For being a libtard
9/20/2013Well said, when will people realize this?-TheEndIsNigh201​3
9/20/2013Tandym! :-)
9/20/2013Luvs to ya sister - woo.
9/18/2013Hi from UselessRepeater
9/18/2013Please let go of anxiety about things you cannot control. It will only bring you negativity.
9/18/2013For asking
9/18/2013Hugs from trailingedge:-)
9/16/2013Thxs for the good wishes.
9/16/2013Great post Karma from Gonviral
9/14/2013Zimmerman defended himself and killed a criminal. And you get this red because you are karma whining, DON'T KARMA WHINE.
9/14/2013Hugs to you.
9/14/2013Appreciate your honesty ~ Odd John
9/14/2013Hi there lady love GFG
9/13/2013Demons, really? Are you actually that stupid or just playing at it? -1
9/12/2013Thank you for not bashing me! I appreciate it.
9/11/2013I still love your humor - Indysmindy
9/10/2013Hiya! #mister_worldwide
9/9/2013< Warning : Obvious Shill
9/9/2013Still butthurt about Zimmerman eh? Move on.
9/9/2013George Zimmerman was here
9/9/2013Reactionary and butthurt about Zimmerman defending himself from a thug.
9/9/2013Zimmerman is all staged. Wake Up. I thought you was awake but I guess not.
9/9/2013Worthlss Cunt
9/9/2013Clueless cunt
9/9/2013Simmer down Zimmer-tard....
9/9/2013Derpy racist, you didn't say much about GZ when he was innocent, but now he gets a few tickets and he is evil huh? BS
9/9/2013DERP DERP Zimmerman DERP DERP.
9/9/2013Its all theater. Amen Amy A
9/8/2013Well said..beat me to it....Mr2
9/7/2013Gobble gobble
9/7/2013Sol Neman
9/6/2013Simple27 : )
9/6/2013Day before Doom II Green from THE INQUISADOR
9/6/2013Fellow cape codder green - Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
9/5/2013You nailed it! ~ Bear Drinker
9/4/2013Reptilians from jase747
9/4/2013Hey natasha! Green for the 'obama being continuation of bush' post. Ms. SupDup
9/4/2013No you didn't, it's getting to a lot of us. Big hugs to you, hope you feel better! Blessings, ScarlettOHell
9/4/2013Derpie derpie do!!!!
9/4/2013Just because--UselesRepeat​er
9/3/2013DanielPT was here
9/3/2013Its green its sticky and uncle fuck stick just wiped it on you
9/3/2013Yup.. karma from gonviral
9/1/2013Everything is Fucking Fake.
8/30/2013Drag Queen
8/30/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/27/2013Hello Natasha :) Love Spirit666
8/22/2013Green for cape cod! ~ A Friend
8/21/2013Nice to see you! Love the new Hair! a LEE n
8/20/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
8/20/2013Cause you are natasha!
8/19/2013Stupid Astrolicker.
8/19/2013Great Post..Karma From Gonviral
8/19/2013Hi Natasha its ChocolateChick :)
8/19/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
8/19/2013Aye-aye :)
8/18/2013Stupid thread
8/18/2013You are so funny Natasha - thanks for the laughs :) Sloane
8/18/2013Red moo? :-( I was kidding :-(
8/17/2013Shilling hard today. I alway knew it but today you confirmed it.
8/17/2013Looking up while we're getting it in the butt - so true --- Diluted
8/17/2013Paid shill
8/16/2013You're going to have serious denial when SHTF.
8/15/2013Hope it's 18 planets aiming at us.
8/15/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/14/2013You're a weirdo I like you! :D calx
8/13/2013LeosOfTheUniverse was here
8/11/2013Reason denied please proceed to next page~Silvervega
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