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8/10/2013Thanks Natasha! Love your AV! LittleMissDictator
8/10/2013Hey, good morning! Have an awesome...click. lol - Louve
8/8/2013Thanks! Aye-aye
8/8/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/6/2013Zimmerman was innocent you commie tard
8/6/2013You are alright man! :D calx
8/6/2013All eyes on pheonix.... thank you -ladyannie
8/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/6/2013Well crap
8/6/2013Useless stupid bitch
8/6/2013Just stopping by to say hello :) Have a great evening! Halo2Alexis
8/5/2013Stupid personified
8/5/2013You make me smile :)
8/5/2013Your posts make me laugh all the time - Indysmindy
8/4/2013Doom candy
8/4/2013Thank you for not flaming me. I never start a thread but tonight freaked me out. The Quiet One.
7/31/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
7/31/2013Thanks for being here. ~ A Friend
7/31/2013Wow, you really have issues. AmJedi
7/31/2013Afternoon natasha!! ibyte on 2
7/30/2013Great post...karma form Gonviral
7/30/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
7/26/2013Exactly so! +1
7/25/2013What a dolt
7/24/2013Too lame. Get a grip!
7/22/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
7/22/2013You are quite a character - nothing boring about you! And that's a good thing :) Sloane
7/22/2013Good Humor green FROM THE INQUISADOR
7/22/2013Dumb thread
7/22/2013For awesome posts and humor - Indysmindy
7/22/2013Post of royal baby
7/22/2013Stupid asshole
7/22/2013Another retarded American
7/21/2013Interesting thread on homeless. Thanks for posting it!
7/20/2013For disliking Zimmerman. He's innocent, and Trayvahn got what was coming. Saved us tax dollars too.
7/20/20131984 was a novel before film idiot
7/19/2013One of "these people" in Florida
7/16/2013Green for you for cracking me up with some of your posts girlfriend! lol Nicolemare
7/15/2013Trayvon stole your plant.
7/13/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/12/2013Have a great weekend - Indsymindy
7/12/2013Are You Going to Chimped-out Too??
7/12/2013Giving you this red and another next week is the correct rational decision.
7/11/2013For hatin' on Zimmerman! I used to like you. Now nothing but disdain. Eww.
7/10/2013You are a bitter twisted old woman
7/10/2013About as intelligent as your avatar would suggest aren't you?
7/10/2013Thank God You Will Be One Of The First Culled
7/9/2013D Hello Natasha...damn glp hotel dreams lol have a great night Love Spirit666
7/9/2013For the canonize gz comment lol - only me
7/9/2013Supporting trolls.
7/9/2013Go away
7/9/2013Of course you like trayvon, you are fat and black just like his squeeze
7/9/2013Thanks for the walmart suggestion
7/8/2013Green to ya from ....saved
7/8/2013If we don't seem paranoid, we are not paying attention to events and plans. Right on!
7/8/2013Distorting facts, and uncalled for behavior.
7/8/2013It's official - you are an idiot.
7/8/2013Trayvontard- you're completely wrong and are a brianless moran!
7/7/2013For your shrunken balls.
7/6/2013Getting too much red for expressing your opinions about the Zimmerman case. I don't agree with your view, but you have the right to express it - Sir Phy
7/4/2013Hit this fan
7/3/2013One of the few sensible ones.
7/3/2013Wants a race war.
7/3/2013Great post -Double Black Diamond
7/3/2013Only a fool with minimal intelligence would believe Zimmerman's wounds were self inflicted. Hispanic's shall rule the world. Viva la raza!
7/3/2013Stop being an idiot!
7/3/2013Stuffit commie
7/3/2013Lying about Zimmerman
7/3/2013Your idiocy is self-inflicted. End of story.
7/3/2013Ignorant liberal racist
7/3/2013What are you Matlock? Oh wait, Matlock is white.
7/3/2013Trayvon tard
6/25/2013You ARE looking at race. You clearly hate Hispanics
6/25/2013Hello there ~ A Friend
6/25/2013Shut ur ass fucklicker
6/24/2013I once had a dream where Roger probed me while moaning Judy Garland into my ear. The dream ended when I awoke to find I had a nocturnal emission to an animated character!
6/22/2013TMI--Don't tell us all your crap like that!
6/19/2013Just shut up
6/17/2013Love GFG
6/16/2013Thx for the SOS thread! It was fun and made us remember our dad's! Texan Buckeye
6/16/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
6/15/2013Shit on a shingle
6/10/2013Good post! The Quiet One
6/10/2013From a friend of G.Z.
6/10/2013Good comment on GLP today. So I do. TY! Niemand
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