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1/17/2013No way! what! what! what is this no way! this is so wrong what that fack! what! chack tha fack back
1/16/2013Boldly preaching for His Glory
1/16/2013Boldly preaching for His Glory
1/16/2013You may hate me and give me horrendous karma messages judging me, but Christ says that I should turn the other cheek, so I shall. I hope you soon understand the core message of Jesus - love one anothe
1/16/2013For your Bible quotes in the Obama's Gun Debacle thread - Amen! - whiteangel
1/13/2013Nice thread. :) Sloane
1/13/2013You're mad :)
1/12/2013Fun poll...Madigan
1/12/2013Walk with faith, not with sight. /calx
1/11/2013For that's our KING thread (MURK9)
1/11/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Much love! <3 MrElectric
1/10/2013Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy & BLESSED New Year ~ ysiC Cassie :-)
1/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/10/2013Happy new year-stormer
1/10/2013Yep -- dr. super bowl dave
1/10/2013Violated Bible Bashing & Bible Quotes Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/10/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/8/2013Great post about America being Transformed ~ Question Everything
1/8/2013Mindless criminal
1/8/2013Video - momma coop
1/8/2013Time for a green susie. --- davvi =)
1/8/2013America is being transformed.... exactly and well done
1/8/2013Good thread, five stars for you too! Carry on!
1/8/2013Wall of bla that people already know about
1/7/2013God Bless n great thread! - Indysmindy
1/7/2013Anti american post - change constitution
1/6/2013Great post! drummy
1/6/2013Shockingly moronic.
1/6/2013Thank you~ 404
1/6/2013Comet ISON -Anubis
1/6/2013Happy New Year ! From Elnathan Apollo
1/4/2013Love GFG
1/4/2013Satan loves you
1/3/2013Happy New Year!!! (TW)
1/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/2/2013It's not every other persons fault that you are a closet homosexual. Be nice don't judge. Peace
1/2/2013For good reply :)
1/1/2013Blessings to you ! From Tiger1.
12/31/2012Happy New Year and the blessings of the Lord too: thanks for your comments beeches
12/31/2012Please take your sickeningly sweet crap elsewhere -- your posts are so saccharine phony dogooder that it comes across as though your are trying to convince yourself, not others
12/31/2012Your just mean spirited
12/30/2012Great Venus thread! Much love - Nemamiah
12/30/2012Great christian rights thread....lotza luv....<@>
12/30/2012Fuck you. You quoted something that was never said. Fuck you
12/30/2012Awesome thread ! - Indysmindy
12/30/2012Good thread, susie. ---- davvi
12/30/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/22/2012Merry Christmas!{waterman}
12/22/2012Mayan post, thank you!
12/20/2012God bless you! ~UAP
12/20/2012Keep your negative-nancy bullshit to yourself. Actually just go hang out on a christian forum, and you can all shout "Jesus is lord" at eachother till you're red in the face
12/20/2012Bible thumping brainwashed sheep. How many times did your pastor molest you?
12/19/2012Good Post! (Homo Marines)
12/19/2012Have a Merry Christmas Susie ! - morganite
12/18/2012Brilliant thread, susie, and merry christmas. ---- davvi
12/17/2012Much love - God bless you Susie - Nemamiah
12/16/2012Hatelful bible wielding Christian who insists people are not born gay
12/16/2012Merry Christmas Christian from Daddysgirl!
12/16/2012For crying about red karma
12/16/2012Love you sister! - Lisa :)
12/16/2012Not one single living brain cell. Blindly follows anyone proclaiming to be christian.
12/16/2012Hateful religious monger
12/15/2012An evil vindictive so called Christian
12/15/2012Really? bibletard quotes on a Sun thread? :[
12/14/2012Yes. Maranatha!
12/13/2012Be love ..11:11..
12/13/2012"what I believe is truth, and I live it daily in my thoughts, deeds and actions." Beautifully stated.
12/12/2012Keep clinging dumbass
12/12/2012For your thread - your stand - your love of God - Whiteangel
12/12/2012Green for you. You rock for christ.
12/12/2012Your a blessing. Dont worry about the haters. Merci
12/12/2012You are an evil, judgemental, jackass
12/12/2012Christians are retarded feggets
12/12/2012Xtians never intimidate, Harrass or insult atheists? Ever been to a Metal show and had insults hurled at you by Jesus-freaks?
12/12/2012Weary of your abrahamic mythology
12/12/2012Schyzophrenic psychopath...
12/12/2012Thanks for the post about meteors! Artlicious
12/12/2012For defending our Lord))0Love GFG
12/12/2012Homo fobe, racist, & you call yourself a Christian? Christ!!!
12/11/2012Karma love from samanthasunflower
12/11/2012Rain-Man.. :>)
12/10/2012For the sad story. :( From Tiger1.
12/10/2012Jesus appears and saves 2 muslim children - No Dhimmi
12/9/2012You know the truth brother
12/8/2012Sexy sexy Susie
12/8/2012Wow..2000 years and you still dont get it
12/6/2012Great post on the Rapture :) -Nemamiah
12/4/2012Love GFG
12/3/2012I love God, fr Who is Bue Fairy
11/29/2012For your posts friend ! From Tiger1.
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